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Download movies web series from Netflix or Amazon Prime For Free

Download movies web series from Netflix or Amazon Prime

Do you want to know How to download movies, web series from Netflix or amazon prime Video for free? Have been waiting for particular web series to watch? and it’s been released and it’s out there, only that you can’t watch it may be because you haven’t exactly paid for the subscription yet? well… if YES! 

Then man you have reached the most appropriate place! Today I’m gonna let you know how to Download movies web series from Netflix or Amazon Prime for free on your phone, and from here on out you will be able to watch & download all web series without any subscription or paying any money!

So lets Download movies web series from Netflix or Amazon Prime

how do we download Netflix web series for free in your mobile phone/computer

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Follow these instructions down below.

  1. Download the mega apk
Download movies web series from Netflix or Amazon Prime
  • install it in your android mobile phone
Download movies web series from Netflix or Amazon Prime
  • make an account for your self

Now this is going to be the main process of downloading these web series for free

be sure to install any vpn and Connect with German country.

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recommended vpn – Secure VPN

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Download movies web series from Netflix or Amazon Prime
  • click on whatever web series you wanna download
  • Click on it, a new page will open
  • scroll down, to download the whole web series at once, click on the batch
  • then click on MG icon (short for mega)
  • Click on “I’m not a robot”
  • then “generate link”
  • and click on “download”
  • a new page will open, scroll down
  • Click on “continue”
  • then open the particular web series in your mega apk and import it there
  • Congratulations! you got it!

The downloading speed in this mega app is absolutely crazy and insane, and on top of that is, you can either download or watch online web series in this then again there are also those peculiar amazon series and movies some of which you might not find in pahe Well, obviously one downloading site is not gonna be enough to download almost every series that is out there, cause of which I’m gonna give you two!

How to download Amazon prime videos series for free

  • Visit this site
  • find any Amazon web series or movies you want to download
Download movies web series from Netflix or Amazon Prime
  • simply scroll down and click on “drive”
  • a new page will show up, click on ” download or stream”
  • Put in your google drive account and continue
  • Voila! Now you can either download or stream it from there.

On this site, you can also download all the latest movies and web series from Amazon prime at absolutely no cost.

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In the case you do not like doing this boring process over and over again, and just simply want to download Netflix and Amazon prime web series directly into your windows or android mobile , Well there is still one trick we have got in the store for you.

Directly download Netflix and Amazon prime web series for free

  • Open this link, and join our telegram channel.
  • Search for the movies or web series you want to download.
  • Import it into your mega account directly.

Done! This is the most easiest way to download & watch Netflix and amazon shows for free, in our telegram channel you will find the links for all the new : Movies • Webseries • Anime series • and much more.

You can also request for any old or new shows that you want to have, and we will provide you with it just as soon.

As you may already know, nowadays these OTT platforms are growing at an incredible speed, people have stopped watching their television and have glued their eyes to their mobile phones, or rather streaming it on their t.v, be it bad or good, the point is this wave of online web series’s & movies is not gonna stop anytime soon, therefore it is really natural they would charge for it so I’m not gonna state the obvious!

If you could afford watching it legally, you should definitely do that! And if you can’t well.. i believe we have already tackled that issue, Cause we have learned today How to download Netflix and Amazon prime videos for free.

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