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Attractive Nature Photo Manipulation In Photoshop CC 2021

Attractive Nature Photo Manipulation In Photoshop CC 2021

In this post, I’m showing you, how I would have reached this Attractive Nature Photo Manipulation In Photoshop CC 2021. Also, You Can Download The Elements That I Use In This Concept Like Background, PNGS, Brushes. So let’s jump into the Photoshop 

This is the original image

attractive nature photo manipulation

extract the subject

  • First of all I cut the subject with the help of the pen tool
  • After that I thought that the size of the canvas was not right. Because I want to upload this picture to my Instagram feed. 

And the correct size for uploading images to Instagram is 1:1 Or 4:5

So I have to elevate the size of the canvas with the crop tool.

  • After this I added THIS background
  • Now I have to blend this subject into this background
attractive nature photo manipulation
  • To do that I make a copy of the background layer by pressing Control PLUS J.
attractive nature photo manipulation
  • Now bring this layer above the subject layer.
attractive nature photo manipulation

Now hold the alt key, and click on this mask icon. This will create negative mask for you 

Screenshot 217 217

People who don’t know about masking in Photoshop, for now just know, that the white shows, and black hides

Explosion Brushes

Feel free to use explosion brushes. that can be used to create your own photo manipulation or anything else. In this pack you will be seeing 12 sets of free explosion brushes.

  1. Then i take a brush tool. And i select 002_Exposion brush
  2. to create a some particles of grass.
  3. Make sure the foreground color is white.
  4. And just dab, where you want to create the particle

match the subject with the background

  • Then i match the subject with the background with the help of some curves adjustment layer. Soon I will make a dedicated video about how I match the background with the subject
attractive nature photo manipulation

After that i changed the sky. If your using Photoshop cc 2021 then you can easily replace the sky. Photoshop 2021 has a new feature with the help of which you can change the sky of any photo very easily. lemme show you how

  1. Go to edit
  2. and click on sky replacement, As soon as you click on this option. A new window opens here.
  3. Now you have to click on this arrow, and many sky images will appear in front of you.
  4. You can choose any of them. Or you can upload any sky image from your file explorer

then i add few more PNG. like,  horse, plants, and the sunlight, to make this concept, more interesting

DSC 1356 1 01 min scaled

And that’s how I came up with this picture

Speed art
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