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    there is another photoshop  Manipulation by piximfix. and in this post, i will be showing you, step by step, how i turn this place into the photoshoot studio. and with that, i also shere with you all the stock images. So lets get into it

    making selection around the subject

    Screenshot 114

    Firstly I quickly mask ‘it out him by using pen tool. i always use pen tool, and also prefer you use pen tool when you are creating a path around the subject. Because with the Pen tool, you can do the selection more accurately, that you cannot do it with any other selection tools.

    chair design furniture 1321290 min scaled e1617447461562

    and there is a background which i use for this concept 

    Screenshot 116 e1617447435583

    when I insert the background with the subject, the background looks more brighter then the subject. so for the adjust the brightness, i create a curves adjustment layer, just above the background layer. and adjust the brightness of the background. 

    creating shadows

    Screenshot 115

    after that i add some shadows around his shoes and chair. to create a shadows, I’m using regulars soft brush.

    Screenshot 117

    then I bright his skin. for that, i need the selection of his skin. to create selection of his skin I use color range. (menu bar-select-color range) 

    Screenshot 119

    once your selection is active, go to the adjustment, and create a curves adjustment layer. and increase  the brightness.

    Screenshot 121

    one thing that I don’t want to miss in this concept, which is the reflection on his sunglasses  

    Screenshot 122

    first I make a selection around the sunglasses by using again pen tool.  when the selection in active choose any solid color 

    modeling room 1932666 min scaled

    So this is the image which i use for the sunglasses reflection, to Add his image into the sunglasses, bring the image just above the solid color adjustment layer 

    studio photo editing

    and clips into the solid color adjustment layer. then decrease the opacity, just a little bit 

    skin retouching

    Skin Brushes

    Feel free to use Skin Brushes. that can be used to create your own photo manipulation or anything else. In this pack you will be seeing 3 sets of free Skin Brushes

    Go To Downloading Page
    studio photo editing

    then i merge everything together by pressing (crtl+alt+shift+e). and now its time to retouch his skin. to retouch his skin select the mixer brush tool. round and soft one 

    to make the skin smooth, you can do some settings. once you do these settings on your mixer brush then slowly vibrate your brush into the skin.   

    Match the background with the subject

    studio photo editing

    this is one of the most essential things to learn in photoshop, especially, if you’re in compositing. if you wannt to leran in details you can check out my this blog post  

    for now I create curves adjustment layer just above the subject layer and clips in to the subject and press the auto button which is given in craves right hand side this will automatically match the background  

    studio photo editing

    I added this PNG in the right hand side corner. when I’m creating this concept I am not sure how its look like with this PNG. but I’m happy with the end result.

    studio photo editing

    then I add some filed blur on this PNG

    studio photo editing

    then i pomp his hair by using liquify (menu bar- filte- liquify)

    Screenshot 130

    now I  merge everything in one layer and go to the camera raw. to give this a final color creation 

    studio photo editing in photoshop tutorial Speed art


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