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Dark Side Concept in photoshop | Manipulation

Dark Side Concept In Photoshop Manipulation

how was going guys, this is new and fresh tutorial from piximfix. in this post, i will be showing you how i create this interesting dark side concept in photoshop. i will also give you the stock images of this concept. so without any further due let’s jump in photoshop.

Dark Side
  • first, I create a mask around the subject and the walls. to create a mask i use color rage and pen tool 
tianjin 2185510 min scaled e1618510268654
  • I use this image as a background of my concept. you can download this image if you want by clicking on download button 
Dark Side
  • after inserting the background it will look something like that. which in perfect for me 
Dark Side
  • by using  curves i create a atmosphere for this background, and this is look great 
Dark Side
  • then I create highlights, which i love to do.
Dark Side
  • to create a highlights  first thing you want to do, create a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer. because when you use Hue/Saturation adjustment layer  you have color options.
  • then hold alt and click in between the two layers, which clips it. that’s manes, it’s only effect the object, and nothing below it. 
  • then what you will do, check the colorize box. 
Dark Side
  • now you have to match the color with your background light source. and then increase the Saturation all the way to 100% 
Dark Side
  • then Invert the layer mask by crtl+i. and then what you have to do is, grab your brush, just a regular round soft not too big, make sure, mask is selected, and make sure, brush is black in white, you can switch between colors with x on your keyboard. also make sure opacity and flow maxed out. now start painting  on the edges or Where You Should Have Highlights.
Dark Side
  • then i use tilt shift blur on it just a little bit
Dark Side

now here I’m trying to create this image like movie poster. for that, i want lower part of this image, to be little bit darker. so i user gradient 

Dark Side
  • press,  t, on your keybord, for text and type your text. after that,  ctrl+T, and put the text in to center, and the size according to you 
Dark Side
  • then change the font style anything you want. and here i select half of the text, and change the color to red. 
Dark Side
  • to make this concept more interesting i create a still cage you can download this png down below if want   
S.R 3 1
Dark Side
  • and this is something look like 
Screenshot 96

Now, I Marge Everything Together Into One Layer. And Do A Final Color Correction And Finish This Tutorial.  

Speed art
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