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Download Shadowify For Free & Create Realistic shadows

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Hy creators, I’m back with another blog post. In this post, I’m going to give you a shadowify free download this photoshop extension that is very useful for creating realistic shadows in photoshop in just a few clicks, all you have to do is adjusting the sliders and let this plugin do the magic.

So if you are fed up with making shadows in Photoshop and still are not getting the perfect result, then you should try this extension once. now let’s figure out how this extension works, but before starting this tutorial let’s know about this Extention

what is photoshop briefly

Adobe Photoshop is a widely used raster graphics editor developed and published by Adobe Systems for macOS and Windows. Photoshop was created in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll. They were inspired to create it while working at (acquired in December 1994) on applications to display images on computers, after seeing what seemed to be a glorified bitmap graphics editor: Display (1982). On February 19, 1990, version 1.0 of Photoshop was released publicly, after two years of development.

Photoshop plug-ins, which are separate programmes that can run inside Photoshop and provide new or enhanced functions, can expand its feature set. Photoshop supports masks, alpha compositing, and a variety of colour models, including RGB, CMYK, Lab colour space, hexachrome (from version 6), and duotone, and can edit and compose raster images on several layers. The naming method for Photoshop was based on version numbers at first.

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What Is Shadowify ?

shadowify free download

Shadowfly is a Photoshop plugin. It can be used to create a shadow effect. Shadowify Photoshop plugin makes a difference make obscure and shadow impacts that seem reasonable and characteristic, Drop shadows in Photoshop often look unrealistic – Shadowify allows you to create a more natural shade by applying stepwise blur.

shadowify free download

All settings are customizable, so you can turn off the blur and create some flat shadows such as are often used in minimalistic designs.

You can save your favorite shadow and blur settings as a preset for later use. The direction can also be adjusted later via global lighting.

Why Use Shadowify

Drop shadows in Photoshop often look unrealistic – Shadowify allows you to create more natural shadows by applying stepwise blur. You can create customizable drop shadows from scratch with a click or blur existing shadows.

There are several reasons to use shadowify in Your creative projects, But one of the major reasons may be the features that shadowify imparts on its own.

  • Full 360° Angle Control
  • Works on any Layer Type
  • Flat or Realistic Shadows
  • Unit Values (px, in, %, …)
  • Editable via Global Light
  • Create Soft Blur Transitions
  • Save & Load Unlimited Presets
  • Control Gaussian & Motion Blur
  • Last Settings get loaded at panel start

Although Photoshop is very simple to use, the features it provides may be limited to some users. This is why a lot of professionals and Photoshop gurus recommend using Photoshop plug-ins. Plugins are created and curated to do the particular task you want.

In the case of shadowifly, the creation, and blurring of shadows that look natural and realistic.

Function Overview min

These features are not present in your normal Drop Shadow Effects panel in Photoshop, so it only makes sense to take advantage of the endless creative opportunities that will be provided to you using plugins like Shadowify.

Shadowify helps you create both flat and long shadows, depending on what your image requires or the current trend. You can customize the range of these effects and actions because everything is provided in such a way that you can always work according to your choice and discretion.

“Any panel can give you completely realistic shadows with one click because one would need 3D of an object. I understand that the settings would have required some time to use Is. While it can be difficult to balance enough adaptability. Maintaining simplicity. I’ve personally used the preset option because I can’t always remember the best combination of settings – you only have to play with them, until you are satisfied. 

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shadowify free download

How To Install Shadowify

shadowify free download
  • once you download the zip file, Extract the file.
shadowify free download
  • Inside the folder, You will see the installer folder and overall features information About this extension, now open the installer folder.
shadowify free download
  • So now here is the shadowify, now all you have to do, just copy this folder and paste it in the Photoshop extensions folder. if you do not understand, then read this article carefully.
shadowify free download
  • right Click On your Local Disk and open it in a new window 
shadowify free download
  • Now you have to open both the folders in separate windows. something like that 
shadowify free download
  • now a single click on the local disk address bar 
shadowify free download
  • C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesAdobeCEPextensions
  • copy this address and plates it right over there and hit enter
shadowify free download
  • Once you find this location in your local disk the just copy the shadowwify and pasted it here 
shadowify free download
  • If Photoshop is already opened, then close it and reopen it
shadowify free download

and here you can find out the extension window-extension and select shadowify 

How To install shadowify Video Tutorial

if you still didn’t understand how to install the plugin then you can check out this video

How to create shadow using shadowify

Screenshot 325

So now here I have a white background and on top of it there is a photoshop logo in a folder, but that doesn’t mean that this plugin only works with the folder layer, if you want you can use it as a normal layer

Screenshot 326
  • now let’s open up the shadowify panel, so i go to the (window/extension and select shadowify)
Screenshot 327


  • so the first thing we have to do is determine the angle, which angle do you want for your shadow

Screenshot 328


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  • next is distance, how long your shadow should be.

Screenshot 329


  • and here is the interesting thing, steps. this will determine how many drop shadows inside the shadow

Screenshot 330

steps scale

  • steps scale is for How many times each shadows is the previous one.

Screenshot 331


  • A larger blur value makes the Shadowlook more realistic.

Screenshot 332


  • If Flatten is checked, all created shadows layers will be merged into one layer.
  • if unchecked, all shadow layers will be compiled into a layer group.

Screenshot 334

global light

  • After checking the global light, you can Adjust the angle and height of the light. enter PS Menu: Layer/Layer Style/ Global Light

Screenshot 335

Make sure that you have selected the layer whose shadow you want to create.

Screenshot 336

After adding the value, click Create Shadow

Screenshot 338

It’s good but it’s not what we are looking for, so let’s create one more shadow,

Screenshot 339

this time i increase the distance 100 to 300. and for steps 10 to 50. also i increase the blur up to 200. and click on create shadow. then i decrease the opacity up to 70%.

so you have to keep playing with these settings until you get a better result.

How to Use shadowify Video Tutorial
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