Unlimited Photoshop Custom Shapes Free Downloads

Today I will be giving you a huge number of custom shapes for Photoshop. You can use these shapes in your graphic artwork to enhance your design. like graphic templates, use as a icons, logo design etc. and also i will  show you how to create your own custom shape. 

custom shapes for photoshop

In Adobe Photoshop, Custom Shape is a basic tool for embedding monochrome vector shapes. Because they are vector, you may scale them to any size without sacrificing quality. Adobe Photoshop includes flower custom shapes, trees, custom shapes, animals, and boats as examples of custom shapes.

For those who don’t know what a shape is in Photoshop, the shape is located in the toolbar. By default there are few shapes are available for you,

  • Rectangle Tool

    to make a rectangle or square

  • Rounded Rectangle

    Creating a rectangle or square with rounded

  • Ellipse

    to form an ellipse (oval) or a circle

  • line

    To draw lines

  • Custom Shapes

    To create custom shapes that can be accessed from Custom Shapes, the same properties as the Shape Tools have the Pen Tool.

but still, they are not enough capable to highlight your work. So today I will be giving you more than 5000 custom shapes for Photoshop, so that you can create your artwork according to your imagination.

in the bottom of the page you will see the downloading button, Click on it and go straight away to the downloading page. and download all the custom shapes. But if you want to learn how to create your own custom shapes for your logo, or any object, then stick with me.


How To create custom shapes for photoshop

So here what I am going to do is converting my logo to a custom shape.

custom shapes for photoshop

As you can see I have a white background and my logo on top of it. To create a custom shape we need a path to that shape. 

custom shapes for photoshop

Hold the Ctrl key, and click the layer thumbnail for which you want to create a path.

custom shapes for photoshop

Once the selection is active, choose any selection tool from the toolbar. now right click and choose make work path, and set the tolerance for 2 pixels,

custom shapes for photoshop

now go to the edit from the menu bar.

custom shapes for photoshop

here you have to choose defend custom shape, but now the defend custom shape is greyed out. This happens if you have already installed too many custom shapes.

custom shapes for photoshop

to find your shapes go to the window from the menu bar

custom shapes for photoshop

and choose shapes.

custom shapes for photoshop

See, i have a such a huge numbers of shapes, even i cant scroll all of them smoothly. to create new custom shape we need to delete some shapes.

custom shapes for photoshop

for now I’m deleting all of them. to delete all the shape just select this group and click on here to delete.

custom shapes for photoshop

let’s again try to make this path into shape. so into the edit choose define custom shape. see now we can click on it.

custom shapes for photoshop

give a name for the shape, and hit okay.

custom shapes for photoshop

See our logo is now converted into shape.

custom shapes for photoshop

now we have all the customization options for the shape, we can change the color, or add strokes without losing its quality.

and the best part of the shapes is that you can do it scale up or down multiple times it will never pixelate because the shapes are vector

You can draw shapes using the Pen Tool, and save them as we just did

2 2

just make sure when you creating shapes with a pen tool, the path mode is selected in the option bar

why we need these photoshop shapes pack free download

Let’s pretend you’re making a poster. You need a flower silhouette shape but can’t seem to find one in your preset library. You’ll have to manually make it or look for it online now. These types of unproductive disruptions may and should be avoided. if you have this package

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