Download and Install Real Paint FX – Photoshop Add-On for free 2024

Images made of pixels have come a long way to the 3D models used in movies and video games today. This year, computer artists have more tools, but it’s getting harder to tell computer art from other kinds of art. Things change all the time, but tools like the Real Paint FX Photoshop Add-On action help link the recent past to the present. Artists can use them to add the colour and texture of paint to computer works.

Real Paint FX is one of the best programmes for digital artists because it can turn ordinary pictures into paintings that look like they were made by hand. The filter feature of this tool brings pixels to life so that digital art feels like lines on paper. It is important for digital art techniques to look like they belong in real art. They add more depth and complexity to the pictures, which makes looking at them more enjoyable and bonds people to the art in a way that digital art alone can’t.

More and more people these days are interested in new and interesting kinds of art. Technology and traditional art can work together to make art, as Real Paint FX shows. When artists are trying to tell stories visually, they can show who they are in new ways by mixing and trying out different styles and methods.

There’s more to the Real Paint FX Photoshop Add-On than just an add-on for Photoshop now that we know what it can do and how it can be used for art. Digital art gets better when artists are given the tools they need to be creative and make works that stand out in the digital world. This leads to new ideas in the field. The world of digital art is young. We see, make, and enjoy art in new ways thanks to digital tools like Real Paint FX.

What is Real Paint FX Photoshop Add-On?

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Those who are employed in the field of digital art have been searching for application software that can be used for drawing as well as painting on a computer for a considerable amount of time. As a result of its user-friendliness and the fact that it enables you to have complete control over your digital artwork while providing the appearance that you are working with genuine paint, the actual Paint FX Photoshop Add-On is an outstanding tool that will be appreciated by both designers and artists.

Definition and Functionality

You can’t just add Real Paint FX to Photoshop; it’s a strong programme that can make your photos and pictures look and feel like real paintings, right down to the smallest details and textures. Virtual Paint FX is based on ActionScript technology. Numerous filters and effects are used to create the look of an oil or watercolour painting, complete with lines, layers, and textures. If an artist wants to add the random, natural beauty of traditional media to their digital work, this add-on literally changes everything.

Compatibility with Adobe Photoshop Versions

The fact that Real Paint FX works with many versions of Adobe Photoshop is one of the best things about the programme. From Photoshop CC 2014 on, Real Paint FX works with both Mac and PC computers, so you can use it on either. It works with many versions of Photoshop, so you can add the magic of realistic drawing effects to your digital medium whether you are using the newest version or an older one.

Key Features and Benefits

Real Paint FX is unique in the world of digital art because it can turn everyday pictures into beautiful works of art with painted effects that look like they were real. This Photoshop add-on has a lot of features that both beginner artists and professional artists will find useful. The main things that make Real Paint FX a must-have for digital artists and photographers are here.

Realistic Painted Effect Creation

  • Sophisticated Algorithm: At the heart of Real Paint FX is a sophisticated algorithm designed to mimic the intricate details and textures of traditional painting. This feature allows users to convert their digital photos into artworks that look as though they were painted by hand.
  • Customizable Effects: Users have the ability to fine-tune the painting effect, adjusting brush size, stroke intensity, and texture to match their artistic vision. Whether you’re aiming for the delicate strokes of a watercolor painting or the bold textures of an oil painting, Real Paint FX offers the flexibility to achieve your desired outcome.

Animation Effect Inclusion

  • Dynamic Artwork: Real Paint FX goes beyond static images by offering an animation feature. This unique addition allows artists to bring their painted effects to life, adding a captivating dimension to their artwork.
  • Easy to Use: Despite the complexity behind the animation effects, Real Paint FX makes it straightforward for users to apply dynamic movements to their paintings. With just a few clicks, you can animate brush strokes, giving the impression of a painting being created in real-time.

Multilingual Support and Compatibility

  • Wide Accessibility: Understanding the global reach of digital art, Real Paint FX is designed with multilingual support, ensuring artists from around the world can use the tool in their native language. This inclusivity breaks down barriers and opens up the tool to a broader audience.
  • Adobe Photoshop Compatibility: Real Paint FX is compatible with a wide range of Adobe Photoshop versions, starting from CC 2014 to the latest releases. This ensures that regardless of the Photoshop version you’re using, you can still access and benefit from the features of Real Paint FX.

High-Resolution Output Capabilities

  • Professional Quality: One of the standout features of Real Paint FX is its ability to produce high-resolution outputs. This is crucial for artists who intend to print their digital paintings or display them in galleries. The high-resolution capability ensures that the intricate details and textures of the painted effect are preserved, even at large print sizes.
  • Versatile Use: Whether you’re creating digital art for online portfolios, social media, or professional prints, Real Paint FX’s high-resolution output ensures your work looks sharp and detailed across all mediums.

Last but not least, Real Paint FX is a strong tool that can make digital pictures look like they were drawn by hand. This app is great for digital artists and photographers because it lets them make drawn effects that can be changed, move those effects to other files, use more than one language, and make images with a high quality. There are many tools in Real Paint FX that can help you get better at digital drawing, no matter how much or how little experience you have in the field.

What can you do with it?

Simply download and install this script to begin using it right away. After that, launch the Script by opening any image in Photoshop CC. Following that, your photo will appear to have been painted in a unique manner. It just takes a few seconds and is a fairly simple process to attain the desired outcomes.

One of the best things about this add-on is that it doesn’t require you to be an expert in Photoshop CC. It may be used by anyone to create amazing paint effects images. Before using the tools, all that has to be done is download and setup. You may add a realistic painted touch to your own images with only one click.

Creative Possibilities with Real Paint FX

Since Real Paint FX came out, digital artists have had a lot more options for how they can make art. This powerful Photoshop Add-On lets artists break down traditional barriers by combining the tactile nature of traditional media with the endless possibilities of digital tools. Let’s look at all the different ways that Real Paint FX is changing the art world.

Transforming Photos into Paintings

Imagine admiring a stunning painting in a gallery that uses shape, colour, and light to convey a story. Imagine having just one click to accomplish that. This is made possible by Real Paint FX, which enables artists to transform common images into exquisite drawings. Real Paint FX combines painting and photography techniques to add life to motionless photographs. It may produce dynamic streetscapes with all the vitality of acrylics and serene vistas that resemble watercolour paintings. You can experiment with art techniques that were previously limited to using a brush and palette when you move the sliders.

Creating Animated Effects

Animated effects are added by Real Paint FX. This makes drawn scenes come to life in a world where noise is less interesting than movement. This function moves and tells a story at the same time. Picture that you are working on a computer screen and the brushstrokes are right there in front of you. A moving work of art starts to take shape as more layers are put on top of the old ones. These drawings can be changed for digital displays, presentations, and social media. They give people a better look at how artists work. This is a way to use pictures to tell a story and take people on a trip through the world of pictures.

Mixing Traditional and Digital Art Techniques

Real Paint FX lets you use both old and new art techniques while also being able to work quickly and accurately with digital tools. Artists have spent years learning how to use different kinds of real-world media. Now, they can copy these effects online, which lets them try new things without being bound by paint and canvas. People who grew up with computers, on the other hand, learn about the depth and richness of traditional art and how to use these things in their own digital works.

When art from two different worlds comes together, it makes both worlds better by taking the best parts of each. An exchange of old and new thoughts between the past and the present. Real Paint FX gives you as many ways to be creative as there are ideas.

This tool does more than just improve the look of digital art. It also helps the artist feel more linked to their work, which makes them make art in a more natural and fun way. There is no limit to the art you can make with Real Paint FX. Every picture is a blank canvas waiting to be painted on. This is true whether you are a professional artist looking to try something new or a painter who just wants to learn more.

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Real Paint FX doesn’t cost a lot either. With Real Paint FX, you can get something that would normally cost several hundred dollars for just $9.99. In other words, everyone can buy it without going over their budget. Even better, when you buy Real Paint FX, you get special bonuses and deals that you can’t get anywhere else.

Download & Install Real Paint FX For free

Installation Guide for Real Paint FX Photoshop Add-On

Embarking on the journey to transform your digital images into breathtaking pieces of art with Real Paint FX begins with a simple installation process. This guide will walk you through each step, ensuring a smooth setup so you can start creating without delay.

Step-by-Step Installation Process

  1. Download the Add-On: First things first, grab your copy of Real Paint FX. While this powerful tool usually comes with a price tag, we’re offering it on our site for free. Look for the “Download” button below this guide and click it to start your download.
  2. Prepare for Installation: Once downloaded, locate the ZIP file in your downloads folder. Extract the contents to a folder you can easily access. Inside, you’ll find the necessary installation files along with a detailed instruction manual.
  3. Open Photoshop: Launch Adobe Photoshop on your computer. Ensure you’re running a compatible version (Photoshop CC 2014 or newer) for the smoothest experience.
  4. Access the Extensions Manager: Navigate to the “Window” menu in Photoshop, then select “Extensions” and choose “Install.” If you’re using a newer version of Photoshop, you might need to use the Adobe Creative Cloud app to manage extensions and plugins.
  5. Install Real Paint FX: In the Extensions Manager or Adobe Creative Cloud app, click on “Install” and browse to the location where you extracted the Real Paint FX files. Select the appropriate installation file (it will have an .zxp or .jsx extension) and proceed with the installation.

How to Load Real Paint FX into the FX Box

After installation, loading Real Paint FX into the FX Box is your next step:

  1. Open the FX Box: In Photoshop, go to the “Window” menu, hover over “Extensions,” and select “FX Box” to open the tool.
  2. Load the Add-On: Inside the FX Box panel, click on the “Load” button. Navigate to where you’ve saved Real Paint FX, select the script file (usually a .jsx file), and click “Open” to load it into the FX Box.
  3. Ready to Use: Once loaded, Real Paint FX will appear within the FX Box’s interface, ready for you to apply its effects to your images.

Troubleshooting Common Installation Issues

  • Compatibility Error: If you encounter a message stating the add-on is not compatible with your version of Photoshop, double-check you’re using Photoshop CC 2014 or newer. For older versions, consider updating your Photoshop installation.
  • Installation Button Greyed Out: Ensure you’ve unzipped the downloaded file before attempting to install. Photoshop cannot install extensions directly from ZIP files.
  • FX Box Not Showing: Make sure you’ve correctly installed the FX Box plugin. If it’s not appearing under the “Window” > “Extensions” menu, reinstall the FX Box following its specific installation guide.
  • Script Errors: If you receive errors when trying to load or run Real Paint FX, restart Photoshop and try loading the add-on again. Ensure no other scripts or actions are running simultaneously.

By following these steps, you should be able to install Real Paint FX and load it into the FX Box without any hitches. However, if you encounter any issues not covered here, the Real Paint FX community and support forums are great resources for additional help and advice. Happy painting!

Once you download the zip file follow the instructions to install the script  

Getting Started with Real Paint FX

Making your first steps into digital art with Real Paint FX is a fun adventure. This guide will show you how to open your first picture and look around the user interface and choices. If you would rather see how to do something, you could watch this video lesson by Piximperfect.

Opening Your First Image

  1. Launch Photoshop: Start by opening Adobe Photoshop. Ensure you’re working in a version compatible with Real Paint FX (CC 2014 or newer).
  2. Open Your Image: Go to File > Open and browse your computer for the image you want to transform. Select the image and click Open. For the best results, choose high-resolution images with good lighting and contrast.

Running the Real Paint FX Script

Once your image is loaded in Photoshop, it’s time to apply the magic of Real Paint FX.

  1. Access the FX Box: Navigate to the Window menu, hover over Extensions, and select FX Box to open the tool panel.
  2. Select Real Paint FX: In the FX Box panel, you should see Real Paint FX listed among the available scripts. If you’ve followed the installation guide correctly, it should be ready to use.
  3. Run the Script: Click on Real Paint FX to select it, then press the Play button within the FX Box panel. The script will begin processing your image, applying the sophisticated painting effects that Real Paint FX is known for.

Understanding the User Interface and Options

Real Paint FX’s user interface is designed to be intuitive, allowing for a smooth creative process.

  • Effect Intensity: After running the script, you’ll encounter options to adjust the intensity and style of the painting effect. Experiment with these settings to achieve the desired look, whether you’re aiming for a subtle painted texture or a bold, impressionistic effect.
  • Brush Settings: Real Paint FX offers a variety of brush presets that mimic real-life painting techniques. Explore different brush options to add unique touches to your artwork.
  • Color Adjustments: The add-on provides tools for tweaking the colors in your image. Use these to enhance the vibrancy, contrast, or hue to better suit the painted effect.
  • Layer Manipulation: Real Paint FX operates by creating multiple layers, each contributing to the overall painted look. Dive into the layer panel to adjust the opacity, blending modes, or to add further enhancements with Photoshop’s native tools.
  • Saving Your Work: Once you’re satisfied with the transformation, save your work. Go to File > Save As and choose your preferred format. For digital display, a JPEG might suffice, but consider saving a PSD file if you plan to revisit and adjust the artwork later.

For beginners and even seasoned Photoshop users, Real Paint FX introduces a new realm of artistic possibilities. While the process might seem daunting at first, spending time with the tool will quickly reveal its potential to transform ordinary images into extraordinary pieces of art. The tutorial by Piximperfect is an excellent resource for visual learners, offering step-by-step instructions and tips to make the most out of Real Paint FX. Happy creating!


Digital artists need to get Real Paint FX because it changes everything. That way, artists can get the best of both old-fashioned ways of drawing and the speed and ease of digital tools. It has cool animation effects and painting-like effects that can be added to pictures, giving people new ways to show their talent.

When you upload, the add-on can handle high resolutions and can be used with different Adobe Photoshop versions. And now artists can make work that looks like it was done by pros. It can be used on both digital and real media. This tool can be used by artists from all over the world because it supports many languages. This makes an interesting and lively place for digital art.

Individuals that are interested in experimenting with digital art should be willing to attempt new ideas and maintain an open mind. Real Paint FX provides customers with a wide variety of options. Your imaginative concepts can be brought to life with the help of Real Paint FX, regardless of whether you want to incorporate classic art aspects into your digital projects or experiment with something new in the world of art.

Painting a straightforward picture can be transformed into a stunning piece of art with each brushstroke and effect that you apply. It is possible for Real Paint FX to take you on this painting adventure. Experiment with everything it has to offer, and be open to the possibilities it contains.