GoTranscript Audio & MCQ’s Test Answers For 2024

Welcome to our easy guide on the GoTranscript tests! Are you ready to start or boost your transcription career? Then, learning about GoTranscript’s audio and multiple-choice tests is super important. These tests aren’t just exams; they’re your ticket to exciting transcription jobs. In this article, we’ll explain everything about GoTranscript, a top transcription service. You’ll get all the tips and info to do great in their 2023 tests.

New to GoTranscript? You might ask, “What is GoTranscript?” It’s not just a website; it’s a community where doing things right and fast matters. It’s important for everyone, whether you’ve done transcription before or you’re just beginning, to know GoTranscript well. This knowledge is a big part of being successful.

Today, we’re going to look closely at GoTranscript’s audio and multiple-choice tests. We’ll talk about strategies, special tips, and even some key answers. This will help you get ready in the best way. It’s not only about passing the test. It’s about gaining the skills and confidence to shine in the world of transcription. So, let’s get started on this fun learning journey. It’ll help you do great on GoTranscript!

What is GoTranscript Tests?

GoTranscript Audio & MCQ's Test Answers

Ever thought about being a great transcriber? Let’s explore GoTranscript. It’s a cool online company that changes how we view transcription. They focus on turning audio and video into text. And you can make money by doing this transcription!

Picture this: You listen to something or watch a video. Then, you write down everything you hear. That’s what transcription is. It’s as fun as it sounds!

Now, let’s talk about earning. At GoTranscript, you get up to $0.60 for each minute you transcribe. That means $6 for a 10-minute clip! But it’s not just about the money. As a GoTranscript transcriber, you work from home, pick your own tasks, choose interesting projects, and get paid every week through PayPal. Everyone loves a job with this kind of freedom, right?

But let’s be real – transcription isn’t super easy. It needs sharp listening, good grammar, and strong writing skills. If you’re not used to writing or the internet, it might seem hard at first. Remember, all experts started as beginners. With hard work and practice, you’ll get better and start earning soon.

What about these GoTranscript tests? They’re your way into the GoTranscript team. The tests have two types: Audio and MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions). The audio test checks your transcription skills. The MCQ test looks at how well you understand language and grammar. These tests are important. They show if you’re ready for real transcription work. And of course, you’d want to pass them the first time!

Here’s something important: GoTranscript keeps improving. They update their tests to make sure they pick the best transcribers. So, it’s important to stay updated with their latest test styles and rules. It’s more than passing a test. It’s about showing you’re an awesome transcriber.

In the next sections, we’ll dive deep into these tests. We’ll give you tips, tricks, and even some secret advice to help you nail them. Whether you’ve been writing for a while or just starting, this guide is your way to do great in the GoTranscript tests. Ready for this cool adventure? Let’s go!

How to pass GoTranscript Exam?

GoTranscript Audio & MCQ's Test Answers

Starting your journey with GoTranscript is both fun and a little scary, especially when you face their tough tests. Many newbies visit GoTranscript’s website hoping to do well but struggle with the tests. These tests are hard, and if you’re not careful, you might fail multiple times. This could make the system mark you down, even with correct answers. Don’t worry! We’ll help you understand how to pass GoTranscript’s tests easily.

Getting to Know the Audio Test The audio test at GoTranscript is important. It tests how well you can transcribe. You’ll listen to an audio clip and type exactly what you hear. It sounds simple, right? But, the audio quality varies. It can be very clear or hard to understand with different accents or background noise.

Tips to Improve Your Listening and Typing Skills

  • Practice Active Listening: Really focus on understanding different kinds of audio.
  • Type Fast and Accurately: Good typing skills are key. Quick and correct typing helps a lot.
  • Know Your Grammar: Brush up on grammar rules. Correct commas and periods are important.

Handling Tough Accents and Unclear Audio

  • Learn Different Accents: Listen to podcasts or watch shows from various English-speaking places.
  • Use Headphones: Good headphones help you hear small details in speech.
  • Play it Again: If you miss something, don’t hesitate to replay the audio.

Types of Audio You Might Transcribe

  • Interviews: These vary from one person to a group.
  • Lectures and Talks: Usually clearer but can be long and detailed.
  • Group Conversations: These are challenging with several people talking at once.

Transcription Strategies

  • Use Transcription Software: Tools like Express Scribe are really useful.
  • Research Unknown Words: If you don’t know a word, look it up.
  • Take Breaks: Transcribing is hard work. Breaks keep you sharp.

GoTranscript MCQ’S Test Answers 2024

Get the Go transcript MCQ’s test answers 100% correctly for free, see the right answers for all questions at GoTranscript.

A) “Yep”, “Aha”, “Mm-Hmm” Must Be Written As “Yes”. “Ok” Must Be Written As “Okay”.
B) Spell It The Way It Sounds.

a) can
b) could
c) could have

a) is
b) am
c) be
d) wore

a) Leave the curse words out.
b) Transcribe them word for word.

a) the capital of Lithuania
b) the capital of liethuania,
c), the capital of Lithuania,
d) the capital of Liethuania,

a) I has [sic) a puppy.
b) Do not correct grammatical errors made by the speaker. “I has a puppy”
c) I have a puppy.

a) Speech Errors
b) Stutters
c) False Starts
d) Slang words
e) __
f) Filler words
g) Repetitions

a) Repetitions
b) Filler words unless they add meaning
c) Stutters
d) Expressions (Oh my God, Oh dear, Oh my, Oh boy, Oh shoot, et cetera)

a) He said ‘1 am from Pakistan.’
b) He said, “I am from Pakistan.”
c) He said I am from Pakistan.
d) He said [l am from Pakistan].

a): “I am 27.”
b) “I am 27”
c) ,”I am 27.”
d) I am 27.

A) They Took Me To The Hospital 2 Weeks Ago– No, 4 Weeks Ago
B) They Took Me To The Hospital 2- 4 Weeks Ago
C) They Took Me To The Hospital 2 Weeks 4 Weeks Ago
D) They Took Me To The Hospital 24 Weeks Ago

a) I saw one childrens [sic]
b) I saw one children.
c) I saw one children [sic]

a) They are
b) Their
c) They’re

a) very
b) really
c) absolutely

a) TV and radio programs
b) Social media sites
c) The Bible
d) Parts of the sacred writings
e) Song titles
f) Foreign expressions

a) Kind of
b) Um
c) Gotcha

A) Punctuation Is Not A Part Of The Transcriber’s Work.
B) The Beginning Of A Sentence Should Always Be Capitalized.
C) Longer Speeches Should Be Separated Into Smaller Paragraphs. Paragraphs Shouldn’t Be Longer Than 500 Symbols.

a) You might get a low rating.
b) You might be removed from the team.

A) Transcription Is Listening To And Summarizing A Recording.
B) Transcription Is The Process Of Converting Speech In An Audio Or Video File Into Written.
Transcription Is Converting A Speech From One Language To Another.

a) been
b) were
c) is
d) am
e) wore

a) Speaker labels.
b) Does not matter. You can bold anything you wish.
c) Nothing at all.
d) It depends on the context.
e) Everything with the timecodes: [00:00:15] [unintelligible 01:01:27 inaudible 00:03:13]; [pause 00:02:07].

a) Transcribe ‘et cetera’ as a part of the audio.
b) Leave ‘et cetera’ out.
c) Transcribe it as etc.

a) one US dollar, ten British pounds.
b) $1,£10
c) 1 US dollar, ten British pounds.
d) one US dollar, 10 British pounds.

a) 12
b) 4,4(4)
c) 0
d) 17,5
e) 75

a) I like to use facebook It is my favorite way of keeping in touch with the relatives.
b) I like to use facebook it is my favorite way of keeping in touch with the relatives.
c) I like to use Facebook it is my favorite way of keeping in touch with the relatives.
d) I like to use Facebook. It is my favorite way of keeping in touch with the relatives.

a) American English unless a client states otherwise.
b) Australian English
c) British English
d) Canadian English

a) Speaker:
b) Speaker-
c) Speaker
d) Speaker
e) It depends on the verbatim type of file.
F) Speaker

a) She came to me and said, I am from Mozambique. M-O-Z-A-M-B-l-Q-U-E.
b) She came to me and said, “l am from Mozambique. M>0>Z>A>M>B>l>Q>U>E.
c) She came to me and said, “1 am from Mozambique. M-O-Z-A-M-B-l-Q-U-E”
She came to me and said, “1 am from Mozambique. M_O_Z_A_MB_I_Q_UE.

a) Jane
b) jane

a) jack tried a new diet, but still gained weight.
b) Jack tried a new diet, but he still gained weight.
jack tried a new diet, but he still gained weight.
D) Jack tried a new diet but still gained weight.

NOW you too can simply take the exam & pass, Well atleast the first part of the GoTranscript test, do not worry though, because we have even brought here for you the Audio test answer’s as well, you don’t need to do, anything really, just copy paste it really.

GoTranscript Audio test answer 2023

Speaker 1: This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript.

Speaker 2: As I have said, I hesitate to tell about incidents such as this, since they are hard to believe. A husband sits and reads or revises his manuscript. Suddenly his train of thought is broken by an exclamation. Kind of Lindbergh has flown to France. But Craig does not know much about it. A year passes. 

And in the mail, I receive a monthly magazine called the lantern, published by Sacco Vanzetti sympathizers in Boston. I open it and find an article by a young radical, assailing Lindbergh because he does not follow in his father’s footsteps. As most of us know, Lindbergh’s father was a radical congressman. But now the son allows himself to be used by the Army and Navy people, as well as by the capitalist press to destruct the minds of the masses from social justice, at least that’s the charge.

I do not believe that Lindbergh flew across the ocean in order to take a ransom from a foreign government as well as from his own, Know in order to induce the nations of the earth to a war in the air. Those were the words which were in my mind as I awoke from my nap on May 25. I should add, that my wife told me that Lindbergh had not been in her conscious mind for a long time, and she had no remotest idea that the radicals were attacking him. 

This morning, I was reading the latest book of the month, which apparently is still a thing. And my wife interrupted me to ask, are there any flowers in what you are reading? I answered. Yes. To which she replied, I have been trying to concentrate, and I keep seeing flowers, at least 1500 of them.

Here. Look, I have drawn them in this book. She handed me a copy of Mumford Herman Melville, and on page 346, the last page I had read before going to sleep last night, the very next chapter was entitled, The flowering aloe. on this page was six lines from a poem called the American aloe on exhibition.

On the preceding page was a discussion of the habits of this plant. While my wife was in the other room drawing her flowers. I was reading the line about how the red clover had blushed through the fields about their house. The exact quote goes, he would return home with a handful of clover blossoms, at least 1500 Weird ha.

Speaker 1: This audio is used for the transcriber test at GoTranscript.

GoTranscript Audio & MCQ's Test Answers

Congratulations! You got it at last, the answer to GoTranscript audio test’s for 2023. Right now in 2023, this audio is being utilised for examining transcripter’s skills.

Please bear in mind, that sometimes Gotranscript algorithm keeps failing you For failing more than 3 times

We would advice to use a different email account, or try after a couple of minutes after failing. Anyways we sincerely hope this article was worthwhile and gives you an insight on “GoTranscript audio & MCQ’s test answers for 2023.” we have also attempted to answer some of the most frequently asked questions to help solve any queries, still got some question, don’t hesitate to ask them away in comments section, we shall reply you as soon as possible.

Mastering GoTranscript MCQ Tests

Exploring GoTranscript’s MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) tests can seem tricky. But, we’re here to help you out, just like chatting over a cup of online coffee. These tests are more than a bunch of questions. They test how well you understand and can do transcription. Let’s dive into the structure, talk about the main topics, and give you tips to nail these tests confidently.

Getting to Know the MCQ Test Structure

GoTranscript’s MCQ section checks what you know about transcription. It’s not only about choosing the right answer. It’s about knowing why it’s right. You’ll find questions on grammar, punctuation, and GoTranscript’s own rules.

What You’ll Find in the MCQ Section

  • Grammar and Punctuation: Get good with commas, periods, and all that.
  • Transcription Guidelines: GoTranscript has its own rules to follow.
  • Listening Skills: Some questions test how well you understand spoken words.

Tips for Answering MCQs Well

  • Read Questions With Care: Pay attention to the small stuff.
  • Rule Out Wrong Answers: Make your choices simpler.
  • Pause and Think: Slow and steady wins the race. Right answers matter most.
  • Go With Your Gut: Usually, your first guess is a good one.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

  • Overthinking: If it seems right and sounds right, it’s probably right.
  • Doubting Yourself: Be confident in your choices.
  • Not Ready: Don’t just guess. Study a bit, it helps a lot.

A Story from Experience

I recall my first transcription MCQ test. I felt super sure of myself. But halfway through, I realized it was tougher than I thought. It wasn’t just about knowing English. It was about getting the small details of transcription. I learned a big lesson: always be ready and respect the comma!

As we end our virtual coffee chat, remember that acing GoTranscript’s MCQ tests is a journey. It’s about mixing what you know with smart strategies. With good prep and the right attitude, you’ll pass and learn skills for your transcription work. So, breathe deep, believe in yourself, and let’s rock those tests!

Resources for Practice and Learning

Hey kids interested in transcribing! Are you searching for helpful tools to improve your skills? You’re in for a treat. The internet is like a giant sea filled with islands of useful resources. You’ll find websites packed with practice stuff and forums where experienced transcribers share tips. Don’t miss the special GoTranscript materials to boost your prep. Let’s set sail and find these cool things!

Cool Resources for Transcription Practice

  • TranscribeMe and Rev: Not just for jobs, these sites are perfect for practicing. They have tons of audio files to help you get better.
  • Express Scribe: This program is super helpful for transcribers. It lets you control audio easily with keyboard shortcuts or a foot pedal, making your work smoother.
  • YouTube: Yep, YouTube is useful too! Choose a video, turn off the subtitles, and start writing down what you hear.

Top Online Places and Forums for Help and Tips

  • Reddit (r/Transcription): This Reddit group is full of transcribers of all kinds. Here, you can get advice, support, or just chat about transcribing.
  • Transcription Essentials: A forum where pros talk about all things transcription. It’s like a cozy online café for people who transcribe.
  • Facebook Groups: Lots of groups here where people share advice, job info, and help each other out.

About Official GoTranscript Prep Stuff

GoTranscript has its own cool study materials. They teach you everything from basic transcribing to special formatting they want. It’s like a guide to their tests. They update these guides often, so you’re always up-to-date.

My Own Experience When I started, I didn’t know much. I found a Facebook group for transcribers, and it changed everything. The tips and support I got there were super helpful. It was like joining a helpful training program without knowing it.

So, that’s it – a bunch of great tools and people to help you with transcribing. Whether you’re just starting or improving your skills, these resources are great allies. Remember, practicing a lot helps you improve, and with these tools, you’re on your way to being a transcribing pro. Have fun transcribing!

Success Stories and User Experiences

Let’s celebrate the wins and learn from those who aced the GoTranscript tests. Their stories aren’t just about winning. They show how tough and flexible these aspiring transcriptionists are. They had hard times, but the happiness of passing the tests makes each story special and motivating. Let’s listen to some who passed the GoTranscript tests and see how they used what they learned in real life.

Stories from People Who Passed GoTranscript Tests

John’s Story: “When I first saw the GoTranscript test, I felt really stressed. But I kept practicing and didn’t give up. I passed! Now, I transcribe all the time. The freedom this job gives me is amazing.”

Emma’s Tale: “I’m a mom who stays at home and needed a job that fit my schedule. GoTranscript was perfect. The tests were tough, but passing them felt great. Now, I help earn money for our family and still be there for my kids.”

Real Uses of Skills from These Tests

Paying Attention to Details: Many who took the test got better at noticing small things in other parts of their life.

Better Listening: Doing a lot of transcription made them listen more carefully. This helps in talking with others, both at home and at work. Managing Time Well: They learned to handle transcription practice and other duties, which taught them good time management.

A Story of My Own

I talked to a friend who just passed the GoTranscript audio test. She was so happy. She told me how the skills she learned helped her in her volunteer job. She transcribed old documents. It’s a great example of how a work skill can make your hobbies even better.

To Wrap Up These stories are not just about success. They encourage and guide those wanting to be good at transcribing. The journey to master transcription tests is full of good things: freedom, challenges, and the fun of learning new stuff. So, for everyone wanting to be a transcriptionist, let these stories push you to create your own success story!

Staying Updated and Continuous Learning

In transcription, like on GoTranscript, staying up-to-date is essential. Think of it as sailing in a sea of words, where you must know the changes in the sea. GoTranscript changes its rules often. Transcribers must always be ready to learn and change. Let’s talk about why this matters and where to find learning tools.

Why Staying Updated with GoTranscript Matters Imagine GoTranscript as something that lives and grows. Its rules change too. Keeping up with these changes is important for two reasons:

  • Accuracy: In transcription, being exact matters. Following new rules means your work will be correct.
  • Efficiency: Knowing the newest shortcuts and tools makes transcribing faster.

Where to Learn and Improve Skills

  • GoTranscript’s Blog: Your first stop. They always have new tips and updates.
  • Online Courses: Sites like Coursera and Udemy have transcription courses. They’re great for structured learning.
  • YouTube Tutorials: A good way to learn visually. YouTube has many tutorials on transcription and software.
  • Podcasts and Webinars: These focus on transcription and language skills. They’re good for learning while doing other things.
  • Community Forums: Places like Reddit have forums for transcription. Here you can learn from others, ask questions, or find new tips.

My Learning Experience: When I started at GoTranscript, I thought I knew everything. Then they changed their rules, and I made new mistakes. This was a wake-up call. I started spending an hour each week learning new things and rules. This made a big difference. I became more accurate and faster.

In transcription, especially at GoTranscript, you never stop learning. It’s a constant process of growing and adapting. By staying informed and improving your skills, you’re not just keeping up; you’re preparing for success. So, let’s enjoy learning and keep navigating the changing world of transcription!


As we finish this guide, let’s take a moment to think about all the information we’ve learned together. The GoTranscript adventure is full of special challenges and chances. It’s more than a skill test; it shows your hard work and ability to adapt. To start, you need to understand the audio and multiple-choice tests. This means knowing the material, the background, and how to use what you learn in real life.

Getting ready is key to doing well on these tests. You need to know the rules, practice a lot, and keep learning. Transcription is always changing, so it’s important to keep up with GoTranscript’s new rules. You’ll always be learning here, and every audio file and test helps you get better.

Remember how important it is to have a community in this journey. Advice, support, and shared stories from forums and groups are really helpful. These places are more than just for talking; they’re full of wisdom to help and inspire you.

Thinking back on my own time with GoTranscript, I recall the early struggles, doubts, and growing confidence. Every step has taught me something, not just about transcribing, but also how to handle challenges and new chances. It’s been about more than passing tests; it’s about learning skills that open new doors.

Now it’s your turn. With this guide, you’re ready to take on the GoTranscript tests with confidence and curiosity. See them as steps in your journey of growth and career development. Remember, every expert started as a beginner, and this is your start. Enjoy the challenges, love learning, and start your transcription adventure. Here’s to your success and all the achievements waiting for you in GoTranscript. Have fun transcribing!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About GoTranscript Tests

Embarking on the GoTranscript journey can bring up a whirlwind of questions. It’s like stepping into a new city where you need a friendly guide to show you around. That’s what we’re here for! Let’s tackle some of the most common queries about GoTranscript tests, and I’ll share my insights to help clear the fog.

1. What Exactly Are the GoTranscript Tests?

Answer: The GoTranscript tests are a set of assessments designed to evaluate your transcription skills. They typically include an audio transcription test and a multiple-choice questionnaire (MCQ) focusing on grammar and transcription guidelines.

2. How Difficult Are These Tests?

Answer: Difficulty is subjective, but many find these tests challenging. They’re designed to ensure you have the necessary skills for accurate transcription. With proper preparation, though, you can definitely crack them.

3. Can I Retake the Test If I Fail?

Answer: Absolutely! GoTranscript allows you to retake the test after a certain period. Use this time to practice and improve your skills.

4. What’s the Best Way to Prepare for the Tests?

Answer: Practice, practice, and more practice. Familiarize yourself with GoTranscript’s guidelines, work on your typing speed, enhance your listening skills, and get comfortable with different accents and audio qualities.

5. Are There Any Specific Tools I Should Use for Transcription?

Answer: Yes, transcription software like Express Scribe can be very helpful. It allows you to control audio playback easily, which is crucial for efficient transcription.

6. How Long Does It Take to Hear Back After Taking the Test?

Answer: The waiting time can vary, but typically, you should hear back within a few days. If it takes longer, don’t hesitate to reach out to GoTranscript for an update.

7. Is There a Secret to Passing the Test?

Answer: No secrets, just good old preparation and understanding of what’s expected. Pay close attention to the guidelines provided by GoTranscript, and practice transcribing different types of audio.

8. What Happens After I Pass the Test?

Answer: Congratulations, you’re in! Once you pass the test, you’ll be eligible to start picking up transcription jobs from GoTranscript and begin your journey as a professional transcriber.

9. Can I Work for GoTranscript from Anywhere?

Answer: Yes, one of the great things about GoTranscript is its flexibility. You can work from anywhere as long as you have a good internet connection and a suitable device for transcribing.

10. How Much Can I Earn as a GoTranscript Transcriber?

Answer: Earnings can vary based on your speed and the complexity of the audio files. GoTranscript pays up to $0.60 per audio minute, but remember, this is per audio minute, not the time you spend transcribing.

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