With This Great Look And Banner Collection you may advertise your products And services. To full Instagram Specifications, these pictures are planned. 25 Amazing Content Stories And Modeling PSD Files Ready For Your Stories, Posts, Services, Products, Promotions (25 Designs, 1080 [1920px]). Every PSD file is stacked, and structured in complete. and in this post, I will give you free   INSTAGRAM STORY TEMPLATES

Why you should use the INSTAGRAM STORY template?

You will take full advantage of your ability as a company and growth-oriented business owner. Use not only the option of stories but also investing time and imagination in the tale that activates your listener’s interest or intervention, maybe voting one, voting, swiping up, polling, asking you a question, purchasing your Item, contacting somebody, etc.

The fact that Instagram stories expire within 24 hours and do not weigh up your professionally designed Instagram account does not imply you can think about aesthetics and your expectations for brand.



For Example: I want To the Change Images

  • Choose And Open Your Favorite PSD File In Photoshop.
  • See Open Example Psd File And Layer Panel On The Right Side.
  • Left-Click On The Layer Panel Which Layer You Have Selected. And Click On Edit Contents
  • Now The New Tab Is Opened, All You Have To Is Just Darg You Image In This Black Box See The Screenshots
  • Open Your Image
  • Now Drag Your Image
  • Something Like This
  • Then Save A File, It Is Very Important For The Result. Press Ctrl+S
  • Then Save A File, It Is Very Important For The Result. And Press “X Icon” You See An Icon Next To “.Psb” On File Header For Exit To File.
insta story tutorial 8

Now It’s All Yours. You Can Do Any Type Of Customization Changing Fonts, Shapes, Colors And Images


If You Don’t Have Photoshop, Or If You Don’t Require A Lot Of Customization Capabilities. Use These Apps To Build Instagram Stories Templates

1. InShot

This video and photo editor software is one of the strongest Instagram story-creating tools. This amazing app provides a whole range of simple design features that help you create beautiful stories about Instagram.

InShot Video Editor has a variety of features that helps you to slice, clip, break, filter, or blend images. Additionally, InShot Video Editor includes textures, filters and effects.

You may add music and sounds to your video, with the option to fade in and out of the music. There is a movement control tool which can be used to create slow or fast videos

You can handle the video’s aspect ratio to suit on various platforms. The software also has text, logos, emojis and other graphic features that can be applied to photos and videos.

Features of InShot

  • Speed-control, blur, split, and merge tools for videos
  • Video converter
  • Collage maker and photo editor
  • Option to add music to videos
  • Filters, effects, texts, icons, and other photo and video enhancement tools

This app is available for both Android and iOS devices and is one of the highest-rated apps on both platforms. 

2. StoryArt

Story Art MOD APK cover

It is one of the highest-rated story editing applications for Instagram on both the Play Store (4.7 stars) and the Apple Store (4.8 stars). This program is very simple to use, as it includes a wide variety of preset models that can be used directly to build your Instagram stories.

In addition to the designs, it also provides numerous possibilities for applying concept results. You can add different fonts, filters, themes, and other design effects to the text.

Features of StoryArt

  • 200 plus free templates
  • 20 plus themes
  • Weekly template additions

3. Unfold

unfold app

This editor of Instagram Stories has some features which are free and some charged. The platform creates beautiful Instagram stories featuring sexy, trendy models. It supports photo and video stories and has plenty of choices for each style.

The program does not demand that users build an account. You may easily download the app, and start producing and uploading Instagram stories in high resolution.

Features of Unfold

  • 25 free templates, 60+ premium templates
  • 5 plus font types and advanced text options
  • Supports both photo and video formats

4. Canva

og image 1200x630 1

Canva is a common photo editor, which you can use to create beautiful images with text overlays and other effects for your Instagram stories.

This graphic design software includes one of the top model sets you can use to create entertaining Instagram stories. The app also has a huge selection of stock photographs that you can use for your Instagram tales as a background image.

In addition to these apps, Canva also provides other tools for photo editing, including fonts, image, filters etc.

Features of Canva

  • 60,000+ templates
  • Over 1 million background images
  • Design tools like design grids, photo vignette, photo blur, and photo enhancer
  • A large collection of stickers, badges, icons, frames, and textures

5. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark photos and video applications are useful for making an Instagram story. Apps family Spark helps users to create video clips or incorporate photos to create a video narrative. This may also be used to incorporate visual results. There’s plenty of tones, icons, transitions and other interface features to include.

The program is user friendly and needs little experience in design. You should attach the vast range of effects available on the app. Sounds may be applied from the app’s selection or from your own devices for video stories. The application has templates for tales and notifications of different types.

Features of Adobe Spark

  • Creates animated video posts
  • Beautiful typography options
  • Multiple text cutouts, layouts, and text effects
  • Millions of stock photos to choose from
  • Cloud backup allows easy syncing

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