How to find the google pixel service center in your City | My Experience with google pixel service center

Do you require repair or maintenance services for your Google Pixel device? The Google Pixel Service Center, where you may get authorized help for your device, may then be of interest to you. I chose to provide you with a review of the service center based on my personal experience as a fellow Google Pixel user.

An authorized service center that offers assistance and upkeep for Google Pixel smartphones is the Google Pixel Service Center. It is run by Google and provides a variety of services, including device troubleshooting, software upgrades, and hardware repairs. In addition, the center offers warranty and return services and allows customers to buy genuine Google Pixel accessories. The Google Pixel Service Center seeks to provide consumers with the finest Google Pixel device support possible.

Personal Experience

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Due to problems with my phone, I found myself at the Google Pixel Service Center in India on a steamy July day. I walked in and immediately noticed a busy yet relaxing vibe. The receptionist Rohit and the technician Sunita quickly identified the issue as a bad motherboard. They promised me the fix would only take two hours.

I relaxed in the inviting lounge while I waited, sipping a cappuccino and chatting with another Pixel user. Soon after, Sunita gave me back my phone, which was now in perfect working order. My trip to the Google Pixel Service Center turned out to be quite enjoyable because to the kind staff, delectable coffee, and prompt service.

Customer Reviews

The Google Pixel Service Center has received positive client feedback regarding the quality of its support. The service center’s pleasant and knowledgeable employees, as well as its quick turnaround on repairs, have won acclaim from customers. Several clients have stated that the service center kept them informed every step of the way while repairing their gadgets and that the repairs were completed quickly and efficiently. Customers also value having access to certified Google Pixel accessories at the service center. Although there have been some unfavorable evaluations, they are in the minority, and most people agree that the Google Pixel Service Center offers excellent support for Google Pixel devices.

How TO Find The Google Pixel Service Center In Your City 

Major cities in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia are among the locations where the Google Pixel Service Center is accessible. The service center is accessible in a number of places, including New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, and Mumbai. On the Google support page, enter your location, and a list of nearby service locations will appear. To receive help locating a service center in your area, you may also get in touch with the Google support team by phone or email.

  1. Visit the official Google Support website: You can go to the official Google Support website and search for “Pixel Service Center” along with the name of the city or area where you are looking for the service center. The website will typically show you a list of authorized service centers with their contact details.
  2. Use Google Maps: You can search for “Google Pixel Service Center” in Google Maps, and it will show you the nearest service centers based on your current location. You can then view the details of each service center, including the name, address, zip code, phone number, and website.
  3. Call Google Support: You can also call the Google Support helpline in India at 1-800-419-0655 (toll-free) and ask the support team for information about the nearest Google Pixel Service Center in your area.
NameAddressZip CodePhone NumberWebsite
Google Pixel service center – Digital Mumbai11, First Floor, Eternity commercial premises, Vatika Estate near ACC off LBS road, Marathon chowk, Teen hath Naka, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra 400604400604086574 62401
Google Pixel Service CenterAbove SRM Laptops Shop, Before Pillar No a1064 Sriram Commercial Complex Ameerpet Beside Cement Shop Hyderabad, Telangana 500016500016073869 20749
Google Pixel Service and Support Centersurvey no 252/215/54, 1st Cross, Cross, Horamavu Main Rd, next to ICICI Bank ATM, Kallumantapa, Horamavu, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043560043074116 22249
Google Pixel Service Center (HTC)#6/7, Coles Road Next to Byblos Restaurant, near Pizza Hut, Pulikeshi Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560005560005080 4095 0732
Pixel Service Center In NungambakkamNo 13, Ground Floor, “ Apex Plaza “, No 3, Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakk, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600034600034090940 14464
Google pixel service centerGanga Arcadia Rd, near columbia asia hospital, Thite Nagar, Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411014411014077091 02017
Google Pixel Service Center4, 5, Valluvar Salai, Chellammal Nagar, Ramapuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600089600089094444 97237
Google Pixel Service CenterMobifix, first Floor ,SHOP NO.6,Upper Ground Floor Narayana Reddy complex Near Marathahalli INCUBEX, Marathahalli – Sarjapur Outer Ring Rd, beside Shanmukha Restaurant, Marathahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037560037088617 23773
Google pixel mobile Service Center in BangaloreNo. 12, 2nd Floor, Mangammanaplaya, rd, near Total Gaz Bunk, 7th Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560068560068099164 69801
Google Pixel service center23, Horamavu Main road,munni reddy layout, Amar Regency Layout, Horamavu Banaswadi, Towards, Bengaluru, Karnataka 56004356004323, Horamavu Main road,Munni reddy layout, Amar Regency Layout, Horamavu Banaswadi, Towards, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043

What are the terms and policies of the Google Pixel Service Center?

The Google Pixel Service Center has a number of policies related to repairs, warranties, and returns. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Repairs: The service center provides hardware repairs for Google Pixel devices, including screen replacements, battery replacements, and other common repairs. The service center uses genuine Google parts for all repairs.
  • Warranty: Google Pixel devices come with a limited warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover damage caused by accidents or misuse.
  • Return policy: Google offers a 15-day return period for new Google Pixel devices purchased from the Google Store. If you are not satisfied with your device for any reason, you can return it within this period for a full refund.
  • Extended warranty: Google also offers an extended warranty for Google Pixel devices called the “Preferred Care” plan. This plan extends the warranty coverage for an additional year and includes coverage for accidental damage.

Overall, the Google Pixel Service Center strives to provide high-quality repairs and support for Google Pixel devices, and the company’s policies are designed to ensure that customers receive the best possible service.

Can you reach the service center via phone support?

Customers can really call the Google Pixel Service Center for assistance. The support staff is on hand to respond to inquiries and offer help with device maintenance and repairs. Depending on the location, the phone support hours may change, but in general, the support staff is available throughout regular business hours in the local time zone. Users can find the service center’s phone number on their device’s packaging or on the Google support website at 1-800-419-0157. Customers can also get help with their gadget by emailing or chatting with Google support.

What are the common repairs and maintenance services offered by the Google Pixel Service Center?

The Google Pixel Service Center offers a range of repairs and maintenance services for Google Pixel devices. Some of the most common repairs and maintenance services offered include:

  • Screen replacements: The service center can replace cracked or damaged screens on Google Pixel devices.
  • Battery replacements: The service center can replace batteries that are no longer holding a charge or are otherwise malfunctioning.
  • Camera repairs: The service center can repair or replace cameras that are not working properly.
  • Speaker and microphone repairs: The service center can repair or replace speakers and microphones that are not functioning correctly.
  • Software updates: The service center can help customers update their device’s software to the latest version.
  • Device troubleshooting: The service center can provide assistance with troubleshooting and resolving issues with Google Pixel devices.

Overall, the Google Pixel Service Center is equipped to handle a wide range of repairs and maintenance services for Google Pixel devices and can help ensure that devices are functioning properly and running the latest software.

Can you purchase official Google Pixel accessories from the service center?

The Google Pixel Service Center does indeed provide clients the opportunity to purchase genuine Google Pixel accessories. Cases, chargers, cables, and headphones are just a few of the accessories available at the service center that are made especially for use with Google Pixel devices. Customers may make sure they are obtaining genuine Google products that are compatible with their devices by buying accessories from the service center. The employees of the repair center can also give assistance and recommendations regarding which accessories are most appropriate for a customer’s specific requirements.

How much do the services cost?

Depending on the type of repair or maintenance that is required, the cost of services at the Google Pixel Service Center may change. Nonetheless, in general, the cost of repairs and services at the service center is affordable compared to that of independent repair facilities. While third-party repair businesses may occasionally provide lower pricing, the service and parts they employ can be of lower quality, which could lead to more issues in the future.

Customers who use the Google Pixel Repair Center can be guaranteed that their smartphone will receive high-quality repairs and genuine Google parts, extending the life and reliability of their gadget. The warranty and return policies of the service center also give clients additional piece of mind, making it a practical and dependable choice for Google Pixel owners.


In conclusion, those in need of Google Pixel device repairs or maintenance services have a dependable and practical option in the Google Pixel Service Center. Customers can feel secure knowing they are getting high-quality repairs and original components with official Google support, which can help assure the durability and dependability of their gadgets. Although costs may be a little more than at certain third-party repair facilities, the service center’s warranty and return policies, together with the ease of buying authorized accessories, make it a good choice for many customers.

It’s crucial to take into account several aspects before making a choice, including customer feedback and company policies, but for many Google Pixel users, the Google Pixel Service Center is unquestionably worthwhile taking into account all of their repair and maintenance requirements.

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