World Trip App New Update! | Earn ₹700 In A Day Real or Fake? 2024

Many people were interested in a new app from the previous year called World Trip. This product was made by the Hong Kong-based company Leo Master. Using the app, you may race several dog breeds against one another. It was interesting because you could receive money from it by doing things like watching advertisements or encouraging your friends to play the game. However, soon after it launched, several users started to question if it was actually accurate or if the app was merely attempting to make money.

At first appearance, the app appeared to be giving away money for free, especially to those who had just signed up and were completely new. But eventually, things deteriorated. Additionally, the app wasn’t as functional. Getting money wasn’t as simple as it once was. We have identified a few potential causes of the app’s malfunction.

What is the World Trip App?

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The  game World Trip is highly popular. This game was created by the Hong Kong company Leo Master. In order to complete each level of this engaging game, you must race several breeds of dogs. But you could win actual money, so it’s more than just a game. According to the app, the major reward is 700rs, and the daily reward is 20rs. Some people might believe that using this technique for making money is not worth the effort because it requires a lot of effort.

You may play games with other people with this app. The “Refer & Earn” section of the World Trip app allows you and your friends to earn extra money. App advertisements can potentially earn you money. Doesn’t it seem really straightforward? Some claim you might receive ten rupees for each advertisement you view. That would come to a total of R100 every day.

However, it’s not that easy. There are several difficult-to-read rules on the app. Before you can cash out your earnings, you must wait six months. You also need to have a specific amount of money in your account before you can obtain it. Even though it says “USD” next to it, this sum is worth INR, or Indian rupees. If you’re not constantly busy, you might not make as much as you thought you would.

With the World Trip app, you can win awesome goods, but before you download it, make sure you understand how it all works. We ought to consider how long it might take to start turning a profit from this program as we gain more insight into what makes it unique.

Key Features of World Trip Game

What’s unique about the World Trip Game? It has a lot of extras that make it more than just a simple phone game. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Dog Breeding and Racing: One of the coolest parts of the game is how you can combine different dogs to create the ultimate racing squad. It’s not just about having fun; it’s about strategy and quick reactions. You start with little puppies and upgrade them to bigger, faster dogs. The goal? To win dog races and earn rewards.
  • Learn About Different Dog Breeds: As you play, you’ll get to know various dog breeds. Each breed has its own unique characteristics and advantages in races.
  • Earn Coins and Accessories: While playing, you earn coins. You can use these coins to buy accessories for your dogs, making them look cool and maybe even giving them a little edge in races.
  • Free Play Mode: Just want to relax and enjoy the game without any pressure? The free play mode lets you do just that. Play at your own pace and enjoy the experience.
  • Gaming Efficiency with Chips: Use your chips wisely to boost your gaming efficiency. This means making the most out of every race and challenge.
  • Experience the Thrill: The World Trip Game is all about the thrill of competition and the joy of seeing your dogs win. It’s an exciting mix of strategy, speed, and fun.

What is Money Making Dog in World Trip? :

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The World Trip app has a clever feature called “Money Making Dog” that allows you to earn real money while you play. According to the app, you will receive a portion of the money it earns from app stores. Playing can earn you money. This money is yours to spend; it’s not simply for show. In the game, “Money Making Dog” is a simple method to earn money. enjoy lending a hand to others. Obtaining a “Money Making Dog” requires you to meet a set of requirements. Following that, you will receive a portion of the money that the app makes from advertisements. While having fun is wonderful, earning extra money is also a wise move. that it could be worthwhile and enjoyable.

How can I acquire money making a dog?

There are steps you need to take to get a Money Making Dog in the World Trip app. You need to plan ahead, take your time, and maybe even get lucky to join two Level 37 dogs. Putting together the genes of dogs from Asia, Africa, Europe, the US, and Oceania is another way to make a Money Making Dog. It’s clear that the game wants variety and finds it hard to get it. Don’t forget that you can’t get these Money Making Dogs right away. This makes sure that everyone has the same chances, so everything is fair. How much time and work a player puts into the game is shown by how many Money Making Dogs they can get.

Steps To Earn ₹700 In A Day From The World Trip App


Several online videos and the World Trip app itself say that you can make up to ₹700 in a single day as a traveler. This can only be done if you play the game well and raise your level until you hit level 38. People say that when you hit this level, you’ll get ₹700, which you can then supposedly send straight to your bank account.

Maximizing Your Earnings

Getting coins, chips, and improvements is a big goal. These things assist you in doing better and winning more money. Most of the time, people use coins as money. You have to finish levels and add dogs to get coins. You can buy better things or different kinds of dogs with these coins. Chips and money are the same in the game. With better tools, you can get things done faster. These will help you win the game more often if you put smart money into them. Another great thing about the app that makes it easy to meet new people is Refer and Earn. It’s more fun if you play with friends. Plus, they’ll give you fake money, which is a great reason for more people to join.

It’s also fun to mess around with the Money Making Dog part of the World Trip app. Ads are a cool way for app users to help the app make money. Because of how the game is pushed, people who take part can make money even when they’re not playing. They just need to use the app. Getting a dog that can make you money takes a lot of hard work and commitment. You need to use your tools well and be very good at the game. It says they can make a lot of money in these parts of the program. Being honest with yourself about how much work and time it will take to make money from the game is important.

Right away, let’s talk about being real. Do not use apps that say they can make you quick cash. People have had a lot of fun and interesting times with the World Trip Game over the years. Different people had different amounts of trouble getting or making money at different times. Don’t forget that you will get paid, but it won’t happen right away. You can have fun playing the game and earn extra cash at the same time.

Earning method’s in word trip

Lots of different ways to make money are available to you through this app, and they’re all ready for you to use. The most common way to make money with this program is to earn coins. The coins that are earned can be exchanged for cash, so anyone can get them and use them.

You can make money on this site by getting other people to sign up. Tell them about your referral code and encourage them to use it. If any of your friends use your referral code to sign up for this app, you will get wire coins added to your account.

There are many features that players can use to have fun and make the most of their free time. Some of the most common features have been shown to you, but there are many more that you can use.

World Trip App Refer & Earn:

  • Go to the World Trip App Invite Friends Option from the Bottom Menu
  • Share your referral code or link for the World Trip app with your friends.
  • You will be eligible for rewards once the friends, travel partners, or fans that you’ve referred begin viewing videos, exploring the world, upgrading their dogs, and completing activities.
  • You can Earn up to 38 Levels by exploring the World Trip App and Inviting Friends
  • Simply by reaching higher levels of dog breeds, you are able to earn a daily global bonus of ₹350.

How Can Receive Bonuses From The World Trip App?

The World Trip App has a unique way of giving awards that is based on the idea of “Money Making Dogs” and the money the app makes from ads. The program says that at midnight every day, the system figures out how much money was made from ads the day before. This number also takes into account how many Money Making Dogs there are across all the apps. A formula raises the app’s ad income from the previous day by 0.2 and then multiplies the total number of Money Making Dogs in the network by the number of Money Making Dogs you own.

This gives each owner of a Money Making Dog a bonus. These words mean that your possible prize may be bigger if you have more Money Making Dogs and the app makes more money from ads. Every day, these bonuses are added right away to your app wallet after they have been determined. Under “My Wallet” in the app, you can see this amount and choose to take out your money. The app makes sure that your daily wins are always tracked and easy to get to, even if the frequency of cashing out your bonuses changes.

Earning money in this game – tricks and tips

You can make more money and finish your trip around the world faster if you have a better level in the World Trip app. As a prize, you will get a dog that can make money after you finish the World Trip. You will have earned this dog by doing everything in the World Trip. To get the daily benefits that the money-making dog has to offer, you will not have to pay anything because you have already done the work.

User Reviews and Testimonials of World Trip Game

Now let’s talk about being real. Apps that say they can help you make money quickly should be avoided. People have done a lot of interesting things with the World Trip Game. Some people have had no problem getting or making money, but others have had a tough time. Keep in mind that you will make money, but not all at once. People play the game for fun, and it can also help them make extra money.

What do people who play World Trip Game say? Reading reviews and notes from other users is a great way to find out how real people really feel about the game. These are what people who play have said:

  1. “I’ve been playing the World Trip Game for weeks now, and while the concept is fun, earning money is another story. It feels like you have to put in endless hours for just a few rupees. Not really worth it if you’re here for the cash.”
  2. “Too many ads! Every few minutes, there’s another ad interrupting the gameplay. I understand it’s how they fund the game, but it really takes away from the experience. Makes it hard to stay focused and enjoy the races.”
  3. “The promise of earning money through this game is a bit misleading. Yes, you can earn, but the amount is so minimal, and the effort required doesn’t justify the reward. It’s disappointing for those of us who took the earning aspect seriously.”
  4. “I had high hopes for the World Trip Game, especially the earning part, but it’s been a letdown. The process to withdraw your earnings is too complicated and the thresholds too high. Feels like you’re never actually going to see any real money.”
  5. “The game itself is pretty engaging, but the constant push to watch ads or invite friends just to make a few bucks feels like a never-ending cycle. It’s more of a gimmick than a genuine way to earn.”
  6. “After reaching out to customer support about issues with withdrawing my earnings, I got no response. It’s frustrating how they promise you can earn money, but when it comes down to actually getting it, there seems to be a blockade. Not very trustworthy in my opinion.”

Readers have said that The World Trip Game does have some problems. Plenty of people say the games they like don’t bring in any cash. Some players don’t like wining little amounts of money or how the app doesn’t always seem to be worth their time. The game is hard to play since there are too many ads. Some people believe this means the app doesn’t care about its users and only wants to make money from ads. They should be able to get their money back easily. It really irritates them. It’s less fun and more stressful this way. There are lots of people who don’t believe the game is what it says it is and can help them generate income. Numerous of them still enjoy the game.

Word Trip App is Real Or Fake, Future Updates and Developments

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Let us clear up some things about the Word Trip app. It’s not what it seems to be. There are a lot of ads in the app, and it doesn’t really give users the benefits it said it would. What took place was this: People say that someone called Roshan Kumar made the app, but that’s not true. To be honest, I made the Google Play account so that the app could be sold. Someone named “alica leo” sent me a message on Telegram last year saying they wanted to buy my Google Play account. Even though I didn’t know what they were going to do with it, I sold it to get cash.

Sometime after that, I began to see ads for this app on YouTube. They were all in my name. I knew something wasn’t right at that point. I chose to get back into my account and return the money I was given for it. I looked around and found that there was more than one app like this. A group called Leo Masters set up a scam with a lot of them.

In the end, what’s the point? Like other apps like it, the Word Trip app is fake. All of them were made to trick people and make money. So what’s going to happen with the app? It’s not going back. Everything was a trick, and now that it’s been found out, it won’t happen again.

FAQs about the World Trip App

Q1: Is the World Trip App real or fake?
A1: The World Trip App turned out to be fake. It was designed mainly to show lots of ads and make money from them, not to help users earn money as it claimed.

Q2: Who created the World Trip App?
A2: The app was published under the name of Roshan Kumar, but it was actually sold to someone else on Telegram. The real people behind it used fake names and were connected to a group called leo masters.

Q3: Why did the World Trip App stop working?
A3: The app stopped working because it was part of a scam. It was never meant to last or provide real earnings to its users.

Q4: What happened to the Google Play account used for the app?
A4: The original account holder, who was tricked into selling his account, managed to get it back and realized the app published under his name was part of a larger scam.

Q5: Will the World Trip App work again in the future?
A5: No, the World Trip App will not work again. It was part of a scam and has been shut down.

Q6: How can I protect myself from similar scams?
A6: Always research an app before downloading, especially those promising easy money. Look for genuine user reviews and be wary of apps requiring you to watch ads or invite friends to earn money.