Who unfollowed you on Twitch? Twitch unfollowed list

It is pretty much transparent now that twitch has become one of the best video game streaming platforms on the face of this earth. It can give a run to YouTube for its money in the category of high-quality game streaming. Many online game steamers have recently begun to shift their gaming channel’s on the twitch platform for the sole reason of its popularity and have done rightly so. Anyhow an umpteen numbers of gamers, especially the beginners on twitch often find themselves in troubling situations such as the twitch unfollowers.

Twitch gaming steamers or otherwise essentially find a problem of low number of subscribers or “unfollowers”. basically a noticeable amount of followers who have now unfollowed them on twitch. Now the question emerges as to who exactly are these people who have unfollowed you on twitch?

Can you see who unfollowed on twitch? Essentially a “Twitch unfollowed list” if you will. That is exactly the crux of our article today and while we are it we will also find out the unique methods you can apply to find out who unfollowed you on twitch at any given period of time. Whether you want to find the twitch unfollowed list on your computer, IOS iphone, Android device or Mac. you will be able to do so by the end of this article.

What is twitch? What does twitch offers?

If you have just started out on twitch and do not have an overall idea concerning the aforementioned platform, this section will dispel your uncertainties about the service as well as offer an insight regarding whether the twitch is the right place for you.

Twitch is a live streaming platform for gamers that allows viewers to watch and interact with broadcasters in real-time. The service was first launched in 2011 by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear, and it has since grown to become one of the most popular streaming platforms on the internet.

When you sign up for Twitch, you create a profile which includes your name, photo, and bio. You can then choose to follow other users or be followed by others. When you watch someone’s stream, you can chat with them and other viewers in the chat box located on the bottom of the screen. You can also use various emotes (images that show your emotions) to communicate with others.

One of the most common misconceptions in relation to the Twitch program is the myth that describes only gamers are there therefore it is not the type of service where dissimilar streamers can go-to. For example, cooking experts, amateurs, creative types, sports fans etc. Whereas in the reality the opposite is true. Twitch is an all-inclusive program that is open for anybody and everybody.

Since it’s inception in 2011 it has managed to gather well-over millions of subscribers from around the world. Moreover the platforms gets more than 30-40 millions of views each month showcasing it’s enormous reach. It’d be no shock to say twitch has become one of the best streaming platform for gamer’s or otherwise around the world. One can make money on Twitch as well as gain certain popularity for themselves. Ultimately enabling them to carve out a real career out of gaming. It was never possible before on this scale. Not to mention, In 2017, Twitch was acquired by Amazon for $970 million.

How to check who unfollowed you on Twitch in 2023? Twitch unfollowed list

First off, we need to understand there is no function available on the twitch service that allows one to find out through the use of twitch who have unfollowed you on twitch as such. Consequently in this selection of methods we will check out two ways or “services” anybody can apply to find out “Who unfollowed you on twitch”.

Unfollow – check out who unfollowed you on twitch for free

Unfollow is an official on-line program that lets you check out who has unfollowed you on twitch in the most straightforward manner. You should be able to check out and “see” who exactly has unfollowed you through a feature of the program called “Analytics” and “Data filter” .

Essentially, you create an account on unfollow and log in the account. Once logged in – head over to “Analytics” section that should have a set of data filters which you can arrange to “Twitch unfollowed list” that will let you check out “who unfollowed you on twitch”. who you are following or were following. Doens’t that sound really good?

That’s not the end though, there is more – one can even interconnect their Twitter account with the unfollow service that way they will get their all twitch notifications on twitter. Moreover by having a unfollow account one gets live notifications of who is unfollowing your twitch channel. Now that’s interesting!

However there is one drawback to the unfollow service which is that it’s not for free. One has to subscribe to their program that deducts a small amount of money on a monthly basis. The silver lining is the fact it offers a 7 day free trial Which means you don’t have to pay first instread check out the service for yourself and decide whether it’s the right thing for you or not.

Wizbot – find out who unfollowed you on Twitch for free

Having unfollow.io would be cool and it’s an amazing tool for professional steamers on twitch, however for those of us who just want to see their unfollowed list on Twitch, they can do so through the Wizbot.

Wizbot is an absolutely free service that offers a wide-range of features for Twitch users such as, chat analysis, twitch notifications, subscribers management etc. It won’t ask you for single dime.

One just have to create an account on twitch and link their twitch account. It won’t compromise your twitch channel in any way based on the many reviews on wizbot. Since some folks would like to know the setup process of Wizbot,. here’s a small and precise guide on it:

  • Go to the Wizbot offical website, scroll down a bit and click on the twitch logo.
  • A Second step Authorization will be required, after completing the first step, wizbot will redirect you to the twitch page where you can allow the Authorization.
  • Installation page will show up, simply select your language, country, and time zone, subsequently click on “install” button.
  • After successful installation, wizbot dashboard will be opened, where you Have to look For “Analyse” and click on it.
  • Select the “List of channel’s” and scroll down across the screen, click on “Unfollowers”.

There you are! Wasn’t that really doable? This is how you setup your account on wizbot and integrate your twitch account on it. Once you are done completing all these steps accordingly, i promise you will be able to see your ‘twitch unfollowed list” at no cost.

Why users follow and unfollow on twitch?

It’s super easy to understand why users follow anybody on twitch because they like the content and the types of streams coming through the channel, anyhow have you wondered what might be the reason as to why people are Unfollowing you on twitch? If not, do not freit since in this particular section we are going to be looking at some of the most common reasons people Unfollow on twitch. Do share if you find it useful

  • Proper engagement

There are various kinds of stream viewers; some are like regulars who only appreciate the gaming activity, while others prefer to communicate and participate in the chat section.

Sometimes channel’s get unfollowed on twitch because the hosts are not verbally or otherwise engaging with the audiences as much. So make sure there is a productive conversation going on.

  • Follow For Follow

Follow for follow is a strategy available on a varities of platform such as the Instagram, YouTube, twitch & more. A great number of channel’s fall prey to this trap thinking the followers will increase rapidly on their channel and whilst it is true the number will increase but in the end it is not real.

The reason being the constant Follower drop on Twitch since these people who do follow your channel will ultimately leave hoping it will go unnoticed. Sadly what they don’t realise is that pretty much everybody does that. Taking this as a background we’ll advise you not follow such tactics and really bring out some real useful content that is truly worth watching, that way you won’t have to worry as much vis a vis people Unfollowing you on Twitch.

  • Dissimilar content

Diversity is a good thing but when it comes to twitch followers, they often don’t like streams mixing up a bit too much or even little. For example imagine somebody who’s streaming unique and new games everyday, it’s great if they’re doing it for fun whereas if their end goal is to generate followers and revenues, it’d be better they focus on an exclusive game.

So make sure you do not change your niche as well as content as often. Furthermore asking your audiences as to what kind of content they are interested in would be a massive advantage.

  • Unhealthy chats – discussion

This is one of the most common rationalization vis-a-vis why people strike the Unfollow button on your twitch channel and streams.

All kinds of individuals will join your stream, of different races, colours, religion, places and it is your responsibility as well as an obligation to watch out for any racist, toxic comments or discussion regarding a certain set of people. Because if you don’t, other people will and they will Unfollow faster than flash. Therefore it is recommended you make a list of guidelines and see to it and when required, ban individuals accordingly.


Twitch is by far the most popular streaming platform, and it offers a wide range of features such as live chat, statistics tracking, and content discovery tools. And since there is a monetization option it becomes a sort of hotspot for gamer’s all over the World. However make not mistake, it is available for everyone who want exposure for their unique content.

In this article we discovered several things about the twitch program namely “What exactly is twitch platform” as well as “Why people Unfollow you on twitch” and finally yet importantly “How to check who unfollowed you on twitch or “How to find out who unfollowed you on twitch”. We hope you found this helpful and if you did, leave us a comment.

FAQs twitch unfollow list

q1. twitch unfollow notification

Do you wish to get all the “Twitch unfollow notifications” on your smartphone, pc etc? Read this article and follow the instructions.

q2. How do I see who I unfollowed on Twitch?

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q3. Can you track who unfollows you on Twitch?

Many people have had this question for a while now that is “Can you track who unfollows you on Twitch?” Well the answer is a positive one and it is a big fat yes. So if you do want to track who Unfollows you on Twitch or a “twitch Unfollow list” if you’d like, then do read this Post and follow the outlined steps.

q4. Can Twitch streamers see who unsubscribed?

Absolutely yeah! Twitch streamers can easily see who unsubscribed them on twitch through a set of steps. What are these steps though? Well to find that out you will need to read the article.

q5. Does Twitch randomly unfollow people?

This is not true, twitch does not randomly Unfollow people by its design. Unsubscribing or unfollowing on twitch can only be done via the user who Followed you in the first place.

q6. How do you check who followed you on Twitch?

Do you want to check who followed you on Twitch? If so, read this article and know how anybody can check who unfollowed them on twitch for free.

q7. How do you find out who’s following you on Twitch?

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q8. How to Mass Unfollow on Twitch?

Have you followed a ton of folks on your twitch account? Are you having troubles navigating through your twitch profile? Well mass unfollowing on twitch definately sounds like a good option.
Unfortunately that can’t be done so easily. Yes one can’t mass unfollow on twitch at once, there are no third party apps that helps you mass unfollow on twitch. therefore for now you are going to have to do it yourself one by one.

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