13 Gaming websites to Help You Learn Web Development

Learning web development can be hard, but if you’re willing to put the time and effort into it, you can develop the skills to become a successful web developer. The best way to learn web development isn’t through books or video tutorials alone—sometimes the best way to learn is by doing something new, which means learning through playing games.

While there’s no sure way to learn web development through games, there are some games out there that can help you develop the skills you need to be a successful web developer. 

Although there are no proven ways to learn web development through video games, many video game developers have attempted this in the past with varying degrees of success. And while you won’t necessarily be a successful web developer after spending hours in-game, there are some games out there that can help you develop skills that are key to being a successful web developer. So if you’re looking to develop the skills you need to be a successful web developer, check out these 13 gaming websites and see which ones work best for you!

What are web development games?

Web development games are online simulations that teach you the skills you need to be a successful web developer. These games are usually free and can be completed in a short amount of time. They offer an interactive way to learn through content, quizzes, and interactive tutorials.

Some of these sites provide video tutorials too. It’s important to note that these types of games won’t teach you how to code or give you all the skills necessary for web development, but they’re a good place to start if you want some help getting started with learning what it takes to be a web developer!

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The main benefit is they’re easy to pick up and put down as needed, so if you have 10 minutes to spare here and there, you can get some quick practice in. Keep reading for our list of 13 gaming websites that will help you learn web development (in no particular order).

How can playing web development games help you learn?

Playing web development games can help you develop the skills that are required for being a successful web developer. In addition, playing web development games might be more enjoyable than taking traditional courses. They provide instant feedback and encourage your competitive nature. If you’re looking for a fun way to learn web development, check out these 13 gaming websites where you can play games that will teach you about web design and programming.

What types of games are available to help teach web development?

There are a variety of games that can help you learn web development. Many of them involve puzzles, building, and strategy. Some also have tutorials that teach you how to code from scratch. One game has you take on the role of a penguin who needs to navigate through Antarctica by typing in commands like Move 10 steps north.

Another involves navigating your way through an ever-changing maze by clicking arrows. These games will teach you all the skills you need to know about web development, as well as provide some light entertainment.

What are the benefits of learning web development through games?

Web development is one of those careers that seems either too daunting or too boring. So many people think they have to go the traditional route and go to school for four years, but that’s not always necessary.

Learning web development through games can be a fun and engaging way to get your foot in the door and figure out if this is something you want to pursue. The benefits of learning web development through games are endless.

The benefits of learning web development through games are endless. It could introduce you to a career path, teach you new skills or just give you some time to unwind after work. It all depends on what type of game it is and what skills it wants to teach. Whether you’re looking for strategy, puzzle-solving or just straight up challenging gameplay, there’s an option out there for everyone.

  • Better retention of information.
  • More enjoyable and less stressful.
  • Provides a fun way to learn web development.
  • Allows you to take as much time as you need, on your own schedule.

here are some popular web development games?

CSS diner

A popular game for learning CSS is called CSS Diner. In this game, you are a chef and the restaurant owner wants you to make the food look good in order for it to sell. The game teaches you how use divs and css styles in HTML and then how to use these skills when creating your own website or web page.

Check IO

IO is a game that can teach you the basics of programming, and it’s an excellent place to start if you’re looking for a way to learn web development. IO has been around since 2007, when its creator Kyle Gabler had an idea for a new type of game in which players could create their own levels and share them with other players.


In order to solve the puzzle, it’s up to you and your knowledge of JavaScript code to figure out what needs to be done. This website has been designed as an online coding tutorial for kids, but adults can also use it by playing at their own pace.


In CodeCombat, you’ll start off by choosing a character from one of four classes (Knight, Mage, Rogue or Archer) and then enter the battlefield. You’ll be up against either the computer or another player in a quest to collect coins and save princesses while gaining experience points that will allow you to level up and gain new skills. The game includes over 100 quests and features more than 15 different types of enemies that get progressively harder as you advance in levels.

Coding game

CodinGame is an online multiplayer coding game that teaches you how to create software for a variety of programming languages. The game uses real coding techniques, so the skills you learn will be applicable in the real world. As a bonus, CodinGame provides code challenges and competitions so you can practice your coding skills against other developers around the world!


CSS Battle is a game where you have to help save the world by using CSS and HTML, and it’s a great place for beginners to learn some essential skills. In this game, you don’t actually interact with anything on the screen–you simply type in what you want the page to look like, making it a good starting point for someone who doesn’t know much about coding. It also has an enjoyable storyline that’ll keep you hooked from beginning to end!


A game that helps you learn how to use CSS grids is Css Grid Garden, a game where you have to plant different plants and trees in a grid on the screen. As time progresses, more rows of plants appear on the screen and you have to quickly find the best place for each plant. The goal of this game is for players to discover how CSS grids work and by completing levels, they can earn stars which unlock new levels.


This game, also known as Code-dojo, is a great way for beginners to learn how to code. Cyber-dojo is free and easy for anyone to use. Beginners can start by playing the tutorials in Cyber-dojo and then move on from there.

Flexbox defense

Flexbox is a powerful and confusing tool that can be used in web design. It’s powerful because it allows you to do things like decide which element should be the tallest on a page, or make a content area stretch across the entire screen. It’s confusing because its syntax is so weird and there are so many ways of making it work.

Flexbox froggy

One of the most popular web development tools is flexbox, which allows you to manipulate the position and size of elements on a webpage in order to create a responsive website. This game will help you learn how flexbox works by teaching you how to move frogs around in a grid so that they can eat bugs without running into each other or the edges of the screen.


In Screeps, players are given a plot of land and told they can do anything they want with it. The game begins by teaching players what programming concepts are necessary for gameplay, like loops and conditions.


I’ve been a web developer for over 10 years and I’m constantly learning new things. However, the most important thing you need to know is that there’s no sure way to learn web development through games. It’s important that you’re passionate about what you want to do and are willing to take the time and put in the effort it takes to get good at it.


You start out in a small room and must find your way out by solving puzzles based on the commands you know. With only w for walk and i for inventory, you’ll need to be careful not to get yourself into trouble. Make sure you save often!


Learning web development is a long and difficult process, but it’s easier if you have resources at your disposal. If you’re looking for a fun way to learn web development, check out some of the games on this list. There are no guarantees that playing these games will teach you how to code, but they can help give you skills that will be useful when building a website from scratch. Here are four sites with good coding games: Codecademy, CodeCombat, Code School, and Coderbyte.

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