Way with words Quiz transcription test answers 2022

Simply sitting at home and typing is one of the most practical options to earn money online. Yes, this is a transcription job that requires you to listen to audio files and properly convert them to text forms, or to listen to video files and precisely transcribe them to text formats.

This is not as straightforward as it appears, because Way with words has a variety of difficult questions, such as quizzes, research tests, and audio tests, and anyone unfamiliar with these elements will have a tough time cracking the Way With Words transcribing test answers. As a solution, we’ve decided to include the Way with words transcribing test answers for 2022, so you’ll never have to ask “How to pass Way with words test” again.

However, before we dive into all of the Way with words test answers, it’s necessary to understand a few fundamental concepts concerning Way with words. What is Way with words precisely? And whether or not it is legitimate, as well as how much money we can earn working at Way with words, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of Way with words.

What Is Way with words? Is Way with words legit? Way with words pro’s and cons

Way With Words was founded in 2002 and is a legitimate international audio to text service provider, delivering English language audio, video, and unique transcription services to thousands of customers worldwide.

Payments vary according to the number of minutes of audio you’ve transcribed; for example, if you’ve converted one minute of audio or video to text, you’ll earn between $0.45 and $1.73.

Assume that if you can transcribe 30 minutes of audio to text, you can easily earn $15 – $20 each day. which, to be honest, is good money. You can now work on it full-time or part-time, according to your own schedule. The quantity of money that can be earned varies significantly. You might earn even more money if you work longer hours. Payments are typically made monthly via PayPal.

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Way with words pros:

  • Earn money from home
  • You may work as much or as little as you wish.
  • Both lengthy and brief audio files are available.
  • If you’re a newcomer, Way with words also provides you with a team to help you learn some basic training
  • You will be paid on a monthly basis via PayPal.
  • Earn between $0.45 and $1.73 per minute of audio

Way with words cons:

  • Only the English language is supported, and it is also the official language of the United Kingdom.
  • Difficult exam to pass (That is why we created this post specifically for you.)

Way With Words Quiz Transcription Test Answers 2022

We have made two post on Way with words because there are too many questions & answers on Quiz section. Search Exam test answers are on another page so if you would like you can easily get there and and learn all the answers of search section.

It is true if you’d put your mind to it you can easily find the quiz answers for Way with words. Though doing so would take a while. And we are always looking for ways we can help you folks to make life easier. Here’s the proof :

Q1. Flowers that are bloom every two years.

  • a) binocular
  • b) binary
  • c) biennial
  • d) biannual

Q2. The fog was all around the town and threatened to completely_______the church.

  • a) envelop
  • b) engender
  • c) envelope
  • d) enslave

Q3. He was_______to admit it. but, once again, his friend was correct.

  • a) loathing
  • b) loth
  • c) loath
  • d) loathe

Q4. The student was able to _______ numerous examples to back up his argument.

  • a) cite
  • b) slight
  • c) sight
  • d) site

Q5. With the finishing line in sight, the cyclist was inspired to___faster, in an effort to win the race.

  • a) puddle
  • b) poodle
  • c) pedal
  • d) peddle

Q6. Warren considers it a to be alive.

  • a) privelege
  • b) privalege
  • c) privlege
  • d) privilege

Q7. Select the correct answer to complete the following sentence: The Boss, as well as several other_______of executives,_ our plan.

  • a) top-level, approve
  • b) top level, approves
  • c) top-level, approves
  • d) top level, approve

Q8. Linda was not___of the Situation and so she was not aware of the sale.

  • a) appraised
  • b) aprized
  • c) apprised
  • d) apraised

Q9. It’s best to _______ that your car is roadworthy.

  • a) ensure
  • b) assure
  • c) abjure
  • d) insure

Q10. Select the correctly punctuated sentence.

  • a) If your self-employed, its a
    whole new world out there.
  • b) If you’re selfemployed, it’s a
    whole new world out there.
  • c) If you’re self-employed, its a
    whole new world out there.
  • d) If you’re self-employed, it’s a
    whole new world out there.

Q11. A very critical person may be accused of being ________.

  • a) sensorial
  • b) censorious
  • c) sonorous
  • d) scenario

Q12. Communication is the key to_________bliss.

  • a) marital
  • b) marrytal
  • c) marshal
  • d) martial

Q13. After the old man had died the _______ to his estate argued over the terms of his will.

  • a) airs
  • b) heirs
  • c) hairs
  • d) ears

Q14. When they discovered that she was going to get married, Leigh’s friends decided too arrange a _______ shower for her.

  • a) brindle
  • b) bridal
  • c) bridle

Q15. Fill in the blanks in the following sentence:

Because the building _______ was so dusty,

it affected Stephanie’s _______

Answer: Site/Sight

Q16. A small change in the weather is generally regarded as a minor event.

  • a) categorical
  • b) climatctic
  • c) climax
  • d) climatic

Q17. The tourists _________ Over the travel cataloguest.

  • a) categorical
  • b) climatctic
  • c) climax
  • d) climatic

Q18. Is the following sentence correct or incorrect? As I walked passed the post office I was stung by a bee.

  • a) Correct
  • b) incorrect

Q19. Before elections, political parties votes from the public.

  • a) canvass
  • b) caucus
  • c) canvas

Q20. Leigh’s dog was so excited it chased __ tail.

  • a) it’s’
  • b) its
  • c) its’
  • d) it’s

Q21. Liquorice Allsorts have ___ of different colours.

  • a) alot
  • b) allot
  • c) a lot’
  • d) allott

Q22. Thomas was known as a ________ player because he would never give up.

  • a) dodgy
  • b) doughty
  • c) doughy
  • d) dowdy

Q23. When the school rules are explained, children are told what is and what is not.

  • a) aloud
  • b) allayed
  • c) allowed

Q24. The roof of the mouth is commonly referred to as the

  • a) pallet
  • b) palate
  • c) pallette
  • d) palette

Q25. Which word conveys impartiality?

  • a) ininterested
  • b) not interested
  • c) Inattentive
  • d) uninterested
  • E) disinterested

Q26. She was looking forward to the next _ because she had been told that it was going to be chocolate mousse, which was her favourite dessert.

  • a) Curse
  • b) Coarse
  • c) Course
  • d) Cursor

Q27. A mirage in the desert is commonly described as an optical.

  • a) elision
  • b) illusion
  • c) allusion
  • d) elusion

Q28. Select the Correctly punctuated sentence.

  • a) Stuart is a good typist, moreover, he is a very fast one.
  • b) Stuart is a good typist. Moreover he is a very fast one.
  • c) Stuart is a good typist moreover, he is a very fast one.
  • d) Stuart is a good typist. Moreover, he is a very fast one.

Q29. Fill in the blanks in the following sentence: Mary wondered________ her black trousers _________.

Select from the following: were/where/ wear/weir. Separate your answers with a comma

  • Answer: where, were

Q30. The fact that the team lost its first match did well for not the rest of the season.

  • a) augment
  • b) august
  • c) auger
  • d) augur

Q31. The psychologist was asked for her on dealing with the patient’s anxieties.

  • a) advise
  • b) revise
  • c) concise
  • d) advice

Q32. Lucy made a note of her appointment with the doctor in her ________ so that she her wouldn’t forget it.

  • a) dowry
  • b) diary
  • c) dairy
  • d) dearie

Q33. And now, “Happy Birthday, Mr President!”

  • a) altogethere
  • b) all together
  • c) alltogether
  • d) altogether

Q34. Jenny typed five words than her colleague in the typing test.

  • a) lower
  • b) fewer
  • c) lesser

Q35. Fill in the blanks in the following sentence: Dealing in _ harsh substances will _________ sentences from the legal system.

Select from the following words: illicit/ ilicit / e-licit/ elicit.

Separate your answers witha comma.

  • Answer: illicit, elicit

Q36. Is the following sentence correct or incorrect? His wedding ring was 14-carrot gold.

  • a) correct
  • b) incorrect

Q37. After being in captivity for several weeks, the lion was let _______ once more into the plains.

  • a) lost
  • b) loosened
  • c) loose
  • d) lose

Q38. Clever preparations________ success.

  • a) ensure
  • b) assure
  • c) abjure
  • d) insure

Q39. The judge informed the prisoner that the latter would have to serve two life sentences ________, explaining that they would not run at the same time but one after the other.

  • a) Convex
  • b) Concurrent
  • c) Consecutive
  • d) congruent

Q40. The _________ teenage girls were having far ________ much fun to realise they were supposed_ get _______ biology class!

  • a) two; too; to; to
  • b) too; two; to; to
  • c) to; to; two; too
  • d) two; to; too; too

Q41. The weather in the south of France was particularly _______ for that time of year.

  • a) brassy
  • b) barmy
  • c) bulky
  • d) balmy

Q42. The bewildering ending to the play left John ________ and unable to decide whether or not he had found the experience entertaining.

  • a) defused
  • b) mused
  • c) amused
  • d) bemused

Q43. When going to a dinner party, the duchess always pinned her favourite _________ to her dress.

  • a) roach
  • b) broach
  • c) loach
  • d) brooch

Q44. He could not __the temptation to speak the truth about his feelings, regardless of the consequences.

  • a) furlong
  • b) forward
  • c) forebear
  • d) forbear

Q45. The plaintiff ________ to the defendant’s plea on the grounds that it did not disclose a defence.

  • a) accepted
  • b) excepted
  • c) exceeded
  • d) excluded

Q46. The permit allowed the plumber to gain _________ to the building.

  • a) egress
  • b) except
  • c) access
  • d) accept
  • E) excess

Q47. John enjoyed the party and found the company of his friends to be quite _________.

  • a) congenial
  • b) congestive
  • c) conjugated
  • d) congenital

Q48. Although considered a vegetable _________ are fruit.

  • a) tommatoes
  • b) tommatos
  • c) tomatoes
  • d) tomatos

Q49. The _________ of the school was Mr Smith.

  • a) principality
  • b) principal
  • c) principle

Q50. An exotic weekend in Bali would be too expensive for the Brady family.

  • a) altogether
  • b) all together
  • c) alltogether
  • d) altogethere

Q51. By introducing the bill, the opposition party sought to erect a change in the Constitution.

  • a) affect
  • b) erect
  • c) effect
  • d) elate

Q52. The key ________ for success as a writer of science fiction is to have imagination.

  • a) criterion
  • b) critique
  • c) criteria
  • d) criticism

Q53. After many years of waging war on one another, the two countries declared peace and it was acknowledged As a truly historic occasion

  • a) histrionic
  • b) hysterical
  • c) historic
  • d) historical

Q54. The factory is working at present with a full complement of staff.

  • a) competent
  • b) condiment
  • c) compliment
  • d) complement

Q55. It was claimed that she had __ the conditions of the agreement by not adhering to the restraint of trade clause.

  • a) beached
  • b) breached
  • c) broached
  • d) breeched

Q56. Punctuate the following sentence: Although the lazy incompetent worker hid it well everyone knew he had been reprimanded

Answer: Although the lazy, incompetent worker hid it well, everyone knew he had been reprimanded

Q57. Fill in the blanks in the following

sentence: Dianne’s Dog’s collar was___

so she had to make it slightly tighter so that she did not  it.

Select from the following words: lose/ loose / loos / lost.

Separate your answers with a comma.

  • Answer: Loose, Lose

Q58. An Asterisk is generally used as a wild card.

  • a) asturisk
  • b) asteriks
  • c) asterix
  • d) asterisk

Q59. Mary and Kate are twins it’s hard to Sometimes tell the difference between the two.

  • a) is
  • b) it’s
  • c) was
  • d) its

Q60. Select the correctly punctuated sentence

  • a) That cute girl, Sarahs daughter is this month’s winner.
  • b) That cute girl Sarah’s daughter, is this month’s winner
  • c) That cute girl, Sarah’s daughter, is this month’s winner.
  • d) That cute girl, Sarah’s daughter, is this months winner.

Q61. Punctuate the following compo und sentence: I do not have a car I prefer to move myself around in something that weighs less than a house

  • Answer: I do not have a car. I prefer to move myself around in something that weighs less than a house.

Q62. When the skydiver jumped from the aeroplane, his ___ to the earth was quick.

  • a) descant
  • b) decent 
  • c) descent
  • d) dissent

Q63. The murder was described in Grisly detail for the benefit of the jury.

  • a) grizzled
  • b) grisly
  • c) grizzly
  • d) gristle

Q64. Nelson Mandela has been one of my idols since 1 was a child.

  • a) ideals
  • b) idels
  • c) idles
  • d) idols

Q65. Once the injured man had been Given oxygen by the paramedics he was able to breathe again.

  • a) breeze
  • b) breathe
  • c) breadth
  • d) breath

Q66. Is the following sentence correct or incorrect? Wheat is the most common serial crop grown in lowa.

  • a) Correct
  • b) incorrect

Q67. The purity of gold is measured in_________.

  • a) carats
  • b) carpets
  • c) carets
  • d) carrots

Q68. The gathering clouds signified that a storm was _________.

  • a) Impudent
  • b) imminent
  • c) emanant
  • d) eminent

Q69. The psychiatrist stated that his patient’s behaviour was extremely________

  • a) barrier
  • b) bizarre
  • c) busker
  • d) eminent

Q70. The artist used almost every colour in his to complete the picture.

  • a) palladium
  • b) palette
  • c) pallet
  • d) palate

Q71. Anne’s Conscience bothered her until she made amends.

  • a) Conshence
  • b) conscience
  • c) Consience
  • d) Conscious

Q72. The audience waited with Bated breath for the soprano to reach the high note.

  • a) baited
  • b) bated
  • c) booted
  • d) boated

Q73. Punctuate the following sentence: now to finish off we would like to introduce one las thing

  • Answer: now to finish off, we would like to introduce one last thing.

Q74. The marshal directed the runners around the course.

  • a) marshal
  • b) marshel
  • c) marshall
  • d) martial

Q75. When James indicated that he wanted to speak to his wife privately, his mother discreetly left the room.

  • a) discreetly
  • b) discretely
  • c) disturbingly

Q76. Because of what was said, The CEO decided to sue the company for ________.

  • a) libel
  • b) liable
  • c) lible
  • d) liabel

Q77. The 18th century cannon was fired only on ceremonial Occasions.

  • a) cantaloupe
  • b) canteen
  • c) cannon
  • d) canon

Q78. Known for his decadent, self-indulgent behaviour, Keith was considered as having ___lifestyle.

  • a) desolate
  • b) disparate
  • c) dissolute
  • d) resolute

Q79. Is the following sentence correct or incorrect? A strong character cannot be taught; it’s in the genes.

  • a) correct
  • b) Incorrect

Q80. Upon hearing that her daughter was getting married and moving to another town, the Woman was alternately happy and sad.

  • a) alternatively
  • b) alternated
  • C) alternately
  • D) alternator

Q81. Maid Marion is regarded as the Heroine of the Robin Hood tales.

  • a) heroin
  • b) heiress
  • C) heroine

Q82. Fill in the blanks in the following sentence: The Council for the defence was asked to approach the bench during the tense trial of a serial killer.

Select from the following words: council/

Counsel / serial / cereal. Separate your

answers with a comma.

Answer: council, serial 

Q83. Punctuate the following sentence: way with words which has been around for over a decade is an awesome transcription company

Answer: way with words, which has been around for over a decade, is an awesome transcription company.

Q84. The husband and wife could never settle an __________

  • a) agrement
  • b) arguement
  • c) agriement
  • d) argument

Q85. Is the following sentence corrector incorrect? We have to find the person who’s wallet this this.

  • a) Correct
  • b) incorrect

Q86. The boy found himself in hot water because he had ignored the wise of his father.

  • a) counsellor
  • b) counsel
  • C) council
  • D) consul

Q87. Robyn was caught pranking her colleague, Michelle. She laughed, but said she would _________ the Consequences of her actions.

  • a) accept
  • b) except
  • C) expect
  • D) accent

Q88. Fill in the blanks in the following sentence: Cheryl is a _________ traveller, but becomes very agitated during a plane’s __________.

Select from the following words: descent/

dissent/ decent / decient. Separate your

answers with a comma.

  • Answer: decent, descent

Q89. One who is smug and self-satisfied can be accused of being

  • a) Compliant
  • b) Complaisant
  • c) compliment
  • d) complacent

Q90.Although he seemed nonchalant, he was __________ by her deeply cruel words.

  • a) affianced
  • b) afforded
  • c) affected
  • d) effected

Q91. Punctuate the following compound sentence: I do not have a car I prefer to move myself around in something that weighs less than a house

  • Answer: I do not have a car. I prefer to move myself around in something that weighs less than a house.

Q92. The climbers’ ___ of the mountain was inhibited by heavy snow and poor light.

  • a) assent
  • b) accent
  • c) ascent
  • d) aspen

Q93. Is the following sentence correct or incorrect? The road was lined with fur trees.

  • a) correct
  • b) incorrect

Q94. When asked if he agreed with the new legislation, the prime minister nodded his,

  • a) ascent
  • b) assent
  • c) accent
  • d) absence

Q95. In a turn _________ of events, the the rank outsider won the race

  • a) bestir
  • b) bistro
  • c) bizarre
  • d) bazar

Q96. John was ________ at side stepping the questions that were put to him.

  • a) adapt
  • b) adept
  • c) adopt
  • d) advent

Q97. In Singapore, littering is _______ and can result in a heavy fine

  • a) prescribed
  • b) proscribed
  • c) described
  • d) ascribed

Q98. After the football match a __ of spectators quickly left the stadium

  • a) heard
  • b) horde
  • c) hoard
  • d) hared

Q99. The train stopped next to the platform and remained stationary for half an hour.

  • a) statistical
  • b) stationary
  • c) statutory
  • d) stationery

Hallelujah! You passed way with words Quiz test in a really short time. If you have any questions or new questions have come up, do let us know either by commenting below or joining our telegram channel.

How do I pass Way with words audio test answers?

Do you want to quickly pass the Way with words audio test? If you do, you should definitely apply the approach I’m about to demonstrate here, as it will significantly speed up your procedure. If you truly want to pass the Way with words audio exam, you must carefully follow the necessary steps:

STEP 1 : First, Download Way With Words Test Audios Via Chrome Browser Using Extenstion, Like This One: Audio Downloader

STEP 2 : After Downloading The Audio, Browse To Otter And Create An Account

STEP 3 : To Correct The Remaining 4% Of The Transcription, You Must Make Some Changes To The Transcription Yourself, Which Is Quite Simple Because You Understand The Context Of The Audio And The Otter AI Does Not.

STEP 4 : Continue This Process All Over Again And You Will Have Answers To All Of The Way With Words Audio Test Questions. Earn Some Cold Hard Cash.

I hope this information was beneficial to you and that it enables you to pass the way with words transcribing test. Please notify us in the comment section if any new questions are added, and we will update this list of quiz test answers. We believe that if you execute all of these instructions correctly, you will begin earning money rather quickly. Good day.

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