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    Simply sitting at home and typing is one of the most practical options to earn money online. Yes, this is a transcription job that requires you to listen to audio files and properly convert them to text forms, or to listen to video files and precisely transcribe them to text formats.

    This is not as straightforward as it appears, because Way with words has a variety of difficult questions, such as quizzes, research tests, and audio tests, and anyone unfamiliar with these elements will have a tough time cracking the Way With Words transcribing test answers. As a solution, we’ve decided to include the Way with words transcribing test answers for 2022, so you’ll never have to ask “How to pass Way with words test” again.

    However, before we dive into all of the Way with words test answers, it’s necessary to understand a few fundamental concepts concerning Way with words. What is Way with words precisely? And whether or not it is legitimate, as well as how much money we can earn working at Way with words, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of Way with words.

    What Is Way with words? Is Way with words legit? Way with words pro's and cons

    Way With Words was founded in 2002 and is a legitimate international audio to text service provider, delivering English language audio, video, and unique transcription services to thousands of customers worldwide.

    Payments vary according to the number of minutes of audio you’ve transcribed; for example, if you’ve converted one minute of audio or video to text, you’ll earn between $0.45 and $1.73.

    Assume that if you can transcribe 30 minutes of audio to text, you can easily earn $15 – $20 each day. which, to be honest, is good money. You can now work on it full-time or part-time, according to your own schedule. The quantity of money that can be earned varies significantly. You might earn even more money if you work longer hours. Payments are typically made monthly via PayPal.

    Way with words pros:

    • Earn money from home

    • You may work as much or as little as you wish.

    • Both lengthy and brief audio files are available.

    • If you're a newcomer, Way with words also provides you with a team to help you learn some basic training

    • You will be paid on a monthly basis via PayPal.

    • Earn between $0.45 and $1.73 per minute of audio

    Way with words cons:

    • Only the English language is supported, and it is also the official language of the United Kingdom.

    • Difficult exam to pass (That is why we created this post specifically for you.)

    Way With Words Quiz Transcription Test Answers 2022

    We have made two post on Way with words because there are too many questions & answers on Quiz section. Search Exam test answers are on another page so if you would like you can easily get there and and learn all the answers of search section.

    It is true if you’d put your mind to it you can easily find the quiz answers for Way with words. Though doing so would take a while. And we are always looking for ways we can help you folks to make life easier. Here’s the proof :

    a) binocular
    b) binary
    c) biennial
    d) biannual

    a) envelop
    b) engender
    c) envelope
    d) enslave

    a) loathing
    b) loth
    c) loath
    d) loathe

    a) cite
    b) slight
    c) sight
    d) site

    a) puddle
    b) poodle
    c) pedal
    d) peddle

    a) privelege
    b) privalege
    c) privlege
    d) privilege

    a) top-level, approve
    b) top level, approves
    c) top-level, approves
    d) top level, approve

    a) appraised
    b) aprized
    c) apprised
    d) apraised

    a) ensure
    b) assure
    c) abjure
    d) insure

    a) If your self-employed, its a
    whole new world out there.

    b) If you're selfemployed, it's a
    whole new world out there.

    c) If you're self-employed, its a
    whole new world out there.

    d) If you're self-employed, it's a
    whole new world out there.

    a) sensorial

    b) censorious

    c) sonorous

    d) scenario

    a) marital

    b) marrytal

    c) marshal

    d) martial

    a) airs

    b) heirs

    c) hairs

    d) ears

    a) brindle

    b) bridal

    c) bridle

    Because the building _______ was so dusty,

    it affected Stephanie's _______

    Answer: Site/Sight

    a) categorical

    b) climatctic

    c) climax

    d) climatic

    a) categorical

    b) climatctic

    c) climax

    d) climatic

    a) Correct

    b) incorrect

    a) canvass

    b) caucus

    c) canvas

    a) it's'

    b) its

    c) its'

    d) it's

    a) alot

    b) allot

    c) a lot'

    d) allott

    a) dodgy

    b) doughty

    c) doughy

    d) dowdy

    a) aloud

    b) allayed

    c) allowed

    a) pallet

    b) palate

    c) pallette

    d) palette

    a) ininterested

    b) not interested

    c) Inattentive

    d) uninterested

    E) disinterested

    a) Curse

    b) Coarse

    c) Course

    d) Cursor

    a) elision

    b) illusion

    c) allusion

    d) elusion

    a) Stuart is a good typist, moreover, he is a very fast one.

    b) Stuart is a good typist. Moreover he is a very fast one.

    c) Stuart is a good typist moreover, he is a very fast one.

    d) Stuart is a good typist. Moreover, he is a very fast one.

    Select from the following: were/where/ wear/weir. Separate your answers with a comma

    Answer: where, were

    a) augment

    b) august

    c) auger

    d) augur

    a) advise

    b) revise

    c) concise

    d) advice

    a) dowry

    b) diary

    c) dairy

    d) dearie

    a) altogethere

    b) all together

    c) alltogether

    d) altogether

    a) lower

    b) fewer

    c) lesser

    Select from the following words: illicit/ ilicit / e-licit/ elicit.

    Separate your answers witha comma.

    Answer: illicit, elicit

    a) correct

    b) incorrect

    a) lost

    b) loosened

    c) loose

    d) lose

    a) ensure

    b) assure

    c) abjure

    d) insure

    a) Convex

    b) Concurrent

    c) Consecutive

    d) congruent

    a) two; too; to; to

    b) too; two; to; to

    c) to; to; two; too

    d) two; to; too; too

    a) brassy

    b) barmy

    c) bulky

    d) balmy

    a) defused

    b) mused

    c) amused

    d) bemused

    a) roach

    b) broach

    c) loach

    d) brooch

    a) furlong

    b) forward

    c) forebear

    d) forbear

    a) accepted

    b) excepted

    c) exceeded

    d) excluded

    a) egress

    b) except

    c) access

    d) accept

    E) excess

    a) congenial

    b) congestive

    c) conjugated

    d) congenital

    a) tommatoes

    b) tommatos

    c) tomatoes

    d) tomatos

    a) principality

    b) principal

    c) principle

    a) altogether

    b) all together

    c) alltogether

    d) altogethere

    a) affect

    b) erect

    c) effect

    d) elate

    a) criterion

    b) critique

    c) criteria

    d) criticism

    a) histrionic

    b) hysterical

    c) historic

    d) historical

    a) competent

    b) condiment

    c) compliment

    d) complement

    a) beached

    b) breached

    c) broached

    d) breeched

    Answer: Although the lazy, incompetent worker hid it well, everyone knew he had been reprimanded

    sentence: Dianne's Dog's collar was___

    so she had to make it slightly tighter so that she did not  it.

    Select from the following words: lose/ loose / loos / lost.

    Separate your answers with a comma.

    Answer: Loose, Lose

    a) asturisk

    b) asteriks

    c) asterix

    d) asterisk

    a) is

    b) it's

    c) was

    d) its

    a) That cute girl, Sarahs daughter is this month's winner.

    b) That cute girl Sarah's daughter, is this month's winner

    c) That cute girl, Sarah's daughter, is this month's winner.

    d) That cute girl, Sarah's daughter, is this months winner.

    Answer: I do not have a car. I prefer to move myself around in something that weighs less than a house.

    a) descant

    b) decent 

    c) descent

    d) dissent


    a) grizzled

    b) grisly

    c) grizzly

    d) gristle

    a) ideals

    b) idels

    c) idles

    d) idols

    a) breeze

    b) breathe

    c) breadth

    d) breath

    a) Correct

    b) incorrect

    a) carats

    b) carpets

    c) carets

    d) carrots

    a) Impudent

    b) imminent

    c) emanant

    d) eminent

    a) barrier

    b) bizarre

    c) busker

    d) eminent

    a) palladium

    b) palette

    c) pallet

    d) palate

    a) Conshence

    b) conscience

    c) Consience

    d) Conscious

    a) baited

    b) bated

    c) booted

    d) boated

    Answer: now to finish off, we would like to introduce one last thing.

    a) marshal

    b) marshel

    c) marshall

    d) martial

    a) discreetly

    b) discretely

    c) disturbingly

    a) libel

    b) liable

    c) lible

    d) liabel

    a) cantaloupe

    b) canteen

    c) cannon

    d) canon

    a) desolate

    b) disparate

    c) dissolute

    d) resolute

    a) correct

    b) Incorrect

    a) alternatively

    b) alternated

    C) alternately

    D) alternator

    a) heroin

    b) heiress

    C) heroine

    Select from the following words: council/

    Counsel / serial / cereal. Separate your

    answers with a comma.

    Answer: council, serial 

    Answer: way with words, which has been around for over a decade, is an awesome transcription company.

    a) agrement

    b) arguement

    c) agriement

    d) argument

    a) Correct

    b) incorrect

    a) counsellor

    b) counsel

    C) council

    D) consul

    a) accept

    b) except

    C) expect

    D) accent

    Select from the following words: descent/

    dissent/ decent / decient. Separate your

    answers with a comma.

    Answer: decent, descent

    a) Compliant

    b) Complaisant

    c) compliment

    d) complacent

    a) affianced

    b) afforded

    c) affected

    d) effected

    Answer: I do not have a car. I prefer to move myself around in something that weighs less than a house.

    a) assent

    b) accent

    c) ascent

    d) aspen

    a) correct

    b) incorrect

    a) ascent

    b) assent

    c) accent

    d) absence

    a) bestir

    b) bistro

    c) bizarre


    a) adapt

    b) adept

    c) adopt

    d) advent

    a) prescribed

    b) proscribed

    c) described

    d) ascribed

    a) heard

    b) horde

    c) hoard

    d) hared

    a) statistical

    b) stationary

    c) statutory

    d) stationery

    Hallelujah! You passed way with words Quiz test in a really short time. If you have any questions or new questions have come up, do let us know either by commenting below or joining our telegram channel.

    How do I pass Way with words audio test answers?

    Do you want to quickly pass the Way with words audio test? If you do, you should definitely apply the approach I’m about to demonstrate here, as it will significantly speed up your procedure. If you truly want to pass the Way with words audio exam, you must carefully follow the necessary steps:

    STEP 1

    First, Download way with words test audios via Chrome browser using extenstion, like this one: Audio downloader

    STEP 2

    After downloading the audio, browse to otter and create an account

    STEP 3

    To correct the remaining 4% of the transcription, you must make some changes to the transcription yourself, which is quite simple because you understand the context of the audio and the otter AI does not.

    STEP 4

    Continue this process all over again and you will have answers to all of the way with words audio test questions. Earn some cold hard cash.

    I hope this information was beneficial to you and that it enables you to pass the way with words transcribing test. Please notify us in the comment section if any new questions are added, and we will update this list of quiz test answers. We believe that if you execute all of these instructions correctly, you will begin earning money rather quickly. Good day.



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