The trove alternatives—the best 10 trove alternatives in 2023

The used to be one of the best online ebook platforms for accessing and downloading paid electronic books for free.

Until in 2016, it was shut down because of its massive library of pirated ebooks that had resulted in the loss of thousands of publishers. While we are completely sympathetic to the cause and understand what happened and why it happened, we just simply cannot ignore the other side of the people, who in turn lost their only source of free ebooks.

Keep your chin up, though, because in this article we have brought to you an amazing hack, the trove alternatives! Furthermore, to leave no stone unturned, we have included in this article 10 different alternatives for the trove in 2023. Which means this list of the best trove alternatives has been freshly produced and will work for sure.

What is What happened to the trove?

TheTrove was basically an online library of ebooks that you could read without having to pay the price of purchasing them outright. Whether you’re looking for romance, mystery, sci-fi, or any other kind of book imaginable, you could find it in The Trove and download it right away! It was like an endless source of free books, and there was no better way to get through your reading list!

The trove began as a non-profit free ebook website in 2008 and has since attracted thousands of devoted readers from all over the world. Unfortunately, because of its rising popularity, it caught the attention of various e-book publishing corporations, who ultimately played a significant role in its demise. The outcome of numerous legal proceedings was to cease and desist the online platform in 2016.

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What are the best trove alternatives in 2023? The trove alternatives

We share your frustration about the demise of an astounding platform that assisted millions of people with their book journey when there was no other way to access those books for free.

Fortunately, after much research, we have scraped together a list of the trove alternatives. They are by far the top online platforms that, like the trove, offer thousands, if not millions, of paid ebooks for free.

1. Z Library: The trove alternatives in 2023

Z-Library, Created In 2009, Proclaims To Be The World’s Largest Book Collection Store. It’s where you’ll get the e-books that are not freely available.

It’s been listed as one of the best trove alternatives because of its compilation of massive ebook collections that range in millions, just like the

At Z-Library, You Can Download Tens Of Thousands Of Books In Pdf Format With A Single Click. It’s completely safe to use, and you can find and download almost any ebook for free.

2. Internet Archive: The trove alternatives in 2023

You May Be Familiar With This One Because It Provides A Wide Range Of Services, Including Websites, Software Applications, Games, Music, Movies, Videos, And Millions Of Ebooks In PDF And Other Formats.

On the basis of electronic books that go well beyond 2 million, the internet archive can be considered a good alternative for the trove.

The Internet Archive Is Really A Comprehensive Library For Millions Of Ebooks Available In Many Formats, And If You Do Not Have The Capacity For Storage, You Can Even Read Paid Ebooks For Free Online At The Internet Archive.

3. Project gutenburg: The trove alternatives in 2023

Project Gutenberg was founded in 1971 by Michael Hart and is America’s oldest digital library and archive of public domain books and literature. 

Project Gutenberg has more than 60,000 free ebooks that can be downloaded in HTML or Mobi/Kindle formats. It also has thousands of free audio books and drama recordings that can be downloaded as MP3 files.

Each Project Gutenberg book is tagged with metadata that allows you to search by author, title, subject, and other relevant factors, so if you know what you’re looking for (or just have a hunch), it’s easy to find exactly what you need.

The best thing about Project Gutenberg is its library of free ebooks that are legally available there to access and download, making it a perfect alternative to the trove. 

4. Library genesis: The trove alternatives in 2023

Library Genesis, like, is a shadow website that offers millions of free e-books as well as other content such as essays, academic and general-interest books, photographs, comics, audiobooks, and journals.

Although Much Of The Content On This Site Is Copyrighted, And Based On Piracy, Keep In Mind That It Is Completely Safe To Use And Reasonably Simple To Navigate. We believe that this should be included among the trove alternatives in 2023 because of the fact that it has so much potential to grow as a free ebook platform.

5. The open library: The trove alternatives in 2023

Open Library, which was established in 2006, is a long-standing provider of online ebooks. Since its inception, it has offered free e-books on its website. They have one goal: “To Create A Webpage For Every Book Ever Published.” They haven’t failed at their goal, as they have published an astounding 1.4 million free e-books that are available to you.

To read free electronic books, one does not need to create an account on the open library; they can simply go ahead and start reading or downloading hundreds of thousands of free ebooks. A quality that makes it so much similar to the throve and hence it can be served as a trove alternatives for ebook readers. 

6. Bookbub: The trove alternatives in 2023

Bookbub is one of the best eBook sites on the web today, and you can use it to read virtually any book ever written with just a few clicks of your mouse. Whether you’re an avid reader or have never picked up a novel in your life, Bookbub makes it easy to find something that interests you and download it straight to your electronic device. You can even choose between eBooks, audiobooks, or both! 

Even the name “open library” comes from the fact that it is accessible to everyone. Furthermore, one has the ability to enlist or donate their own books to the open library, which is probably the reason why the open library is growing so rapidly in the world today. However, the thing that makes it a trove alternative is not all these things; it is the simple interface that it offers to all its users that makes it a perfect trove alternative in 2023.

7. BookGuru: The trove alternatives in 2023

We are all lifelong learners, and you will certainly agree with me that everyone needs a guru in their life. Here I Present To You The BookGuru, A Free Ebook Download Website, Which Will Enable You To Browse All Kinds Of Free Ebooks, Mostly Textbooks, Like Business; Computer; Engineering; Health Science; Social Science; Law; & Trust Me, Way More

Because of its wide selection of textbooks, BookGuru has earned itself a place in the trove alternatives for 2023. It’s highly beneficial for school, college, and university students.

8. LibriVox: The trove alternatives in 2023

The LibriVox project offers thousands of free audio books, recorded by volunteers who want to preserve literature in the public domain and share their love of literature with the world. These audiobooks are available online for free in both MP3 and OGG formats, so that you can listen on any device you like. Whether you want to listen to an old classic or discover new material from modern authors, LibriVox has what you need to get started listening to audiobooks online for free.

LibriVix was founded in 2006, and since then it has managed to gather well over 150,000 audiobooks for the general public. Moreover, all the audiobooks available on LibriVox are under the creative license, meaning when you access them, it is totally legal and legit. You’re not pirating, essentially. 

So, if you are looking for a trove alternative that is audiobook-based, I would say go for LibriVox.

The trove alternatives for gaming in 2023

It is true that was a massive library for electronic books, but did you know the trove also had a large collection of tabletop RPGs games.

A tabletop RPG is a role-playing game in which players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting. Players typically collaborate to tell a story, with each player taking on the role of one or more protagonists. The game is usually governed by a set of rules, which players use to determine their actions and resolve conflicts.

Trove had many popular RPG’s games design materials like the dragons and dungeon, Monster Hunter: World, Final Fantasy, etc. One could download these materials and print them out in order to play in the real world. Unfortunately, the trove was shut down, and everybody lost access to those RPG game materials. In this section, we have listed an index of the trove alternatives for rpg gaming in 2023.


When searching for games to play with friends, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices out there. Since so many options exist, it’s important to have a go-to place that gives you everything you need in one convenient place—and that’s where RPGGeek comes in! The site takes care of all the legwork and provides everything you need to know in order to pick games, organise games, and chat with other gamers.

From reviews of the newest games to top ten lists of bestsellers, you’ll find it all here in abundance! RPGgeek has been named the best trove alternative in 2023 due to its dominance over tabletop gaming information, etc.


It’s a collection of the most useful information about role-playing games (RPGs) and gaming in general in one place. Whether you’re an RPG fan or not, and whether you’re looking to play or create RPGs, RPGBOT can help you learn all there is to know about RPGs and gaming alike-with articles on how to create your own role-playing games, how to choose the best tabletop RPG games, and many more!

The RPGBOT is also a hub for the rpg game Dungeons and Dragons. It contains several D&D instruments and materials that are highly sophisticated and useful for D&D players. In terms of RPGs, we can safely say that RPGBOT can be a good alternative to the trove.


It’s no secret that eBooks are on the rise, and they’re not just taking over the literary world—they’re completely changing it. More and more people are turning to eBooks instead of physical books, whether they want to save space in their home or avoid printing costs altogether. These days, it’s hard to find a bookstore that doesn’t offer an eBook option alongside their print offerings, and the largest online retailers sell millions of dollars’ worth of digital reading material every single day. was such a platform for individuals who did not have enough money to afford such high-priced books. We commend the trove for its invaluable efforts to provide thousands of people with the opportunity to read their favourite ebooks for free. For better or worse, it is no longer available, and we hope you enjoyed all of the new trove alternatives we provided in this article. 

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