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The Most Effective Geolocation API For Your Web App


One of today’s most underappreciated yet beneficial inventions has to be geolocation. The effect it has had on our daily personal and professional life is beyond what words can express. Geolocation has evolved into an essential element of our daily lives, from finding nearby restaurants to monitoring misplaced devices.

The technique by which a radar source, cell network, or internet-connected device’s geographic location can be determined is known as geolocation. A device with an internet connection can use a technology called an IP Geolocation API to determine its actual location.

An analysis of IP address geolocation API

Numerous web-based use cases make extensive use of IP geolocation services. The top 5 IP geolocation APIs for web designers are shown below.

1) ipstack (Recommended)

For SMBs and large organizations, the finest Real-Time IP to Geolocation API is ipstack. The fact that Ipstack’s data is split into five essential parts helps it take the top spot on this list. The location module from ipstack enables you to create a user experience that is personalized to the location of your website visitors, set geographic limitations, and optimize adverts.


  • Extensive documentation for the API.
  • Security fit for a bank.
  • Results in XML and JSON delivery.
  • Manages daily API requests in excess of a billion.
  • Over 25ms in reaction time on average.
  • Accurate data accumulation throughout time.


  • Nothing noteworthy


  • Free for 100 requests
  • Basic Plan – $9.99/month for 50,000 requests per month
  • Professional – $49.99/month for 500,000 requests per month
  • Professional Plus Plan – $99.99 for 2000,000 requests per month.

2) Abstract API

Excellent uptime and technical help are the best. Abstract API is straightforward to use and set up because of its good documentation, numerous thorough libraries, and tutorials. They are able to provide you with data that is continuously accurate because of their collaboration with numerous ISPs throughout the globe. Both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are covered by their geolocation datasets.


  • Comprehensive support materials and documentation.
  • Updates to the data.
  • worldwide exposure
  • Included with the location are the time zone, the national flag, and other information.
  • Bank-level protection.
  • Allows for CSV upload.


  • Lengthy reply times for raised questions have drawn criticism.


  • Free – 20,000 requests
  • Starter Plan – $9/month for 200,000 requests
  • Pro Plan – $49/month for 1,500,000 requests
  • Pro Plus – $499/month for 20,000,000 requests

3) Maxmind

Best for detecting fraud. The IP geolocation, as well as proxy detection services offered by Maxmind, are well-known. You can trust that the information offered by Maxmind is always reliable because their GeoIP database is revised once a week.


  • Reliable databases for cities and nations.
  • ASN repository.
  • Geolocation-based digital rights management.
  • Gives the most recent information available.
  • Provide high-volume environments with IP intelligence data.
  • Blacklists as well as blocking lists that are accurate.


  • Numerous outages have been reported by certain users.

4) ipdata

Best for detecting proxies and VPNs. By assisting in locating any IP address, ipdata enables you to localize the content of your website, target advertisements, examine logs, and do much more. It can locate any IP address and provide precise information on the city and zip code. The API can identify anonymous users, ensuring that your company is secured against any fraud.


  • Quick geolocation with excellent uptime.
  • Excellent VPN and proxy detection.
  • Provides 15-minute data updates.
  • Localize the content of websites and adverts.
  • Put geographic limitations in place to prevent users from seeing your website from particular states and counties.
  • A daily request increase for paid programs.


  • There is no commercial use allowed for the free plan.


  • Free – 1500 requests per day,
  • $10/month – 2500 requests per day
  • $30/month – 10,000 requests per day
  • $50/month – 50,000 requests per day
  • $120/month – 100,000 requests per day
  • Custom Enterprise Plan Available


Astronomy API is the best. IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are both supported by As a result, this API gives you information that enables you to discover the current position of your target user. The API is also easily understandable enough to recognize threats, TOR, VPNs, and more.


  • Identify risks and VPNs.
  • Clearly state the time zone.
  • From an IP address, you may learn when the sun will rise or the moon will rise.
  • Database in CSV format for download.
  • Customer service in several languages.


  • Processing brand-new IP addresses takes time.


  • Free – 30000 requests per month
  • Bronze – $15 per month for 150,000 requests per month.
  • Silver – $65 per month for 1M requests per month
  • Silver+ – $130 per month for 3M requests per month
  • Gold – $200 per month for 6 M requests per month
  • Platinum – $500 per month for 20M requests per month


The same data can be sourced through other geo location API. Whether or whether all of the data is accessible at all product variants is what sets one apart from another. You might really discover that the capability you require is available only at higher product tiers. It makes sense to involve them because they will be the ones carrying it out. You should at the very least make sure that it can be written in a language that both they and your companies can use.

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