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The 6 best Android dictation apps for simple speech to text 2023


In this article you’ll get to learn everything about best Android & Iphone apps to help you convert Speech-to-Text with their information along with download link! You ready!


No matter what your profession is, whether your a student or an employee taking notes and making dictations on them is something we’re all bound to do at some point in our life, and we can’t exactly run away from all that and it’s really a lot of work, takes much of our time and the energy too.

And to make all of that easy, many technological advancements has been made in the past, so that we don’t have to write everything down on our mobile phones, on our computer’s, or simply on a piece of paper, to counter this particular issue we are going to talk about many different Android’s & Iphone apps that can transcribe voices or speeches into texts.

Best Free Speech to text apps for Android & IPhone

The information provided into this section is exclusively for Android & iPhone user’s Please be sure to read if the app that you liked is available for the platform your looking for.

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1. SpeechNotes : Voice to text app

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Speech notes is an online Android app that lets you make voice notes easily and effectively. It uses a complex voice recognition system that allows it to transcribe your speeches into texts accurately, it also backs up your transcripted files to your Google Drive.

SpeechNotes: speech into texts converter app features

  • USAGEIt Is Quite Simple And Easy To Use! Just With One Click, Start Speaking And It Will Turn Everything Into Text.
  • Audio Transcription Already Got Audio Files? Upload Them Up On Speechnotes And Have Them Automatically Transcribed.
  • Language SupportT’s Default Language Is Set To English, However It Supports Many Other Languages.
  • Edit It’s Pretty Accurate Mostly, Although If Some Incorrection Happens, Easily Edit It By One Tap.
  • Share Transcription Share All Of Your Transcriptions Into Documents Such As
    PDF .TXT Et Cetera.
  • Offline In The Event, You Don’t Have Any Internet Connection, Don’t Worry It Also Works Offline.
  • Download And Availability Speechnotes Is Exclusively For Android Users And Also Has An Website For Anybody Using Internet Although It Is Free There’s A Paid Version Of It Too.

2. Live Transcribe & Notification


Live Transcribe is an online application for Androids smartphones & Iphones, especially made available for deaf or hard-on-hearing folks.
Although it is for everybody use & easier to work with just your Android/iPhone device. Developed by Google research team it’s a powerful tool with many features.

  • Live Transcribe Just Open The App And Start By Giving Your Voice Text In Real Time, Simple As That.
  • Choose Language You Don’t Have To Worry About Languages, It Supports More Than 70 Languages, Pick Your Choice.
  • Accuracy Say Whatever Slang You Want It Will Capture It Instantly Cause It’s Powered By Google Recognition Technology.
  • Notification System Switch Your Notification On, So Whenever There’s Any Kind Of Doorbell, Or Loud Noise, It Will Notify You.
  • Availability Live Transcribe Is An Free Android/Iphone Application To Convert Speeches Into Texts & It’s Available Both For
    IOS And OS.

3. Speech Texter


Speech Texter is a free text-to-speech android app that works both online and offline plus it’s very simple to use. There’s nothing to sign up or login Just tap on the microphone button and start dictating, Speech Texter is being used by many students, teachers, writers, around the world. it also helps you make your pronunciation better of any foreign language.

Speech Texter speech-to-text Android/Iphone app features.

  • Custom Dictionary If There’s Any Word, Slang Or Anything Which Is Not Available On Language Database, You Can Easily Add Your Own Word By Custom Dictionary.
  • Download Languages Not Only Does It Supports Over 70 Languages, You Can Also Download Them For Offline Use.
  • Speech Texter SMS SUPPOR TIts A Speech To Text Converter App That Can Used For Sending Massages On WhatsApp, Facebook,Email, & Much More.
  • Punctuation Marks It Has All The Basics Punctuation Marks In It’s Dictionary, You Can Also Add New Punctuation Marks Easily. Addition To That, Speak Any Specific Mark Name And It Will Write It Automatically.
  • Size Speech Texter Speech- To- Text App Is A Small Size (2.7 Mb) App That Doesn’t Take Up Much Of Your Storage.
  • Availability Speech Texter Is A Free Speech To Text Converter Android App Which Is Also Available For Windows,Mac, IOS.

4. Voice Notebook: Voice to text Android/Iphone app


Voice Notebook is a voice identification Android/Apple free application for converting speeches into texts as well as converting audio to texts app it also supports Windows, Mac, Linux Os on updated chrome browser. it is one of the best app for dictation.

Voice Notebook: voice-to-text app features

  • 1. Accuracy RateIt’s Voice Recognition Capacity Is Really Awesome, Along With That Is Boasts An Accuracy Rate Of Over 90%.
  • 2. ExportAfter Making Your Speech To Texts, Export It On Different Formats Like .Txt Or PDF.
  • 3. EdificationIt Comes With Lots Of Edits
  • 4. Punctuation MarksUnlike Speech Texter Should You Not Like Speaking Specific Marks To Write Notes, There’s Button For It Too You Won’t Need To Speak Punctuation Marks.
  • 5. Share OptionAfter Completing Your Work
    Share It On WhatsApp,Gmail,Or Copy It Into Clipboard As Well.
  • 6. Availability & DownloadVoice Notebook Is A Speech To Text Converter Application Available Both For Android & Apple IOS In Addition To That, It Is Also Up For Grab For Windows, Mac, Linux OS.

Write By Voice : Speech to text free app


Write By voice is an online free speech to text converter app, its interface is bright and quite easy to use. It’s perfect for converting small-time speeches to texts it uses a Google recognition system with a high accuracy rate. it is one of the best app for voice typing.

Write by speech free Android app feature

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  • Size The Most Amazing Thing About This App Is, That It’s Only 1.5 Mb Of Size, So It Doesn’t Hang Or Anything.
  • USAGE It’s Interface Is Really Quite Simple & Easy To Use On Android Mobile.
  • Recover Data If By Mistake, You Delete Some Converted Texts, It Recovers It Just As Easily.
    If By Mistake, You Delete Some Converted Texts, It Recovers It Just As Easily.
  • Language Support It Has A Huge Language Database, Which Supports Up To 70 Mainstream Languages, You Can Also Download Them For Offline Use.
  • Theme Use Themes According To Your Day Time.
  • Download And Availability It’s Available For Android User’s As Well As IOS Users.

6. Otter: Text to speech best app for Android/iPhone


Otter can easily be considered of the best online speech-to-text apps, it is backed by Ambient Voice Intelligence which is Artificial intelligence. Meaning that it learns, You can train it to recognize voices, and learn special terminologies. Otter is best used for making transcription of long conversations, lectures, interviews and such. many small to medium businesses use this app for their meetings.

Otter speech to text app features!

  • Live Transcribe Speak Your Mind And Have It Translated Into Texts In Real Time.
  • Record Records Your Conversation, Lectures, And Much More & Uploads Them Up On Google Drive With Transcripts.
  • Custom Vocabulary Add Upto 200 Words Custom Vocabularies.
  • Options Pause, Resume Any Time You Want, Make Corrections, Share It On Your Social Medias, Email, Etc.
  • Refer And Earn If Somebody Also Downloads This Apps Using Your Email Link, You Get A Free “Pro Lite Version”.
  • Download & Availability Otter Is An Free Android Application Available Both For Apple IOS & Desktop Version Of Any Device

That was it guys! These were the top best speech to texts apps for both Androids and iPhones 2023.

The best speect to text apps explained

All of these apps that We have informed you about are legit some of the best speech-to-text apps that have come in 2023. Although there still are many Android and iPhone software’s out there, But these particular 6 applications takes the trophy.


Now you can make transcripts of any lectures, conversations, interviews or discussions in these apps, share them with anyone, anywhere. These apps are beneficial for all of us, However, in particular, all of our friends with special needs & disabilities they can make the most out of these free speech- to- texts apps.

Important FAQs about free dictation apps

q1. how do i enable google voice typing

Follows these steps:

1. Install Gboard
2. Open any app that you type with like gmail or whatapap or anything
3. click on “message box”
4. Top of the keyboard, you’ll see microphone button
5. Hold on “Microphone button”
6. When it says “Speak Now” Speak

there you go, Now you have enabled your google voice typing.

q2. How do i activate voice to text on Android

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To activate voice to text, You must download at least one dictation app we’ve given above after downloading it, You can Activate Your voice to text on Android device.

q3. is there an app that converts voice recording to texts

Yes. There are many apps that converts, transcribes, voice recordings to texts Some of which we have provided above.

q4. How can i dictate to words

To dictate words, you just need to download any app we have given above
and start dictating any words that you want.

q5. is there app that converts voice recording to text

There are many apps for that, To translate your words or transcribe your spoken words into texts, we have provided some of the best apps in this post.

q6. how to convert voice to text

To convert voice to texts, Download Speechnotes and begin converting voices to texts.

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q7. Is there an dictation app for iPhone

Yes, there are many dictation, speech to texts apps for iPhone, We too have provided some of the best dictation apps for iPhone.

q8. what’s the best dictation apps for Android?

There are many apps, it’s more of a question of, which app is most compatible with your android device.

Gracias! For coming so far, Now, one the chance you have some questions! write them down below in the comment section and we’ll reply just as soon.

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