9 Best Real Money Earning Games Apps 2023 Play & Earn| No Investment

In this age, people from all around the world play games, to escape from boredom, or just to kick back a little, But what if We Said, You can make real money just playing games on your Android or iPhone device, and these games won’t have to be something hard or impossible to win! These would be your regular games against real people online.

You don’t have to invest anything in them just install them in your Android device or iPhone & start playing while making some real money, what you can then after transfer into your bank, or PayPal account, or patym, or any other platform that you have.

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Many people don’t trust that you can make real money playing these games, and their mistrust is rightly so! because there are countless games,apps, websites, which are fraudulent, and fake, they are illegitimate.

Henceforth this article, In which we have put together a list of most trusted and legitimate games list, That pay real money through playing games on your phone.

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List of best real money earning games 2023

1. InboxDollars app ( 5$ bonus )

real money earning games

InboxDollars is an trusted websites that has been around for 21 years, and till now it has paid its users over 80 million dollars$. This app is a great way to earn real money online by playing games in your Android device, these online games include different kind of games such as, word chess, Solitaire, Pool, & much more, though the most amazing thing about this app is that there are multiple ways to make money here, for example, You can make money by-

  • Taking surveys
  • Reading emails
  • Completing offers
  • Playing games

Not only will you make real money, additionally you also get eCards/Gift cards
that you can redeem after requesting payment, which is pretty simple!

The moment you sign up, You get an extra reward of 5$ just by signing up, Which you can withdraw by : Gift Card, PayPal, Visa.

2. BlackOut Bingo

real money earning games

Blackout Bingo is easily considered one the best games to earn cash online, It is an online platform, that provides cash, prizes for anybody who wins against other opponents, It is the classic bingo game, that all of us used to play with a slightly different flavors.

You don’t need to pay or make any investment in this game, You can start slow, and learn how to play it, once you’re sure of yourself, get into real competitions, and start making money for yourself.

This well-known money-making app is accessible to users of both Android & iPhone devices and has received widespread acclaim from audiences after being downloaded by 5 million people globally.

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3. 21Blitz

21 blitz is an online money earning game that pays you money for playing solitaire, although, 21 blitz is an mixture of Blackjack and Solitaire, so it’s not your typical solitaire, however it offers free matches to hone your skills, once you gain confidence, and believe that you can win, begin real matches against real folks around the globe, and win really exciting prizes, cashes, and rewards.

One of the best features of this application is that it automatically terminates games after two to three minutes, at which point the player with the most points wins. This feature is also very straightforward to apply once you get used to it.

Once you have accumulated enough Ticketz, you may purchase various rewards, including stickers, coffee mugs, or even cash. 21blitz is accessible for both Android and iPhone users.

Withdrawal methods are, Paypal, & credit card.

4. Swagbucks (5$ Bonus)

real money earning games

Swagbucks is one of those online earning platforms, that pay really well to its users and give out as much as 7,000 gift cards everyday, just like inboxdollars It also got many ways to earn money & rewards, like –

  • Watch entertaining videos
  • Surf Internet
  • Play games

Now you don’t have to stress about what to do if you get bored playing games. You can just browse the internet or respond to a question you already know the answer to and earn a sizable sum of money.

It is a platform that’s been around for many years that has a prime track record- already paid its users over 550 millions dollars,  The minimum payout for Swagbucks is 1$ only! You can easily withdraw your money via PayPal, or cash-out gift cards. SwagBucks is available both for Android & iPhone users. Although we recommend using swagBucks desktops version.

5. LuckTastic

real money earning games

luckTastic is a free Android application specially made for folks who like to play games and earn money, It is exclusive only for Android Users. It’s very to easy to use this app, You get Bonus scratch cards, which are really exciting, and of course real money through playing games that are not very difficult, rather very simple little games, Plus you also get points just by opening this app daily which after a certain time, you can redeem.

The minimum reward is merely $1, which you may promptly deposit into your bank account or PayPal.

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6. Drop

real money earning games

Drop is an app that rewards people gift cards, for shopping, referring, and also playing games or answering surveys. it’s mainly for all of those guys, who shop alot, but don’t get depressed so quick now You can also get loads of points just playing different games here, like – Strategy games, Simulators, Cards, Survival games.

Which can then be converted into points, that can subsequently be redeemed for shopping if you do your shopping online, easily saving you up to $35 to $40 every month. More than 4 million people have already joined Drop, and they claim and believe that it is rather secure to use and offers fantastic benefits. Both Android and iPhone users can use this app to accumulate reward points.

7. Solitaire Cube

real money earning games

For those of us, asking for game that makes real money playing Solitaire, well your time is now, this is a free to use app, that makes real money by winning against real opponents who are online.

This is online game money making platform that was founded back in 2012, more than 13 million people have downloaded this app & utilised it to make money whilst having a fun experience.

One of the best things about this particular app is that the online solitaire competitions that take place there last only a few minutes per round. There are also many levels of this game, so you can learn too. You can start by making a small initial deposit and earn money by defeating opponents whose skill levels are similar to your own.

Make your withdraw after 10$ only, solitaire cube accepts PayPal, credit cards, and Apple Pay. It’s available both for Android & iPhone to make real money online by playing the good old Solitaire.

8. Pool payday

real money earning games

Say, you like playing pool games on your android device or apple? good news for you! Now you can also make real hard money by playing this relaxing pool game. You don’t have to go against real opponents right off the bat, play default matches to up your skill level, for however long you want!

Then head into real online battle field, go pro, and win real money, cash prizes & much more, after earning “5$” withdraw your real cash through bank or paypal, Pool payday is available both for Android & IOS devices.

9. Dominoes Gold

real money earning games

Your typical dominoe game with a twist of Fives (a game also), All the dominoes are like gold, and every time you earn points you make money, that you can cash out after earning a certain amount of points.

Don’t know how to play it yet? You can first play to learn it, and it’s super easy to, with a bit of luck, finger coordination, multiple clicks and you’re all set to go.

Get the highest scores before time’s over and make real money, Amazon gifts cards, watches, clothes & alot More, it’s multiplayer too , so you can play this with your friends also, and win considerable money that you withdraw in to your account or PayPal.

Important words about Best real money earning games apps 2023

These were some of the highest paying gaming earning apps for Android & iPhone! You can download any of these online money earning game apps & start making money right away, Though you need to be realistic, please don’t expect you can become millionaire playing these games
that would be unreal.

real money earning games

However you’ll be surprised to know that there are many people out there, who make quite a bit of money playing online games, enough to have snacks every day of their own money.

This “play games & earn” scheme is actually very beneficial for those people who genuinely enjoy playing these classical and modern games.

No matter what country your from, whether it’s india, Philippines, or Australia, united states, just simply download these real money earning game apps & and generate passive income, playing relaxing games.

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Best real money earning games FAQs

q1. What Apps Pay You Real Money to Play Games?

There are many apps that pay you real money to play games, like SwagBucks, inbox dollars.

q2. What Game App Pays the Most?

Based on the reviews of many people around the globe, they believe its SwagBucks, that is one game that pays the most, Not only just for games, but also doing surveys, like, surfing Internet, or playing videos.

q3. Can You Win Money on Game Apps?

Yes, you absolutely can! You just to need to know what the right game apps are that pay, simply because there are games in the market that usually turn out to be fake and fraudulent, therefore we have provided a list of best game apps that pay real money..

q4. What Apps Let You Win Real Money?

well, there are many, however let us give a list of best apps that pay you real money!

1. inbox dollars
2. SwagBucks
3. Pool payday

q5. Top Money earning games 2023?

Top money earning games 2023 are:-

1. Inbox dollars
2. Swagbucks
3. BlackOut Bingo
4. Pool payday
5. Dominoes Gold

q6. what is the best game to earn money?

Right now, in 2023, I’d say SwagBucks.

q7. Do we need to deposit money, or invest any money?

Well, Most of the apps that we have provided here in this list are safe to use and doesn’t require money to deposit, Although couple of them ask for money only in the case, you want to bet money by yourself.

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