100+ Raw Background For Photoshop Editing Free Download (2022)

Today I am giving you 100+ Raw Background Free Download for Photoshop editing, these backgrounds are in a crazy huge amount of high quality.

But before downloading these RAW backgrounds, let’s understand RAW image format and the difference between RAW and JPEG. If you are a designer then which could be the best format for you.

And we will also see the advantages of RAW and jpeg so that you can easily decide whether you need to download these backgrounds or not because this file is really huge.

deference between RAW & JPEG

Start with the raw format

Raw Background Free Download

raw images are basically an uncompressed version of your images, its means it contains all the information that camera sensor collects when you took a photo

Raw Background Free Download

And if you are a graphic designer then you can take a huge advantage of raw images because you have a lot more information on the shadows, highlights, color balance, etcetera.

Raw Background Free Download

And you can also recover overexposed and underexposed photos much better than you can do it with JPEG photos.

Raw Background Free DownloadRaw Background Free Download

And on the other hand, the JPEG format is a compressed version of your images, so there is not much information compared to raw images. Jpeg images are processed files by the camera software settings, that you chosen for your images.

But the raw format is not for everyone. lemme show you some advantages of raw and jpeg, so you can decide which format is for you

advantages of rAW & JPEG

Advantages of JPEG

  • compatible for everyone
  • Instantly shareable
  • Small files

Advantages of RAW

  • Highest Level of Quality
  • Enjoy Non-Destructive Editing
  • Far more shades of color
  • Proof of ownership and authenticity.

Raw Format extensions

Every Digital Camera Company Has Their Own File Format For Raw Images, Such As

These Are Some Of The Raw Extensions That Various Camera Companies Have Made.

100+ Raw Background Free Download

Raw Background Free Download
Raw Background Free Download

these images are divided into 5 zip files,

  • Total Size 2.76Gb
  • 100+ images
  • High Resolution 
RW2 Zip File 129Mb
NEF Zip File 506Mb
DGN Zip File 483Mb
CR2 Zip File 980Mb
ARW Zip File 873Mb

but before downloading Raw Backgrounds, the zip file is password protected. To get a password please watch the complete video. all the zip files passwords are the same 

Get A password

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