Free Download PiXimPerfect Photoshop Easy Course Materials (images, PSD & actions) 2024

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Are you ready to upgrade your Photoshop abilities and take your creativity to a new level? You can do that by registering for “Photoshop Easy,” an all-encompassing course developed by the famous Unmesh Dinda from PiXimperfect. The course isn’t only about getting familiar with Photoshop It’s about learning how to master it.

With more than 50 expertly designed lessons that span 8 complete modules, you’ll be able to dive into the realm of Photoshop beginning with the basic techniques to the more advanced. Each lesson is designed to be both practical and entertaining so that you will not just master the techniques in real-time projects. What’s more? In this blog entry, we’re offering you access to all of the material that is featured in the course including PSD, actions, as well as images.

Unmesh Dinda, who is the brain for “Photoshop Easy,” is an alias that is well-known in that Photoshop community. Since he was the founder of the PiXimperfect channel, which is a wildly popular YouTube channel with more than 3.2 million viewers, Unmesh has become a known figure to Photoshop users across the globe.

His style of teaching is accessible and thorough making complicated concepts easy to comprehend. Unmesh has contributed to many prominent platforms, including Adobe MAX and Photoshop World by sharing his knowledge and love for photography and digital art.

The course offered by PiXimperfect’s “Photoshop Easy” course stands apart for its focus on practical learning and real-world application. You’ll not just learn to master Photoshop but also build an effective workflow that can set you apart in the artistic business.

With unlimited access to the class as well as regular updates, you’ll be able to learn at your own speed and re-visit lessons as often as you require to refresh your knowledge. In addition, the course provides printable resources, such as PSDs as well as actions which add to the value. If you’re looking to get off in the right direction or a seasoned user looking to sharpen your capabilities, “Photoshop Easy” is your path to mastering Photoshop easily.

What is “Photoshop Easy”?

“Photoshop Easy” is an extensive online course created by Unmesh Dinda, the mastermind behind the popular PiXimperfect YouTube channel. This course is tailored to teach Photoshop from the ground up, encompassing everything from the fundamental basics to the most advanced techniques used by professional photographers and graphic designers. The course is designed to cater to a wide range of users, whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced user looking to refine your skills.

The “Photoshop Easy” course is meticulously structured into eight comprehensive modules, containing over 50 lessons that cover more than 30 hours of content. Here’s a detailed look at what each module offers:

Breakdown of the 8 Modules and 50+ Lessons

  1. Introduction: This lesson provides a foundational overview of what to expect in the course, familiarizing students with the Photoshop interface and basic operations.
  2. Layers: Learn about the core concept of layers in Photoshop, including how to create, manipulate, and organize them for efficient workflow.
  3. Layer Mask: Understand the power of layer masks, which allow for non-destructive editing and precise control over layer visibility.
  4. Resolution: Dive into the importance of image resolution, how it affects your work, and best practices for different types of projects.
  5. Filters: Explore various filters available in Photoshop, from artistic effects to practical tools like blur and sharpen.
  6. Saving and Exporting in Depth: Master the different saving and exporting options to ensure your work maintains the highest quality across various formats.
  7. Camera Raw: Get introduced to the Camera Raw filter, a powerful tool for making global adjustments to photos in a non-destructive manner.
  1. What are Tools: An introduction to the diverse set of tools available in Photoshop and their primary functions.
  2. The Core Navigation Tools: Learn how to navigate your canvas effectively using tools like zoom, hand, and rotate.
  3. Transforming: Understand the various transform tools, including scale, rotate, skew, and warp, to modify your images.
  4. Selections: Master the art of making precise selections using tools like the marquee, lasso, and quick selection.
  5. Doing the Right Crop: Learn techniques for cropping your images to enhance composition and focus.
  6. Brush Tool, Eraser, Eyedropper: Deep dive into these essential tools for painting, erasing, and sampling colors.
  7. Pen Tool: Become proficient with the pen tool for creating paths and shapes with precision.
  8. Healing and Cloning Tools: Explore the healing brush, spot healing brush, and clone stamp tools for retouching and repairing images.
  9. Blur, Sharpen, and Smudge: Learn to manipulate the clarity and texture of your images with these tools.
  10. Text Tool and Text Effects: Add and style text in your images, including advanced text effects.
  11. Shape Tools: Create and manipulate vector shapes using Photoshop’s shape tools.
  12. New Tools – Frame, Artboard, and Curvature Pen Tool: Explore the latest tools in Photoshop that enhance layout design and illustration capabilities.
  1. Color Management: Understand color profiles and how to manage color settings for accurate color representation across devices.
  2. The Most Important Adjustment – Curves: Learn to use curves for precise control over tonal adjustments.
  3. Hue-Saturation – Target, Change, and Manipulate Colors: Adjust and manipulate colors in your images with hue/saturation controls.
  4. Fill Adjustments & Blend If – Solid Color, Gradient, Patterns: Apply and customize fill layers and use blend if options for advanced blending techniques.
  5. Color Lookup: Use color lookup tables to apply cinematic color grading and other color effects.
  6. Vibrance & Saturation: Enhance colors in your images while preserving natural skin tones with vibrance and saturation adjustments.
  7. Gradient Maps: Map gradients to the tonal values of your image for unique color effects.
  8. Selective Color: Adjust individual color ranges for targeted color correction.
  9. Working with LAB: Explore the LAB color space for advanced color manipulations and corrections.
  1. What is Compositing: An introduction to compositing, the process of combining multiple images to create a single cohesive piece.
  2. Advanced Masks: Use advanced masking techniques to isolate and blend different elements seamlessly.
  3. Creating Shadow: Learn to create realistic shadows to enhance the depth and realism of your composites.
  4. The Power of Smart Objects: Utilize smart objects to maintain flexibility and non-destructive editing in your workflow.
  5. Matching the Subject to the Background: Techniques to ensure your composite elements blend naturally with their background.
  1. Retouching Skin: Professional techniques for retouching skin, including frequency separation and dodge and burn.
  2. Dodging and Burning: Use dodging and burning to enhance the light and shadow details in your images.
  3. Retouching Eyes: Techniques for making eyes look vibrant and sharp.
  4. Retouching Teeth and Lips: Enhance smiles by whitening teeth and adding color to lips.
  5. Fixing Hair: Tackle common hair retouching issues, including flyaways and adding volume.
  1. Photoshop Actions: Automate repetitive tasks with Photoshop actions to speed up your workflow.
  2. Video Editing: Basic video editing capabilities within Photoshop.
  3. Two Efficient Workflow Tips: Time-saving tips to make your Photoshop workflow more efficient.
  4. Selective Sharpening: Apply sharpening selectively to areas that need it the most.
  5. Adding Textures: Incorporate textures into your work to add depth and interest.
  6. Plug-ins: Discover useful Photoshop plug-ins to enhance your editing capabilities.
  7. Print: Prepare your images for print to ensure the best quality output.
  1. Effect 3: Specific special effect technique (detailed explanation in the course).
  2. Turn Your Portraits to a Pencil Sketch: Convert photos into realistic pencil sketches.
  3. Create Realistic Light Rays: Add dynamic light rays to your images for dramatic effect.
  4. The Blend Mode to Add Light Source (Add Light to Anything): Use blend modes to creatively add light sources to your images.
  5. Film Grain and Cinematic Color Grading: Add film grain and apply cinematic color grading to your images.
  6. Completely Transform a Landscape from Flat to Fabulous: Techniques to enhance and transform landscape photos.
  7. Effect 5: Another specific special effect technique (detailed explanation in the course).
  1. The Magic of the New Content-Aware Fill: Utilize the latest content-aware fill features to seamlessly remove or replace parts of your images.
  2. Luminosity Masks: Create and use luminosity masks for precise control over tonal adjustments.
  3. Control Light and Contrast with Gradient Map: Use gradient maps to manage light and contrast in your images.
  4. Put Anything on Any Surface (Graphic on Walls, Writing on Paper, or Paint on the Face): Techniques for realistically applying graphics to various surfaces.
  5. 27 Blending Modes in 27 Minutes (Or Something Like That): Quick overview of Photoshop’s blending modes and their uses.

If you’re thinking of taking PiXimperfect’s “Photoshop Easy” course by PiXimperfect, but would like to see the quality of its products firsthand You’re in the right place. The course includes its first 3 lessons no cost as a trial that lets you experience the teaching method, content and value for money prior to making any commitments to purchase. Find out how to access the lessons for free and why it’s advantageous to take advantage of this offer.

Accessing the First Three Lessons for Free

  1. Visit the Free Lessons Page: Navigate to the Free Lessons Page.
  2. Sign up Click the sign-up button in order to register an account for free. You’ll need to input your email address as well as create an account password.
  3. Verify your Email Verify your inbox for an email verification link. Click it to confirm your account.
  4. Access the lessons After your account is verified, sign into the site. Go to the “Free Lessons” section where the first three lessons from the “Photoshop Easy” course will be available to learn immediately.

Benefits of Trying the Free Lessons

  1. Assess the Teaching Style The lessons for free provide a clear understanding of Unmesh Dinda’s method of teaching. His teaching style is known for its engaging style and is simple to follow, making complicated concepts accessible.
  2. Experience the Quality of the Course You’ll be able to judge what the level of quality is in the as well as the clarity of the explanations, as well as the overall arrangement of the content. You can be sure that you’re purchasing a the course that is up to your expectations.
  3. Practice with hands-on Every course is intended to be practical, which allows users to apply what they learned immediately. The hands-on practice is vital to learning Photoshop techniques.
  4. Check the suitability for your needs Through the lessons for free you will be able to determine if the course is in line with your learning goals and level. The trial will help in making an informed choice to enroll in the entire course.

Test the free lessons before you commit to the complete course is a wise choice. This lets you see the benefits from “Photoshop Easy” firsthand, assuring that the investment you make on your training and growth is well-timed. Therefore, make the most of this opportunity to begin your journey to master Photoshop now! 

Pros of “Photoshop Easy”

  1. Comprehensive and structured curriculum: “Photoshop Easy” is a well-organized, comprehensive course which covers all aspects of Photoshop from the simplest ideas to the most advanced of techniques. The course is broken down into eight sections that each focus on distinct aspects of Photoshop making sure that students acquire a solid and comprehensive knowledge of the program.
  2. Practical, hands-on approach The course focuses on the practical aspect of learning, with every lesson designed to assist students get specific, tangible outcomes. This approach is hands-on, which means that students can apply the knowledge they’ve acquired on their own projects, making the learning experience more fun and efficient.
  3. lifetime access and free updates Once they are enrolled in the program, students have lifetime access to all course material as well as any updates that may be forthcoming. Students can learn according to their pace, and return to the course anytime they require a refresher. The continuous updates make sure that the course is current with the most recent Photoshop tools and features.
  4. Video lessons of high-quality with subtitles The video lessons are professionally made, featuring high-quality audio and clear visuals. Each lesson is subtitled which make the lesson available to those who are not native English users as well as those who prefer reading.
  5. The inclusion of downloadable resources The course offers more than 150 resources that can be downloaded that include PSD documents, action and images. These resources let students take a class and practice at the same time, and help them improve their workflow and provide additional value in addition to the tutorial videos.
  6. Positive Recommendations From Students as well as Industry Reputation: “Photoshop Easy” has received glowing reviews from industry professionals and students alike. The practical and extensive content has been highly praised on various reviews and forums, and Unmesh Dinda’s track record as an outstanding Photoshop instructor adds credibility.

Cons of “Photoshop Easy”

  1. It could be overwhelming for absolute Beginning Students The program is intended to make it easy for all levels of students however the volume of material as well as the intricacy of certain lessons could seem overwhelming to absolute novices who have had no previous experience with Photoshop. Beginners may require more time in the foundational classes to stay on top of the latest developments.
  2. requires a stable Internet connection for video streaming The course is presented using videos of high-quality, and require a reliable and speedy internet connection to ensure smooth streaming. Users with poor internet connections may have problems in accessing the material effortlessly.
  3. Price Point Could Be A Barrier for Certain Users Although there is a lot provided, the price of the course could be a hurdle to some prospective students, particularly those with limited budgets. However the lifetime access to the course and constant updates may be a reason to invest in the course for many.

When taking a look at these advantages and disadvantages the students are able to decide for themselves the possibility of “Photoshop Easy” is the appropriate option for their. The advantages of the course can be found in its extensive material, practical approach, and top-quality materials, while the biggest challenges relate to accessibility for novices web-based requirements, as well as costs.

How to Get the Full Course at the Cheapest Prices

If you’re considering taking the “Photoshop Basics” or “Photoshop Easy” course but need to make sure you’re getting the best price Learn how to take it.

Original Price and Value

The complete “Photoshop Easy” course is priced at $247. The price provides lifetime access to more than 50 lessons that span eight complete modules along with constant updates and a wealth of free resources, including PSDs as well as actions and photos. This course will guide the student from beginner to Photoshop professional, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone who are serious about learning Photoshop.

Cheapest Price on PiximPlanet

For those who want to save money, you can get the complete “Photoshop Easy” course for just $39 at PiximPlanet. This is a substantial discount off the initial price and is an ideal opportunity to get the same top-quality content for less than the price.

The benefits of Purchasing from PiximPlanet

  • Cost savings You can save up to 80 percent off the cost of the original.
  • Similar High-Quality Content Access the complete “Photoshop Easy” course with all lessons and materials included.
  • Quick Access The course materials right after purchasing and begin learning as soon as you can.

By choosing the discount cost on PiximPlanet it is certain that you’re getting the best value for your money and making it easy to increase your Photoshop abilities without spending a fortune.

If you decide to purchase at the original price or avail of the special deal, “Photoshop Easy” remains an excellent course that will greatly improve your Photoshop competence.

User Reviews and Testimonials on PiximPlanet

The “Photoshop Easy” course by PiXimperfect has received a lot of positive feedback from students who have purchased the course on PiximPlanet. Here’s a compilation of the comments and experiences shared by users:

  1. Andrew Knight (September 2023): “A great course for anyone looking to significantly improve their Photoshop skills. The lessons are clear and easy to follow. Highly recommended!”
  2. John Doe (December 2022): “I couldn’t be more thankful for Photoshop Easy. It’s packed with useful tips and tricks. The lessons are thorough and well-explained.”
  3. Rachel A. (January 2023): “Absolutely worth it! The Photoshop Easy Course from PiXimperfect is a game-changer. The content is rich and incredibly detailed.”
  4. Christine Morrow (January 2023): “I finally understand Photoshop! The course is laid out in a very comprehensive way. It’s detailed yet easy to grasp.”
  5. Emily Roberts (February 2023): “The quality of the lessons is top-notch. Unmesh’s teaching style is engaging, and the course materials are very helpful.”
  6. Michael S. (March 2023): “Best investment I’ve made in my creative education. The step-by-step approach makes complex concepts easy to understand.”
  7. Jason T. (April 2023): “Photoshop Easy is affordable and packed with value. I’ve learned so much in just a few weeks. The downloadable resources are a huge bonus.”

These reviews highlight the satisfaction and positive experiences of the students, emphasizing the course’s comprehensive content, practical approach, and the valuable resources included. Many students have found the course to be a transformative learning experience that significantly improved their Photoshop skills.

For more detailed reviews and to read about other students’ experiences, you can visit the PiximPlanet product page for Photoshop Easy.

Free Downloadable resources of PiXimPerfect Photoshop Easy Course Materials

To provide you with a glimpse of the top-quality content offered by”Photoshop Easy,” to show you the quality of content in the “Photoshop Easy” course, we’re offering a selection of the digital files featured within the course for no cost. These materials are designed to allow you to practice and develop your Photoshop abilities, giving you an overview of the value and practical application that the course can provide.

What’s Included?

  • PSD Documents HD PSD files are used for the classes, allowing students to learn and learn the methods demonstrated.
  • Photoshop Actions A collection of pre-recorded steps to make repetitive chores easier and improve your workflow.
  • Example Images Images with high resolution that are used in different tutorials that are part of the course.

How to Download

To download these resources for free you need to click on the hyperlink below. You will be granted access to a zip file that contains all the resources that were mentioned earlier.

With these resources it is possible to get an experience in the content of the course and experience the way “Photoshop Easy” can help you become proficient in Photoshop. These materials are only one aspect of what you’ll get when you take the entire course.

If you’ve found these sources useful and want to go into more depth, you should consider taking part in the “Photoshop Easy” course at discounted prices at the PiximPlanet. The course provides a complete learning experience that includes unlimited access to the course, ongoing updates, and excellent assistance to help you become adept in Photoshop.


Photoshop Easy by PiXimperfect is a remarkable course that provides a thorough and practical guide to mastering Adobe Photoshop. The course was developed by the world-renowned Photoshop teacher Unmesh Dinda, the course is carefully designed with more than 50 lessons spanning eight extensive modules. It gives students a rich learning experience that combines of hands-on instruction and theory. Students are granted access for life to all course material and updates to come, so that they are always able to enhance their abilities.

The inclusion of top-quality resources such as downloadable PSD documents, actions and images also enhance the learning experience by making difficult techniques easier to access and easily understood. This course received many favorable reviews from students as well as industry professionals, who have praised its value and effectiveness.

This course is ideal for those who are just beginning to develop a solid base in Photoshop intermediate users looking to improve their skills and for professionals like graphic designers, photographers and digital artists seeking to improve their skills.

In addition, it is designed for those who are interested in the digital arts and editing of photos. If you’re just starting out or seeking to enhance your capabilities, “Photoshop Easy” provides the tools, knowledge and assistance you require to be successful. Utilize the no-cost resources available and think about taking the entire course for a lower cost through PiximPlanet for a chance to discover your full potential in Photoshop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is “Photoshop Easy” by PiXimperfect?
“Photoshop Easy” is a comprehensive online course designed to teach Adobe Photoshop from the ground up. Created by renowned Photoshop educator Unmesh Dinda, the course covers a wide range of topics, from basic concepts to advanced techniques, and includes over 50 lessons across eight modules.

Q: Who is Unmesh Dinda?
Unmesh Dinda is the creator of the PiXimperfect YouTube channel, which has over 3.2 million subscribers. He is a well-known Photoshop educator who has taught at prestigious events such as Adobe MAX and Photoshop World. His teaching style is engaging and easy to follow, making complex concepts accessible to learners of all levels.

Q: What does the course include?
The course includes over 50 lessons divided into eight comprehensive modules. It covers everything from Photoshop basics to advanced techniques, with a strong emphasis on practical, hands-on learning. Students also get access to high-quality downloadable resources such as PSD files, actions, and images.

Q: How much does the “Photoshop Easy” course cost?
The original price of the “Photoshop Easy” course is $247. However, you can download the full course for just $39 from PiximPlanet. This significant discount makes the course accessible to a wider audience.

Q: How can I access the first three lessons for free?
To access the first three lessons for free, visit the Free Lessons Page. Sign up by providing your email address and creating a password, verify your email, and then log in to access the free lessons.

Q: Is “Photoshop Easy” suitable for beginners?
Yes, “Photoshop Easy” is suitable for beginners. The course starts with basic concepts and gradually progresses to more advanced techniques, making it accessible to users with little to no prior experience in Photoshop. However, due to the comprehensive nature of the content, beginners might need to spend extra time on foundational lessons.

Q: What are the benefits of enrolling in “Photoshop Easy”?
Enrolling in “Photoshop Easy” provides lifetime access to all course content and future updates, high-quality video lessons with subtitles, practical and hands-on learning, and a variety of downloadable resources. The course has received positive feedback from students and industry professionals, highlighting its effectiveness and value.

Q: Do I need a stable internet connection to take the course?
Yes, a stable internet connection is required to stream the high-quality video lessons provided in the course. This ensures a smooth and uninterrupted learning experience.

Q: How can I purchase the full course at the discounted price?
To purchase the full course at the discounted price of $39, visit the PiximPlanet product page for Photoshop Easy. Add the course to your cart, proceed to checkout, and complete your purchase.

Q: What if I have more questions or need support?
For additional questions or support, you can visit the PiximPlanet website or contact their customer service team through the contact options provided on their site.