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Photoshop Pro Panel V1.5.2 Plugin Free Download & Install 2022

Photoshop Pro Panel Plugin Free Download

Photoshop offers a lot of capability, some of the functions are mysterious, require numerous steps, or are too hard for many editors to bother with. Photoshop Extensions help you do just that. It’s a combination of a plug-in and a Photoshop Action that Adobe offers. As a result, several skilled Photoshop users with programming skills have produced some quite useful extensions for both newbie and professional editors.

And today I am going to introduce you to a great time-saving plugin named Pro Panel. which is developed by John Weatherby. This Plugin Will Increase Your Photoshop Capabilities & Speed Up Your Workflow. In this article, You will learn how to download and install the Photoshop Pro Panel Plugin, But first, let’s learn more about this plugin.

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What is The pro Panel? Pro Panel Pro’s & Con’s

Imagine those extensions to be a collection of well-written macros. In general, one-click completes your job, however, you may be offered with a slider to adjust the effect. The panel quickly creates luminosity masks. When you produce masks, the panel only creates the masks that you require. This saves space by not producing unnecessary masks that bloat the file size. Multiple undo and redo buttons, as well as some web output sharpening options, are included in the Pro Panel.

Photoshop Pro Panel Plugin Free Download

After installing The Pro Panel, you will notice that it has a straightforward layout divided into four sections: tools, filters, effects, and finish.

Tools Section: There are buttons on the tools panel for 16-bit luminosity masks, colour masks, range masks, and fast actions like “Fill with,” “Focus Blend,” and “Auto Align.”

Filters Section: Things that affect an image can be found on the Filters tab, however, instead of making many changes, you can press a button and let the macros do the work for you.

Effect Section: The effects panel is extremely interesting, with options like “Reduce Light Pollution” and “Align and Stack Sky” that astrophotographers will appreciate. These are helpful shortcuts as a frequent Milky Way imager. There’s also a button that lets you “enhance the Milky Way.” Yeah definitely, I can do everything From scratch, but macros can save me a lot of time.

Finish: “Finish” is the final panel. Rather than using the edit and convert profile menu items, it has a save file collection of tools that allows you to change the colour space with a click. There’s also the option to “save for web” and apply a watermark.

Key features

  • Powerful Masks

Users may blend exposures and make targeted colouring and contrast adjustments with ease using a wide range of customisable 16 bit Luminosity and Color masks.
These masks can be used as selections, dodge and burn layers, and adjustment layers. This allows for the most precise control over what is revealed thanks to tailored and customizable masks.

  • Quick Actions

The Pro Panel has a number of editing features built in, including star trails, focus stacking, noise reduction stacking, intelligent sharpening, alignment, and colour correction.
These tasks are designed to be completed with a single click of a button, reducing the need to do each step manually.

  • Image Filters

The Pro Panel contains a number of filters that are both common and specific to John’s workflow. Colors and contrast can be enhanced, several sorts of sharpening can be applied, and effects like the famous Orton can be applied.
These various filters and effects can be used individually or in combination with your own workflow to produce stunning results.

  • Astro Tools

Pro Panel contains a comprehensive range of capabilities for altering astro pictures, in addition to strong filters and correction tools.
Star reduction, core enhancement, star glow, star specific sharpening (without increasing noise), noise reduction, and light pollution reduction are some of the most common activities.

  • Image Correction

While the Pro Panel was created by a landscape and travel photographer, it is equipped with powerful capabilities that can be used by any photographer. Image cleanup, dodging and burning, frequency separation, and colour correction are all available as actions.
So whether you’re a portrait photographer, an architect, or a food photographer, these great correcting features may help you give your photographs that finished look.

  • User Actions

The Pro Panel was created to make your editing experience more enjoyable and productive. As a result, if you’ve designed your own actions, you can simply add them to the panel as buttons.
There are five user action buttons, but each one has a secondary function, allowing users to create up to ten of their own and swap them out whenever they choose.

  • Saving Tools

Saving your photographs in the correct format, location, and colour space can also take a long time. There is a separate Finish Tab in the Pro Panel where the user may name and save a file right from the panel.
There’s also a smart watermark tool that saves your watermark for online functions with intelligent sharpening that masks out edges to minimise undesired halos, and a smart watermark tool that retains your watermark ready to apply at your selected settings.

pro Panel pro’s :

  • Pro Panel was one of my favourites. There were no crashes or strange oddities that I discovered. Photoshop 2021 handled it without a hitch. It is simple to use and can save an editor a lot of time.
  • I’d like to see some hints for identifying some of the icons, but the developer’s website provides instructional videos and clear explanations of how things function. From the Pro Panel, you can immediately link to the web page.
  • quicker and less difficult to cope with The developer provides excellent support, including the ability to write your own macros and save them to buttons on the Pro Panel GUI.

pro Panel Con’s 

  • The “enhance Milky Way” tool was the sole disappointment. Despite the fact that it was only a single click, I didn’t feel I gained much. Other extensions that are specifically designed for working with astronomical photographs performed better, allowing me to adjust contrast and colour balance. Stacking, star reduction, and noise reduction were among the other astronomical technologies that performed admirably.

learn more with the expert

The Pro Panel pricing plans

The Pro Panel comes with a lifetime licence and an instant download for one user to install on up to two devices.

Here’s The Pro Panel pricing:

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  • Complete Editing Plugin for Photoshop CC $45
  • The Pro Panel + 4 Start to Finish Editing Videos (Half Price) $69

How to Download & Install The Pro Planal For Free Of cost

  • You’ll find the download button for this plugin at the bottom of this page; simply click it to acquire the pro panel zip file
  • Extract the zip file when it has been downloaded.
  • inside the folder copy the pro panel folder
  • now open the c drive and locate your photoshop extension folder
  • then paste the pro panel folder inside the extension folder
  • then open the photoshop and find the plugin into the window_extension
  • When you click on the pro panel plugin, you’ll be asked for a serial key, which you can find in the Read Me Installation.txt file.
  • After you’ve applied the serial key, restart Photoshop and you’re good to go.

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