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new mobile media real or fake? -New mobile media news 

New Mobile Media

There have been a lot of questions on social media lately, as the application called “New Mobile Media” has disappeared from the face of the earth, after so many people have invested so much in it. It’s really sad and cruel, actually. After extensive research, we have decided to write a comprehensive review of the new mobile media, such as what to do now that the new mobile media has put its tail between its legs and fled?

Whether the new mobile media (NMM) smartphone application is real or fake, legit or bogus, or was the NMM ever legit in any way? What’s the full story here? Can we recover the lost money on the new mobile media website? All the questions will be answered here in this article. Don’t hold your breath though, it’s not going to be pretty, I can tell you that. 

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What is the new mobile media app? New mobile media website?

New Mobile Media was a website and an android application targeted at Indian audiences. A bunch of lousy developers who are still unknown, had created the application called “New Mobile Media”, which was a money-earning application. The application was created early post-COVID, when people were hopeless and desperate looking for ways to make money, whether offline or online, and New Mobile Media (NMM) provided just the right offers that drew people in, like moths to the lights.

New Mobile Media

So, how did the new mobile media scheme work? Was New media real or fake? Legit or bogus? Well, to answer your question, first we are going to have to understand how the NMM worked in reality, the algorithm and scheme in total. 

First off, New Mobile Media was an earning website, that allowed you to make money through investment. The app would show you a number of purchaseable virtual machines that you had to buy, after which you’d make some percentage of commission each day.

For example— Supposedly, you have bought a virtual electrical device that is worth 350 rupees only. Once you have invested the money required, which is 350INR, you will make a commission of 20% to 30% each day. which is about 70INR to 100INR. This was the scheme NMM used to hypnotise people for money. 

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Yes, you heard that right. New Mobile Media was a legit app in the beginning, but not truly legit. It was designed in such a way that it would spare some small amounts of money for folks who had just started it and were investing small amounts of money. This was in order to gain their trust, New Mobile Media would allow withdrawals of nickels and dimes.

In the beginning, everybody who had downloaded the application would be sceptical, but they eventually would invest a minimum of 260INR, kind of a gamble really. Afterwards, in the dashboard, they would see the money coming in each day for free. Once a month had passed, they would try to withdraw the money from the new mobile media app, which, as it turns out, would actually pay them for real.

That way, said person will slowly but surely start trusting the new mobile media app and invest large amounts of money, like 1K INR, 2K INR, or even 10K INR, thinking they will actually make lots of money. Which they obviously won’t since the site is lying in ambush for them and they will fall prey to their manoeuvre. 

NMM New Mobile Media News

The application called “The New Mobile Media” is a scam-based website and smartphone app that reels people in by showing their money-making plans that are not just unreasonable but also non-profitable for their own NMM company.

Their domain address, which is basically their website, has been operating from countries like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. and targeting all types of audiences, although they often target the Indian audience with their apps. Yes, this is true. New mobile media app is not something novel in the market. In fact, they have been in the market and playstore for years. For example, think of o2obk, ORich app, or HPZToken. These are just some of the applications that give you money for doing practically nothing, just investing money. 

Unfortunately, when a newbie hears of an investment of money, they often imagine that it could work, and seeing such offers that websites like New Mobile Media make, is truly a ray of hope. For them, little do they know, they are going to be scammed once they have invested enough money for the company to run away for another 6 months or a year.

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How to identify websites as new mobile media? If they are fake or not

It is critical for any of us to look for the signs that scam-based websites or applications frequently leave on their platforms. These signs are unavoidable because, no matter what they do, they will never let any of their real data show on the website or the app. The new mobile media also had such real-warning signs that people chose to ignore.

And mind you, these sorts of websites are not going to stop anytime soon. That is why we have created a template for you, so that you can see for yourself, and the next time you see any scamming site like the new mobile media app, you will be able to tell the difference between the real and the fake. 

  • These kinds of fake money-making apps often ask you to invest in a rentable virtual machine.
  • Authorized websites for such smartphone applications are difficult to find.
  • The privacy policy page either won’t be very clear or won’t be there.
  • Same goes for the disclaimer page, either it will not be clear or just won’t be available.
  • The designs of such applications, such as the new mobile media, are often very bad. Their interfaces will look like the hurried work of some desperate developers.
  • There will be no information available about the chief executive of the website.
  • The domain address for the websites should be purchased very early on. For example, the domain would be only a year or two old.
  • Normally, for such fraudulent websites, the domain is normally registered in countries like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. It is very likely they are operating from India.
  • Social media accounts for such scamming websites are not available, at least not the real ones, so do look out for those.
  • Finally, such deceptive websites, such as new mobile media apps, frequently offer investment or money-making plans that are simply too good to be true.


So today we debunked the website and the mobile application called “New Mobile Media”, which is a website that offer too good to be true offers and ask for investment from anybody who has downloaded the application through the referral link. The website has managed to scam thousands of Indian people of their hard-earned money, and will definitely come back again in the very near future with a unique name and interface. 

So, regardless of what happens, how good the offer is, or how much time is left on the clock, do not invest money unless you are absolutely certain it is not a scam website. And please, if you have been scammed by the new mobile media app and lost money, comment down below and let us know what exactly happened, and how much money you lost. That will be a lesson for those willing to take such risks for practically nothing.


q1. New Mobile Media company real or fake

To answer your question, In the shortest of time, yes, the new mobile media application is fake.

q2. New Mobile Media Company LOGIN

You cannot login to the New Mobile Media Company, as the company, or bunch of thieves, has already run away with the public’s money. 

q3. New Mobile Media registration

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As of now, the website “New Mobile Media” has been shut down by its owner in order for them to keep all of the money, so you cannot register on the New Mobile Media.

q4. NMM New Mobile Media News

Do you want to get the latest NMM new mobile media news? Bookmark our page for future updates. 

q5. New Mobile Media download

There are still numerous sites that have the application downloaded and have provided it on their platform, although when downloaded, the application won’t work. Since the application was connected with the website, the website has been forcefully shut down by its owners.

q6. NMM New Mobile Media ceo

Do you want to learn more about NMM New Mobile Media’s CEO?Well, unfortunately the app was a scamming website, and there are no details of the CEO of NMM New Mobile Media.

q7. New Mobile Media headquarters

From what we can tell, the headquarters for new mobile media were located in Hong Kong. 

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q8. How to recover money from New mobile media

Do you want to recover your money from the new mobile media app? Well, unfortunately, the company has run away with whatever the users have invested in it. You should not be able to recover any money whatsoever from the new mobile media app. 

q9. New Mobile Media App customer care number

As we have said before, the application New Mobile Media was a scam, and thus it did not have any real details on it. Furthermore, expecting the customer care number for the website to call is just foolish, it is a straight-up scam.

q10. Is it safe to invest in the new mobile media app?

No, it is not safe to invest in the new mobile media app. It is a fake app that lures people in and steals their money so swiftly, you wouldn’t even know.

q11. New Mobile Media App Legit or Scam

Want to know whether the new mobile media app is legit or a scam? Read the post.

q12. How to withdraw money from the New Mobile Media App

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You cannot withdraw your money from the new mobile media app. It was a scamming application, that is now shut off.

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