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(Last Updated On: 28 July 2022)
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    Hey guys welcome to pixim fix. as you already know, today we will be creating this neon light effect in Photoshop. and of course, you can use exactly the same method to create for example light saber, or anything that looks like a neon light. so without any further ado lets the fun begin 


    Wall min

    today i will be using this brick wall background, and i will add here our model, and type his name, and turn that name in neon lights  

    Screenshot 47

    as you can see, this background is not enough to fill this canvas 

    Screenshot 48

    so i make a few copy’s of this wall, and fill it 

    Screenshot 49

    I use mask and clone stamp tool for remove edges to make the copy’s real  

    Screenshot 50

    now this wall looks lot bigger for our consept, so first i convert this background in to a smart object, and i press ctrl + T and adjust the size of the background

    So the next step is  make the background littel bit darker. because now  its too brightr for this effect. 

    Screenshot 51

    to make the background darker i use adjustment layer so that i can make changes anytime 

    make the backgroud darker

    Adjustment layers

    • vibrance

      First i have desaturate the image for that i use vibrance

    • exposure

      now its time to make the background little bit darker, so i take the exposure adjustment layer, and take the exposure slider to the left side

    • curves

      now i add some contrast on it by using curves adjustment layer

    • gradient

      i want some vignette effect on this background so i use gradient

    extract the subject

    Screenshot 52

    i extract him by using pen tool and refine adge tool.

    Screenshot 53

    then i insert him into the background


    after that, i use levels and couple of  curves adjustment layers to match him with the background 

    Screenshot 54

    shadows is the most important things in any photoshop manipulation. so i use drop shadow for this image 

    Now let's create neon lights

    Screenshot 56

    to create this neon light text first you have download this font 

    Neon Font

    Neon fonts is perfect for your project and allows you to create designs, headlines, posters, logos, badges, t-shirts and many more that are beautiful. It is also best used for posts, logos, posters, certificates, labels and more.

    Go To The Downloading Page
    Screenshot 55

    Now type your text 

    Screenshot 57

    then duble click on the text layer this will open up a layer style box 



    of course you don't need to use the exactly the same number, I'm doing here, you can use anything that you want, create your own style, and remember guys' that those number are not universal. those numbers depend of the text size. so you will have different numbers if you have bigger or smaller text in it

    How to create circles

    Screenshot 60

    now i will use shape tool, and the circular one. and for the stroke color i will be chose white, and for fill color is none. and now i press and hold shift key and create this kind of shape. then i will duplicate this shape, by pressing ctrl+J on keyboard

    and now i press ctrl+t and make this shape little bit smaller, like this.

    Screenshot 61

    after that i want to delete those portion of the circles because i don’t want to overlap with the text. so i will create layer mask on both layers, now i take brush with black color, and make the brush size bigger and Harder. now just dab on it where text is overlapping  

    Screenshot 63

    then i copy the effect from the text layer and paste it on the circles 

    So how to copy the effect

    Just hold the alt or option key and move the effect to one by one to both circles


    but now i don’t want all the letters and circles to be in the same color so i will change the colors

    Screenshot 65

    to change the color, double click on the effects, and change colors from inner glow, outer glow and drop shadow with any bright color 

    now let’s add some lights on wall

    Screenshot 66

    press crtl+shift+N this will open the layer box. change the mode normal to color dodge and make sure fill color box check then hit okay. then move this layer just above the background layer.

    Screenshot 67

    Then take the brush with white color, and flow 5-10%, and just paint around the text and circles.



    Now you can add even more details to the image to add little bit more realism to it for example you can add some wires  

    Screenshot 68

    there are few ways to create wires. let’s first create a new layer just above the background, and now i will use pen tool, and create a shape of wire. then i take brush with 100% hardness, and i will use black color for brush, and chose a brush size according to your wires 

    Screenshot 69

    Now i go back to pen tool, and right click and select stroke path.

    Screenshot 70

    then just hit okay, 

    Screenshot 71

    press delete, to delete path. now i have first wier.  now we need to play with some settings to make this wire more realistic. so how to do that ?

    Screenshot 72

    double click on the wire layer, and first i add some drop shadow, then inner shadow and play according to your need.

    Screenshot 73

    similarly, you can create more wires like that and thats how you can create wires  

    Screenshot 74

    then i create a highlights for my subject. To create a highlights, i chose hue/saturation. then clip this adjustment layer in to your subject. now check the colorize box, then mach the color with your neon light color. then invert the layer mask by pressing ctrl + I. now select a brush, and soft, not too big with white color, and and just paint on him Where you should have highlights.

    Screenshot 75

    Now, i marge everything together in to one layer. and do a final color correction and finish this tutorial.  

    Speed art


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