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Mobile Performance Meter App Trick – Unlimited Gift Cards 2023  

Mobile Performace Meter App Trick – Unlimited Gift Cards

Making money online is something we all want to do. It’s not like it’s not legit because it is pretty legit. As you all know, people make money by creating their own channels on YouTube or answering questions on Quora, etc.

although these kinds of jobs take a fair amount of time out of the day, and those of us who aren’t psyched about investing too much time or money in these kinds of jobs, can also make and earn money just by downloading and using certain Playstore apps. Like the sort of games that give you real money just for playing them, or making money just by sharing your internet data connection. All of this may not sound real to you quite yet, but those who have seen it will believe it. 

That is exactly why today, we have brought you the mobile performance meter app trick that lets you make free money, or shall we say giftcards, from all the big companies, like Amazon, Visa, Google Play, Starbucks, Domino’s Pizza, and many more

What do you have to do? You must be wondering. Well, it’s rather easy. All you have got to do is download the mobile performance meter app on your iOS iPhone or Android mobile, install the apk, and run it in the background. That’s it! Mobile performance meter apk in a nutshell, if you will.

That is why we have created this post for you: a comprehensive guide for the Mobile Performance Meter App, an application that allows you to earn money simply by allowing it to run in the background while you use your phone as you normally would.

We will also tell you about some amazing hacks and tricks that you didn’t know about this application, making it absolutely possible for you to make money real fast on mobile performance meter app, getting unlimited giftcards from the mobile performance meter app.

However, as we always do, let us begin by explaining everything about mobile performance meter app so that your questions are answered, as well as providing complete information on “What is mobile performance meter app?” And whether or not it can be tweaked in order to get giftcards real quick.

What is the Mobile performance meter app?

Mobile meter apk is an Android device application available on the internet and on our website. This application has been created and developed by embeemobile, which is a market research company operating from San Francisco, California, USA.  

Mobile performance meter1

The mobile performance meter app assists in gathering important data such as “What mobile phone are you using?”, “What is your mobile service provider?”, “What kind of apps do you use the most?” and “What websites do you visit.” Now before you go ahead and think it’s a scam, let us stop you right there. 

Because the mobile performance meter does not in any case take away your personal data, such as mobile phone number, clicked photos or otherwise, likewise the device videos. But most importantly, it does not store any of your account credentials of any kind. This statement has been stated in crystal-clear letter on the apps’ privacy policy page. To understand it even better, think of the times you visit a website and it asks for cookies’ permission. 

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This is pretty much the same thing, only the difference being the app will be constantly collecting your smartphone’s information to share with the reputable research market companies and mobile carriers in order to make a better product.

Now the question arises, what happens with the concerned data of yours that is being shared? legitimate question and the answer is even more satisfying. All the collected data by the mobile performance meter app is used for only reports and analysis. It goes to the Embee research partners, which are some of the biggest firms out there, legitimate as well as trustyworthy.

The information is used to make statistical models of people that look like you based on gender, age, income, education, household size, and mobile phone usage habits. Mind you, the data is collected as a collective, meaning the shared data is not individualistic but collective.

One of the best pros of having the mobile performance meter app is that you don’t even need to create an account for it, you can just install the application and kickstart it. It’s really a walk in the park. Whenever you feel like, you can just turn off the privacy button and none of the information will be shared.

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How to download mobile performace meter apk & install it

We hope by now it has been clear to you what sort of data is shared with other firms who thereafter use the same collected module to better the future of Android mobile technology. rewarding you along the way for sharing your valuable information.

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It happens quite often that the playstore shows, “This item isn’t available in your country,” which we have solved in this article. Use the respective download links to download the mobile performance meter apk to your Android device. 

NameMobile performance meter apk 1.90.0 (Latest official version)
Downloads1,000,000+Developer : Embeemobile
RequirementsAndroid 5.0 & up
Last UpdatedRecent update
Download Mod Apk

After downloading the mobile performance application, follow the steps outlined below to better understand “How to install mobile performance meter apk on your Android mobile”. 

Step -1: Open your Android settings and then click on the “Security” option.

Step -2: Scroll Until You See, “Unknown Sources”

Step -3: Hit On The “Unknown Sources” Button And Click On “Ok

Step -4: Download The Mod Apk On Your Android Device And Click On The App. It Will Be Installed.

Many clients have complained about the “We have encountered an error.” Please try again. If you are having trouble, please contact Embee support. ”  If you are also experiencing such difficulties, it may be because you are not now in the United States, or for some other unknown reason. Download a VPN from the Google Play Store and configure it to connect to the United States or Spain. Open the mobile performance meter apk file for it to function. If not, try switching to a different mobile device.

Some basic setup to make money on mobile performace meter apk

Before getting to the hacks and tricks for the mobile performance app, let us understand the basic setup that you will need to do after installing the mobile performance meter application on your smartphone. If you haven’t done that already, do it right now.

  1. Launch the Android mobile performance meter app. 
  2. The apk will ask for permission to do things like [make and manage phone calls]. [Location of the device]: allow all of it. (Don’t worry, it’s not going to take any of your personal data in any way.) 
  3. Click on the “Done” button, which will open the next page, where you need to tick on “Privacy policy and terms of conditions.” 
  4. You will be redirected to the next page, which will ask for some generic information like [date of birth], [ethnicity], etc. to make a basic graph that will be used to compile a large set of information, for research purposes. 
  5. By now you are fully-set-out to make some money on mobile performance apk. It will show the “METER” to be on and ‘”Running” that you can withdraw after enough points. 
  6. Once you have enough points on your mobile performance meter, click on the Rewards key, choose your giftcard brand, put in your email address and the amount you’d like to withdraw. 
  7. After doing all of the steps above, simply click on the “Redeem” button and you will have the gift card sent to your email address. Easy as pie. 

Mobile performance meter apk trick-Unlimited points & Giftcards

Downloading the mobile performance meter apk and setting it up is just the first step. It doesn’t take much effort and works seamlessly, although did you know about the mobile performance meter apk second trick? Yeah, using this trick will accelerate your point-making speed. You will be mind blown at how easy this trick is. Just follow the steps carefully.

  • Download any free vpn and connect it to USA, and run it in the background. (We strongly advice using Premium VPN)
  • Open the mobile performance meter apk on the device. Now you will be unlocking more rewards than ever before. Don’t forget to switch on survey booster. With the VPN trick, your points making on the apk will go crazy. 
  • For more points, try changing the location to different locations, e.g., from Texas to Florida. This will definitely increase your points real quick. 

Some other legit ways to make fast points on mobile performace meter app

We have learned the “trick to earn unlimited points and giftcards on the mobile performance meter app.” Fortunately, this is not the end of the methods available on mobile performance meter apk, because you can also make more points by utilising some other methods, outlined below. Do let us know what you think of these down in the comment section or on our telegram channel for any queries.

  • Do surveys

    You may be shocked to learn that running the apk in the background is not the only method for earning points with the mobile performance meter app. You can easily earn money by participating in basic surveys on apk, which typically involve watching movies, responding simple questions, completing quizzes and tests, etc.

  • Refer a friend

    You can share your referral link for the mobile performance app with friends, family, and even strangers on the road to earn roughly 300 more points. Isn’t that incredible?


All in all, mobile performance meter is an amazing application that allows you to earn points by doing several kinds of small-scaled things, and even if you aren’t big on performing small tasks, don’t worry, just open the apk and let it run in the background. Just by doing this, you will be able to have free pizza every month, or some Amazon gift cards that you can either use for yourself or gift to a friend. You know.

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There are so many sites that do accept gift cards, and the mobile performance meter apk has covered it all. The finest thing about the mobile performance meter app is that you don’t even have to sign up on the site or the apk to make use of it; it’s all hassle free. And we understand if it seems a little suspicious at first, although believe us, that is not the case. None of your personal data will be shared with anyone in any way, just the generic data. For a better understanding, Refer to the privacy policy page of the apk for all the legality details. 

And if you require any assistance with the mobile performance meter apk, please leave a comment below and let us understand. Additionally, please join our Telegram channel for the most recent updates on websites and programmes that allow you to earn money without making an investment. Good day.

Frequently asked questions

q1. Mobile performance app is showing “We have encountered an error. Please try again. If you are having trouble, please contact Embeesupport” What should I do?

Well, a lot of people have asked us the same question many times, and the solution is to simply use a VPN, connect it to the USA, and run the mobile performance meter apk. It should work. If it still doesn’t, switch the devices.

q2. Best tricks for mobile performance meter apk in 2023?

Here in this article, we have written about the best tricks that a person could use to make points and get gift cards on mobile performance meter apk easily. 

q3. What VPN should i use in order to trick the mobile performance meter apk?

Honestly, would advise you to work with a premium VPN; however, if you are short on cash, you can try using a free VPN that you can get from the Playstore. Zero VPN is one service that comes highly recommended from our team.

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