Is nmdevice life app real or fake? News about NMdevice life 

Before you go ahead and invest your money into nmdevice life website today, read this article. Because in this article we have explained the nmdevice life app algorithm And how it works, whether it is fake or real, scam or legit? As well as how to recover money from the nmdevice website & app. All your questions will be answered in this article, we just ask one favour of you, do not skip or you might end missing some important piece of details about it. Let us begin then, shall we?

Just a few days ago, we published an article about the new mobile media application that would give people money for investing in it, which is just the same as the nmdevice life. If you do not know about the new mobile media application, you won’t know about their scams and how they work, but those who have lost their money in them will know. Why are we talking about new mobile media apps though? Well, that is because the same people or developers who made the new mobile media have developed the nmdevice life app! 

Is that to say that the nmdevice life application is a scam also? Rest assured, because when we say this, we are saying it with the utmost belief that-Yes! The nmdevice life app is a 100% scam and has been created by the same group of individuals who have crafted the same sorts of fake money-making apps in the past. Do not invest a single rupee into the NMdevice life app, since it will only consume your money, energy, and time. 

Is it safe to invest in nmdevice life app or website?

Absolutely no! Since the nmdevice life app and website are a scamming platform, it will not be wise to invest a rupee on it, much less thousands of rupees. You must have so many questions floating around in your head as to why the nmdevice life app is fake, and whether there is any evidence there or not, about the nmdevice life website being fraudulent. 

If it’s proof you want, in that case I’ll let you know, the proof is self-evident because the method to earn money on the nmdevice life website is rather fuzzy. Do you really understand how one makes money on it? The process is simple; you invest a minimum of 5,00 rupees and a maximum of 50,000 thousand rupees. Once the investment is completed, you will make a percentage commission of that money each day at a one-time cost.

For example— Supposedly, you have bought a virtual electrical device that is worth 500 rupees only. Once you have invested the money required, which is 500INR, you will make a commission of 20% to 30% each day. which is about 100INR to 150INR. This is the scheme nmdevice life uses to hypnotise people with money. 

Now let this simple process sink in for a good while. What do you think? Would any application or website allow you to make 6,000INR to 7,000INR a month for just investing a small amount of money? No, that would be pretty crazy. This is just pure logical thinking, that almost all the time gets clouded by seeing all the numbers on these online money-making apps. 

Furthermore, when you really give it a thought, you will realise you don’t really know a thing about this application called “nmdevice life”. For instance, ask yourself: do you know who the CEO of nmdevice life is? Do you know how long the website has been running for? Who runs the website nmdevice life? Or who is going to pay you the money? Really, It is just some random group of people who are out of nowhere asking you to buy their virtual machine, which you won’t ever see, but you should pay for it, because that will allow you to make 100, 150, or even more money every day. That’s ridiculous, any way you look at it. 

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NMDEVICE LIFE LOGIN-nmdevice life news

To sum up everything we have learned at this point, nmdevice life is a website that also has an app of its own called, “nmdevice life app,” which has some really bad user interface. The app is a predecessor of the new mobile media application, which was also a website and an application for smartphones that scammed thousands of Indians who took a chance and loaded it with money. The new mobile media app was shut down after a while, which is really no surprise, but must have been devastatingly awful for those who lost their money on it. 

nmdevice life

We are pretty sure that this new version of the new mobile media app, “nmdevice life,” will also stop midway through, looting all the money that anybody has invested in it. 

However, for those who want to access the website for themselves and have a look-see, they should use the nmdevice life official link that we have provided in the box below. Remember that in order to access the nmdevice website, you must have a referral code or link, which we have also provided. Mark these words: do not refer any of your friends or relatives to this website, as they may be more gullible and susceptible to falling victim to these classic web techniques.

How to identify websites like nmdevice life? If they are fake or not

It Is Critical For Any Of Us To Look For The Signs That Scam-Based Websites Or Applications Frequently Leave On Their Platforms. These Signs Are Unavoidable Because, No Matter What They Do, They Will Never Let Any Of Their Real Data Show On The Website Or The App.

 Just like that, nmdevice life also has such real-warning signs that people choose to overlook. Once they have withdrew a couple of thousand to a couple of hundred rupees from the application, they believe it to be the real deal.

And mind you, these sorts of websites are not going to stop anytime soon. That is why we have created a template for you, so that you can see for yourself, and the next time you see any scamming site like nmdevice life, you will be able to tell the difference between the real and the fake. 

  • These kinds of fake money making apps often ask you to invest in a rentable virtual machine.
  • The authorised websites for such smartphone applications are not easily available.
  • The privacy policy page either won’t be very clear or won’t be there.
  • Same goes for the disclaimer page, either it will not be clear or just won’t be available.
  • The designs of such applications such as the nmdevice are often very bad. Their interfaces will look like the hurried work of some desperate developers.
  • There will be no details available about the official chief executive officer of the website.
  • The domain address for the websites should be purchased very early on. For example, the domain would be only a year or two old.
  • Normally, for such fraudulent websites, the domain is normally registered in countries like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. It is very likely they are operating from India.
  • Social media accounts for such scamming websites are not available, at least not the real ones, so do look out for those.
  • Finally, such deceptive websites as nmdevice life frequently offer investment or money-making plans that are simply too good to be true.


So today we debunked the website and the mobile application called “nmdevice life”, which is a website that offers too good to be true offers and asks for investment from anybody who has downloaded the application through the refferal link. Till now, the website has managed to scam hundreds of Indian people of their hard earned money, and will definitely come back again in the very near future with a unique name and interface. 

So, regardless of what happens, how good the offer is, or how much time is left on the clock, do not invest money unless you are absolutely certain it is not a scam website.

And please, if you have been scammed by NMDEVICE LIFE and lost money, comment down below and let us know what exactly happened and how much money you lost. That will be a lesson for those willing to take such risks for practically nothing. For more updates about scam-based apps, do join our telegram channel, Good day. 


q1. nmdevice life company real or fake?

To answer your question, the nmdevice company is, indeed, a scam.

Q2. nmdevice life registration

As we have already stated before, the website nmdevice dot life is a fake one. Although it’s just out of curiosity, you can register on their site for free and see what they offer. Just remember, it’s all a scam, through and through. Use this link to register on NMDevice Life.

Q3. nmdevice life News

Do you want to get the latest nmdevice life news? Bookmark our page for future updates. 

q4. nmdevice life application download

In order to access the nmdevice life app, one is going to need two things; first an account on the nmdevice life website and second, the application, which you can download after making an account on it. Use the given link by us, though keep in mind, it’s a fake money making application that is only working to loot people.  

q5. Who is nmdevice life’s ceo?

Do you wish to know about the CEO of NMDevice Life? Well, unfortunately, the app is a scamming website, and there are no details about the CEO of nmdevice life.

q6. nmdevice life headquarters? 

From what we can tell, the headquarters for nmdevice life might be located in Hong Kong. 

q7. How to recover money from nmdevice life?

Do you want to recover your money from NMDEVICE LIFE? Well, unfortunately, once you have transferred your money onto their website, it is practically impossible for you to recover the money from nmdevice life. All you can do is report their website to some online cybercrime complaint portal, so the others won’t get scammed as well.

q8. nmdevice life App customer care number

As we have said before, the application nmdevice life is a scam, and thus it does not have any real details on it. Furthermore, expecting the customer care number for the website will be just foolish, it is a straight-up scam.

q9. Is it safe to invest in the nmdevice life website?

No, it is not safe to invest money in nmdevice life website or application. It is a fake app that lures people in and steals their money rather swiftly.

q10. nmdevice life App Legit or Scam

Want to know whether the nmdevice life app is legit or a scam? Read the post.

q11. How to withdraw money from the nmdevice life app?

You cannot withdraw your stuck money from the nmdevice life app because it is a scamming application that has complete control over your money, and the accumulated money you see on the nmdevice application’s dashboard section is also just a number.

q12. nmdevice’s official telegram channel shows proof of transferred money screenshots? Isn’t that real?

Well, first of all, these people are programmers who have crafted this money-making application, however bad it might be, so you should know it’s rather easier to make fake screenshots of transfer payments. They have the whole coding of the website and app. Moreover, they have also shut down their telegram channel’s comment section, which is an instant red-alert.

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