How to use Instagram analytics to increase followers and engagement

The easiest way to gauge how well you’re doing as a creator or marketer on Instagram is to look at your analytics. This makes it easier to understand how your material is being viewed and by whom. Analyze your Instagram followers to determine whether the audience your messages are actually reaching fits your target market. Start by examining how many new followers you acquire as a result of a certain post. Next, take a look at your reach and the percentage of non-followers that viewed the post. 

 You may work with what you already have and create stuff they’ll enjoy by identifying your current followers using Instagram analytics. You can make the most of what you already have and produce content that your followers will like by learning more about them through Instagram analytics. Many sites or pages would advise you to fall for the erroneous tactic of “buy more instagram auto likes”. Beware! We’ll see what Instagram has in store for you here, proving that you don’t need these other websites.

Look at information like:


Instagram gives you the option to “prefer not to say” your gender, but you can choose it.


Instagram keeps track of the cities where your followers are from and displays the top five cities where people visit or follow you.

Age groups

Instagram divides users into age ranges such as 13–19, 20–40, etc.

Note: Instagram categorises this data into numerous groups.

Profile Analytics

You must also monitor the performance of your profile. Before even looking at the performance of your individual posts, you can learn a tonne of amazing details about your overall Instagram presence from these analytics. These will help you in increasing your Instagram followers.

  • Profile visits: The number of times someone on Instagram clicked from another page to visit your profile.
  • Clicks: This statistic shows how many people visited your URL off of Instagram.
  • Interactions: The total number of likes, clicks, and comments on all of your posts.
  • Mentions: When someone mentions you or tries to grab your attention.
  • Reach: Reach gives you the number of distinct accounts, whereas impressions tell you the total number of times your posts were viewed.
  • Impressions: The frequency with which users’ newsfeeds or hashtag searches tallied up your postings.

Individual Post Analytics

Increasing Your Follower Number, Of course, you might begin by looking at the metrics for your profile to see how you’re collecting followers over time. To obtain a better understanding of how your material performs, you can also look at the Instagram follower stats for each of your individual posts. Instagram analytics for individual posts helps you figure
out how your content performs on a micro-level. For business accounts it is very important for you to get detailed Instagram analytics tools on your posts for free.

  • Followers: The number of new followers your post brought you.
  • Impressions:  it is very important to see that – How many times have your posts been viewed by individuals using a newsfeed, hashtag search, or another platform?
  • Instagram discovery: Anyone who manages a business account may be selected to sit atop the Instagram discovery ladder! Instagram will notify you here if one of your posts is included on the Discovery page.
  • Reach The total number of individuals that saw your post. You can find out how many of the people you reached weren’t already followers on Instagram.
  • Interactions: The number of individuals that interacted with your article and the steps they made, such as leaving comments, saving it, liking it, clicking on profiles, visiting websites, clicking on email buttons, etc.

Stories analytics 

Finally, Instagram also allows you to view the performance of your stories. Because they push you to the top of your followers’ homepages, stories are precious to Instagram investors. If you compare the two, stories are superior to postings in terms of quality. Stories have a higher level of engagement than posts do, so it is crucial to use stories to boost engagement. Through your story analytics, you can check the following:

• Reach:  You can see where your stories are reaching. The number of distinct readers of your story.

• Impressions: This helps in looking at the total number of times your story was viewed across all platforms. You can see whether or not you are making a good impression through your content. 

• Replies: How many direct messages do you receive in response to your stories?

• Exits: The percentage of readers who abandoned your article before it ended.

Improved Off-App Traffic and Engagement

You can see the days and hours of activity metrics for your followers to see the initial analytics section. If you have phone, website, and email buttons on your page, start by measuring these simple metrics.  You should post during the times that your followers are most engaged on the platform to enhance engagement and drive traffic to your website from outside the app. Engagement of the followers is critically crucial to increasing followings.


So, you can see the analytics helps you in increasing your Instagram followers. Don’t fall into the gimmick of sites saying to buy Instagram followers. Hope this article helps you in analyzing your performance on Instagram and you gain more followers.

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