How to Unblock Different Apps on iPhone and Android

Whether you want to visit a website or watch a show that is restricted in your country, there are several reasons why this should be done on your laptop. At the same time, there are also a few reasons why this should be done on your smartphone. There are various smartphone browsers that you can use if you want to do this on your Android smartphone or iPhone.

There are popular browsers that you can find in Google Play Store that can help you in unblocking websites on your smartphone. Aside from this, we are also going to explore some of the effective ways on unlocking content and websites on your smartphone.

How To Unblock Apps on Smartphones

You might be wondering how you can unblock banned apps and addictive games if it’s been blocked by the Android operating system or iOS. Sometimes it is hard to locate those banned APK files. Fortunately, for iOS users, they can simply download them from the internet. IOS users can use a specific program known as Unblock and type the app’s name in the search engine to unlock those banned apps. They have to confirm their identity so that the restricted apps can be unlocked.

For Android users, there are ways to bypass the security settings. One option is to use the Virus Total, which is a specific website that can detect viruses in files. It gathers information from website scanners, user contributions, antivirus programs, as well as file and URL analysis programs. By using this website, you can unlock apps that have been prohibited on your smartphone. When done, you can access the app from any of your devices. Aside from this, you can also use the following methods.

Using Free VPN

If you want to unblock content from the installed apps on your smartphone, then you should download and install a VPN. You can find various VPN choices for iPhone owners and Android owners out there.


One of the free VPN apps that you can use for your iPhone is TunnelBear. Once installed, you can simply hide your exact location. This will allow you to unlock any content and apps. Your browser will use the fake location so you can unblock websites.

Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN is an excellent app since it is unlimited and free as well. In other words, you can use it as long as you want. However, you can only access a few locations for free. For more locations , you must unlock it by buying its paid version.

Using Tor Browser

Most likely, one of the most popular browsers that can unblock content and websites is the Tor browser. Lately, its developer has launched a Tor browser for Android but unfortunately there is none for iPhone. Alternatively, the Onion browser can be used on your iPhone which works similarly with Tor.

Using Proxy Browsers

Another way to unblock the content or websites on your smartphone is to use proxy browsers. Two of the most popular proxy browsers that you can use on your Android smartphone are Private Browser and Proxynel.

Private Browser

Private Browser is one of those proxy browsers that you can use to unlock different kinds of content and website on your smartphone. They have 400 servers that are located in more than 70 locations from different parts of the world. Additionally, it comes with SSL data encryption so you can guarantee that your personal information is always safe. It is a free-to-use browser that includes a lock so nobody can open the app except yourself. 

Turbo VPN Private Browser 

If you are using an iPhone, then you can use Turbo VPN Private Browser. This app is designed for iOS devices and allows you to surf the internet using a VPN. Since this browser comes with a built-in VPN, then you can browse the internet anytime you want without any tension and stress.


Another option is the Proxynel app which can do the same thing as a Private browser does. This app is also free-to-use and you can choose any location you want from the list. You can keep your private information secure since it does not log your activities or anything that you do on your smartphone. This means that Proxyne is one of the best and the most secure browsers that you can use for your smartphone.


Now you already know how you can hide your exact location on your smartphone so you can unblock those content and services that are not available in your country. However, there are still some apps and websites that can detect these strategies and won’t give you access despite using these tricks.

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