How to stream Hulu on discord – Without a Black Screen

Hulu is a streaming service that offers both live and on-demand TV shows, movies, and documentaries. It is available in the United States and a few other countries.

Hulu has a wide range of TV shows available for its users to watch. Some of the most popular ones include: “The Office,” “Friends,” “Breaking Bad,” “The Daily Show,” “Saturday Night Live,” and “Game of Thrones.” And that’s not the end of it. There’s more. There are even Japanese anime available on the Hulu platform that you can watch with a one-time subscription on Hulu, which you will need to renew each month or year. “

We’re presuming that you have been on HULU for a while and would like to stream Hulu on Discord so that you can watch it live with your friends and have fun. However, since many folks have tried doing it, they often end up with a black screen on Hulu whilst attempting to stream Hulu on Discord.

Keep your chin up though, because in today’s article we have brought to you some surprising techniques that one can use in order to stream Hulu on Discord without a black screen. We have answered some of the audience’s most frequently asked questions like, “How to stream Hulu on Discord without a black screen” or “How do I watch Hulu on Discord without a black screen?” Etc. Basically, if you have never attempted to stream Hulu on Discord, you will learn how in this article.

Furthermore, if you have tried “streaming hulu on Discord” and have ended up with a black screen, we will also let you know “How to bypass the black screen when streaming Discord.” In the simplest manner possible.

How to Stream Hulu on Discord in 2023?

There are two types of discord programmes available in the market, one is “The discord application” and the other one “Discord webpage” both are accessible by your  personal computer whether it’s mac or windows. Now, according to your access of discord (app or webpage) you shall have to follow unique methods in order to successfully “Stream Hulu on discord”.  


That is why in this article we have decided to provide the easiest method to access Hulu on Discord. Just before going ahead and following all these steps, make sure you have downloaded the Discord software on your PC and logged in since we are going to be working with “Discord software” in this trick.

Furthermore, we will also introduce a second section that will deal with “How to bypass the black screen when streaming Hulu on Discord?”. Currently, though, let us focus on basic steps in order to stream Hulu on Discord:)

  • First and foremost, minimise the Discord software and launch Chrome (or another browser of your choice).
  • Now, on the Hulu website, find the web series or movie you want to watch on Discord, and minimise the Hulu page as well.
  • After minimising the Hulu webpage on your PC, you can open the Discord application in a different window.
  • On your extreme bottom left, there will be a gear or “settings” sign. Click on it.
  • In the “Activity settings”, choose the “Activity status.”
  • After choosing the “Activity status” function, a new section will pop up, which will say “No Game Detected.” Just underneath that will be “ADD IT” click on it.
  • Now Just Simply Select The Right Window And Click On The “Add Game” Switch. This Will Enable Your Window To Be Added And Ready To Go Live.
  • A drop-down menu will open that will show all the software running in the background. In that list, select “Chrome” browser or any other browser you chose for streaming Hulu on Discord

Once you have completed all these steps, you are basically ready to go live on Discord, sharing your screen with anybody and everybody. Though, you are still a couple steps away from streaming Hulu on Discord, because you still need to choose the channel where you want to share the screen or select a channel you have already created on Discord.

  • Choose a server from the Discord server list.(If there is not a list of servers, Discord will automatically choose a random server for you) 
  • Next to your server name, there will be a screen sharing switch. Click on it.
  • Now, before clicking on “Go live,” you will get an option to choose the quality and streaming type. ( Mind you, one cannot select the stream quality to be more than 720p. This is the basic limit of free users of Discord.
  • After setting up all of these functions, simply click on “Go live.”  

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All your friends, relatives, and the beggar on the street will be able to join you and watch together with you on Hulu. They just have to join you on the server.

This is called a “Hulu Party.” A Hulu party is a fun way to watch your favourite TV shows and movies with friends. It allows you to view the same show or movie at the same time, so you can chat and comment on it together.

How to Stream Hulu on Discord without a Black Screen?

We have told you about “How to stream Hulu on Discord” through the discord application trick, and if you still end up with a black screen on your face whilst trying to stream Hulu on Discord, we recommend following this guide that has been made after much research. Basically, we believe there are two methods one can apply in order to successfully solve the Hulu on Discord black screen issue.

We are confident that after following these two methods, you should be able to stream Hulu on Discord without a black screen. Let us start then.

  • Hardware acceleration:
    • Stream Hulu On Discord Without A Black Screen

When streaming Hulu on Discord, the hardware acceleration feature must be disabled. That will stop the problem with the black screen. On the majority of browsers, including Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, and others, this feature can be turned off.

Don’t know how to switch off hardware acceleration on your browser? Here’s the complete step-by-step solution to turn off the hardware acceleration on your browser in order to stream Hulu on Discord without a black screen issue:

  1. Launch Your Chrome Browser (All Browsers Perform The Same Function).
  2. Click On The Three Dots On Your Extreme Right And Click On The “Settings” Option.
  3. There Will Be A List, Under Which You Have To Click On “System”.
  4. You Will Find “Hardware Acceleration” There. Simply Turn It Off By Sliding The Button.
  • Change The Decoder:
    • Stream Hulu On Discord Without A Black Screen
  1. Open the settings on “Discord”
  2. Access the “Voice & Video Box”
  3. Now access the “Video Codec” and disable it.
  4. Afterwards, choose “H264 Video Codec” or other ones that are available there.

Just by changing the discord settings for “Video codec”, you should be able to stream videos, movies, and shows on Hulu through “Discord”.

More often than not, these two turn out to be the main reasons why folks can’t stream Hulu on Discord without a black screen. That is why we recommend that you follow these two methods in order to “bypass the black screen problem when streaming Hulu on Discord”.

On the other hand, there is also a fairly high likelihood of various other things. For example, there is a good chance you’re having a black screen issue on your discord because of the “internet speed” or “catched up data”. In order to counter these issues, attempt changing the internet connection, clearing up browser data, or “Discord” software data for a change. Should the black screen issue still persist on Discord, comment down below with whatever info you think might be helpful.

How to stream Hulu on Firestick TV and Android TV through Discord?

Streaming “Hulu” on Discord is a fantastic experience, but have you ever tried it on your fire stick TV or Android TV? It’s sick! Here’s how to stream Hulu on Fire Stick TV and Android TV through Discord software in a step-by-step guide:

  • You must enable “Alexa key,” which you can do by pressing and holding the “Voice icon” on the remote and saying “Air screen.”  
  • Now you will get a list of applications. Select something and download it to your Fire Stick TV.  (If you have an Android TV, you can download screen sharing apps.)
  • Launch the “air screen” application on your firestick TV, and it will by default activate the “Chromacast” and “Miracast”. (Don’t do this if your TV already has the Chromacast settings.)
  • Use the TV apps “Chromacast” and “Miracast” to display your computer screen on your television.  
  • Display your television screen on your computer using the TV apps “Chromacast” and “Miracast.”
  • Make a “Hulu Watch party” on your Hulu account.  After that, select “Action Center” in the very bottom right corner of your display. Under which you have to select “Project”.
  • It’s all pretty much set up now. All you have left to do now is simply choose the “Firestick TV” from the drop cdown menu

This is actually not that complex once you have it done before. It’s easier than trying to stream Hulu on Discord. These are just a couple of steps you’ve got to follow in order to “stream Hulu on Fire Stick TV & Android TV through Discord”.

Furthermore, you will be able to communicate with your friends while watching Hulu on Fire TV Stick. How? You say, well, it’s through your computer camera and microphone device. Have fun!

Can you stream Hulu on Discord mobile? How to stream Hulu on a smartphone in 2023

I personally know a lot of folks who would love nothing more than just to be able to stream Hulu on an Android mobile, an iPhone, or generally on a smartphone. While we do understand your excitement about this and wish we had a better answer to your question, it is just unfortunately not a good one.

One cannot stream Hulu on Discord on an android mobile or iphone. The grounds behind this are simple. All the streaming content that is currently available on the Hulu platform is protected by DRM (Digital rights management), meaning even if you do attempt to stream Hulu on Discord mobile, you will most likely end up with a black screen.

Unfortunately, there is no solution to this as of right now. That is why we ask that you bookmark our page, so whenever there’s an update, you’ll know. You get notified first about it.


Watching movies, web-series, and animations is a great way to chill when at home. However, you have to say, there really is no beating it when compared to watching the same flick connected with your friends. It’s a whole other feeling. There’s discussions, there’s banter, there’s laughs. Just extraordinary, a favourite time of the day if you will.

And to accomplish that, there is Hulu and discord. It’s just the whole process is a bit complicated and we are always here to demystify it for you. We hope you have learned it for sure, “How to stream Hulu on Discord” or “How to bypass the black screen when streaming Discord”. And if you did, do leave us a comment. Happy Binging!

Frequently asked questions

q1. Why is my screen black when I stream Hulu on Discord?

Several folks get this issue of a black screen when they attempt to stream Hulu on Discord. This happens because the contents available on the “Hulu” platform are protected by the DRM (digital rights management), which doesn’t let you stream Hulu on Discord and pops out a black screen. This problem can be corrected by following a couple of steps. In order to know more, do read the article.

q2. Can I Screen Share Hulu on Discord?

Folks from all corners of the world have asked this question, wanting to know whether they can screen share Hulu on Discord or not. Well, we are here to give you a positive opinion that says “Yes, one can screen share Hulu on Discord.” In order to know more, do read this article.

q3. Can you watch Hulu together on Discord?

Absolutely! You can watch Hulu together on Discord by following a series of steps. Read the post and watch Hulu together on Discord.

q4. Does Hulu block screen sharing?

Unfortunately, yes, Hulu does block screen sharing, which is why several people experience a black screen when trying to stream Hulu on Discord. Don’t worry though, there is a solid solution for this. just got to read the article.

q5. How do I watch Hulu on Discord without a black screen?

Do you want to watch Hulu on Discord without a black screen? Well, it’s an easy solution, step-by-step guide. just got to read the article.

q6. Can you share Hulu on Discord on a smartphone?

The legendary question! Asked by millions, Well, not really 🙂 Although for those who do have a Hulu subscription, they would definitely like to know this. Unfortunately, the answer is a bad one. One cannot share Hulu on Discord on a smartphone, neither on an Android phone nor an iOS iPhone.

q7. How do I bypass the black screen when streaming Discord?

Do you wish to bypass the black screen when streaming Hulu on Discord? Well, it’s easy. Just follow a series of steps and you will have it.

q8. Can you stream Hulu on Discord mobile?

Unfortunately, no one can stream Hulu on Discord Mobile. Since the content available on Hulu is restricted to the general public.

q9. Is it legal to stream Hulu on Discord?

Well, you need to see this through this perspective. Any content available on Hulu is protected by DRM (Digital rights management), which means, as long as you have the subscription to Hulu, you are well within your rights to stream it. Whereas, if you are streaming Hulu on Discord, that means more folks are going to be watching it, basically those folks who do not have the Hulu subscription. Well, there’s your answer. Yeah, it is not legal to play or stream Hulu content on Discord. (Though you can do it, just because it’s so easy:).

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