How to reset trial period on mac? extend the trial period of any software on mac

One of the many perks of having a Mac is having access to free trials of various software programmes such as Adobe, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, Pixelmator Pro, etc. However, these free trials of Mac software come with a trial limit that’s going to stop one day. Finding a solution to this particular katzenjammer can be extending the trial period of softwares on mac. Although we can’t really extend the trial period of any software on Mac, what we can do instead is understand how to reset trial period on Mac; that way, we will ultimately have another month of free trial without paying any money whatsoever.    
The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of different approaches to managing time trials for software. While the focus is on Mac OS, some of the information is also relevant for other Unix-like systems like Linux. This article assumes the reader has a basic understanding of Mac or a similar Unix system. Please note that the purpose of this article is not to promote or encourage the unauthorised use of commercial software by resetting the trial period.

What is trial period on mac?  Can we reset trial period on Mac?

The free trial period on a Mac is a time when users can try out a piece of software for a short period, usually a couple of weeks. This lets users test out the software in their own environment to see if they like it. The trial version of the software may have some limitations, such as not being able to save certain things or having a watermark on images, etc.; this is limited to some software, whereas others may render full access to the software. Once the trial period is over, the software may stop working completely or have limited features. This helps users decide if they want to purchase the software.

Now, let us move to the question of whether we can reset trial period on Mac. If you have installed a trial version of a product on your Mac and the trial period has expired, you will typically need to purchase a licence or subscription in order to continue using the product. Don’t let it stress you out though, because there are a series of methods anybody can apply to reset trial period on mac. That’s what we are going to see today. Experiment with whatever methods appeal to you.

How to reset trial software registry mac

  1. Go to the Start menu and click on the “Run” button.
  2. In order to access the Registry Editor, click on the “OK” button next to “Register Registry.”
  3. To search for a specific document, click on “Edit” and then select “Find.”
  4. Type the address of the registry key you want to find in the search section and press “Enter.”
  5. Once you have found the desired entries, you can delete them.

How to reset the trial of Final Cut Pro on Mac?

In order to reset trial of Final Cut Pro, do these things:

  1. Sign out of Final Cut Pro and leave the software.
  2. Delete & uninstall the Final Cut Pro software.
  3. Reboot your Mac.
  4. Download & Install the Final Cut Pro on your Mac in order to reset the trial.
  5. Sign up with a new user account or as a guest and see whether the Final Cut Pro trial on Mac has been reset.

How Do I Reset The Adobe Trial On Mac?

There are quite a few Adobe software products that offer free trials on Mac for all new users. If you want to reset the Adobe trials on Mac, Read this.

  1. Open the software in order to see the trial expiration date.
  2. Leave the software.
  3. Open the Adobe Creative Cloud software.
  4. Sign out of your Adobe account.
  5. Leave the software
  6. delete and Uninstall all the Adobe family software’s.
  7. Reboot the Mac
  8. Once rebooted, install the Adobe Creative Cloud software.
  9. Open the Adobe Creative Cloud software and create a new account or log in as a guest. That should reset the adobe applications trial on mac.

How to reset trial period on Mac

Method one – Login & Logout 

  1. Log in as a guest and launch the software.
  2. Then logout and log back in, relaunch the software, and verify whether the trial period has been reset.
  3. If the trial is reset, we can conclude that the data is saved in the home directory and move on to method 2.

Method two: proceeding further

  1. Log in as a guest and launch the software.
  2. Leave the software
  3. Delete the config folder of the software ( as well as its support directory (/Library/Application Support/Random).
  4. Launch the software and verify whether the trial period has been reset. (If there is a licence file that is keeping track of your trial period, simply delete that file.)

Method three:

  1. Log in as a guest.
  2. Launch the (
  3. Choose “File System” from the left, and from the right, choose “File Activity.”
  4. Open the toolbar drop-down menu by the name “Launch Executable” and chooses “Launch Executable.”
  5. Click on the “Select” option and choose the trial software. Next, tap “record.”
  6. Once the The runs the particular software, a pop-up will appear, it will ask for (Click On Try) or something along line, click on that and leave the software.
  7. The will have a list of files; look through all of them, specifically the Library/Preferences file; once you open these files, look for anything along the lines of “Trial Period.”
  8. Delete those files you believe to be related to trial periods, and once that’s done, Check out whether the trial period has been reset on Mac.

Method four: compare directories 

  1. Login as a guest
  2. Run terminal and backup everything from here –
    Guest home: tar cvf /tmp/fresh.tar /Users/Guest
  3. Open the X software, start the trial period, and leave the software.
  4. Now backup everything again from the
    Guest home: tar cvf /tmp/after_run.tar /Users/Guest
  5. Log in with your real account.
  6. There will be a /tmp file; copy and paste all the /tmp files into two different directories.
  7.  Apply and compare the two different created directories.
  8. As stated before, look for weird files (you’ll know them when you see them), and once spotted, delete those files. Run the software again and verify whether the software trial has been reset.

Method Five: Terminal Usage

  1. Log in as a guest.
  2. Get your Mac finder ready. (Each file can be found via the finder interface.)
  3. Run the terminal and set the preferences to a large buffer size; anywhere around 10k lines is okay.
  4. Run the command “fs_usage” in the terminal.
  5. Open the software and click on “try” or something along those lines; afterwards, leave the software.
  6. Press the Control+C key, which will stop the FS_usage.
  7. Copy everything that the terminal has found and make a text file of it.
  8. The generated text file will be massive, and one will be required to look through that in order to find some weird files that contain the trial period record. Once spotted, simply delete them in the original file and verify whether the trial on Mac has been reset.


The length and terms of trial periods on Mac can vary depending on the product or service being offered. Some products or services may offer a short trial period of a few days or weeks, while others may offer a longer trial period of a month or more. Nevertheless, they are for a limited amount of time. And since that is around the corner, it is important to learn “how to extend trial period of any software on mac”. 
And since a whole lot of people might lack the means to afford one more subscription, knowing “How to Reset Trial on Mac” will definitely come in handy. If there is a particular Mac software product that you want to reset the trial for, do let us know. Additionally, do tell us which one of these methods helped you “reset trial on Mac.”

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