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How To Make Money Online Selling Photos Of Yourself (Best 12 Ways)

how to make money selling photos of yourself

Learn everything about making money online by selling your photos/images/pictures/ that you click on a daily basis as well as those you have collected over the time legally.

Is it possible though? there are many of us who likes to take pictures either of ourselves or the others, if you think about it you’ll come to see that the spectrum is quite wide, there is not just one kind picture that one can take, rather there are many.

how to make money selling photos of yourself

for instance, there is Fashion photography–Food photography–Street photography–Travel photography–Wildlife photography–Portrait photography– even Wedding photography & many more.

Different kinds of people all over the world taking different kinds of pictures of almost everything, therefore don’t you think it’s only natural to wonder whether we could earn some money just doing that! I mean for sure!

how to make money selling photos of yourself

There are various ways to accomplish that we could make money just by clicking a Selfie! You heard that right! On top of that You don’t need some high-quality camera or anything like that! You just need an Android smartphone/ iPhone with a decent camera. & You’re all set-up to make money by selling photos of yourself!


  • Camera
    • It’s All Perfect If You Have DSLR Or Some Other Camera, Even If You Don’t Have It, A Good Smartphone With A Decent Camera Will Work Too.
  • Camera Tripod Or a Selfie Stick
    • However Long You Have Used Your Camera Or Smartphone, It’s Just Not Enough Until You Have Some Tripod Or Selfi Stick.
  • Software use
    • No Matter How Amazing Pictures You Have Took, It Always Needs A Bit Of Editing & Spice Up.

Experience It all really boils down to this

whatever field your chasing, without any experience you can’t do anything. so give it some time.

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How to make money selling photos of yourself – best apps and sites

In this section you’ll get to learn about various sorts of android/iphone apps & websites that will let you be able to sell your collected pictures & photos of yourself. just hold your breath tight!

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1. Shutterstock

how to make money selling photos of yourself

Shutterstock is one of the biggest stock libraries out there, where you can just simply start by uploading all of your pictures to sell, & it’s free too. although at first whatever images you have uploaded will need to be processed and reviewed for authenticity purposes. nevertheless, you can make easy money.

what’s the steps? How to make money on Shutterstock?

  • You got to sign up as a contributor and upload a few original images
  • don’t forget to add keywords and description
  • Wait for the verification & examination
  • Now if they find that your content meet the certain criteria, you’ll be good to go.
how to make money selling photos of yourself

Thereafter you’ll easily be able to make money just by selling your pictures. The more they download your photo, the more you earn. Shutterstock pays you 25 to 38 cents everything time one of your images is downloaded, and as you keep uploading new photos even this value may very well be increased. Shutterstock is available both for Windows users and Android users.

2. Scoopshot

how to make money selling photos of yourself

Like taking pictures and selfies of yourself at different angles & pretty locations whilst doing several activity’s? Scoopshot is for you. It’s an online platform, where folks from anywhere in the world can freelance their mobile photography as well as earn some quick cash.

In addition to that, it also hooks you up with clients from anywhere in the world, meaning if an client requires an image of somebody performing a certain task, You can take a picture of yourself performing that task and sell it up. simple as that.

3. Picsy

how to make money selling photos of yourself

Picsy is an online marketplace, dedicated to making high-quality printed photo products to preserve every moment. Picsy offers a huge variety of Photo products which are theme-based for unique occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays etcetra. 

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Now you can also earn from Picsy just by uploading your pictures& being a contributor, plus it’s really easy to use it too.

how to do it? How to make money with selling photos on Picsy? Easy-Peasy

  • Sign up: make your profile on Picsy as a photographer
  • Upload: start your journey by uploading a couple of photos
  • Description: remember right keyword is the key to get your sell going real quick

Picsy review process is fast too. meaning it will only take a couple of days for all of your images to get processed, and once that’s done! You’ll start earning right away by getting 20% commission for each of your images, and the more photos you upload to sell the more money you’ll be making, along with that your commission will also be increasing day by day.

4. SmugMug

how to make money selling photos of yourself

SmugMug is an image hosting service website based in united states. it mainly facilitates the sell of digital media, Whether you are an professional or amateur photographer you can sell your works there. although what is provides is a paid service.

Meaning to render their services, you are going to need to pay at least a minimum amount, and they have many plans ranging from 7 $ per month to 42$ per month, If you’re serious about making money through selling photographs, you should honestly consider this, they’ve got the whole package, which includes Unlimited full-resolution storage–Detailed privacy and security controls–Free desktop and mobile apps–Watermark protection & so much more.

You can even customise your gallery and pictures pricing. there’s a trial version of it too for 14 days at no cost check that out.

5. Etsy

how to make money selling photos of yourself

You might know about this website better as an e-commerce company, simply because it’s where people come together to sell, buy, & collect varieties of unique items such as jewellery, bags, home décor, furniture, handmade crafts, all in all it’s a huge market.

However did you know that you can also sell your photos and pictures too here whether it is digital media or printed one! Plus Etsy also gives you the total control, as to how you want to present your photos to your customer & how you want put them on display, you get to price your own photos, Assuming you have your own shop and are looking to grow your business, Etsy just might be the place for you.

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6. 500px

how to make money selling photos of yourself

You can think of 500px as social network site specially made for photographer’s all around the world, it’s basically a community of photographers, and one of the best places to sell photos online.

Many agencies from diverse places come here to buy photos, it could be an image of almost anything and everything given you have photos in stock & are in good quality, you can actually make some money from here.

500px allows you to create your own portfolio, with this you can make your own little gallery and it can be seen by many people, in case its gets loads of likes and comments & gets viewed by hundreds of people, it will be highly likely that you could sell it pretty quick, and start earning from 500px. 

what are the steps to earn from 500px? pretty simple!

  • Make a new free account on 500px
  • Upload everything you’ve got
  • wait for the approval
  • start earning money on 500px

7. Adobe stock

how to make money selling photos of yourself

Adobe stock is an online service that provides to designers, creators, marketer’s video editors and many others with access to millions of high-quality assets for their respectable projects, Assets being photos, vectors, illustrations, templates, 3D assets, videos, motion graphics templates, etcetera.

Adobe stock market is huge, It’s one of the largest place to sell photos online. You can share photos, illustrations, and vector arts on Adobe stock to sell. One of the things you’ll like about Adobe Stock is their royalty share rate, which is higher than most of the Stock markets, ranging from 20% to 60% of all the commission. In addition to that you get to have all the exclusive selling rights! What you say?

want to know how you can sell your photos on Adobe Stock?

  • Go to Adobe Stock and sign up ( you don’t need to pay some extra cash here)
  • Make your Adobe ID, which is pretty simple like, adding your name, email, country etcetra
  • prepare your photos & other art stuffs by their guidelines
  • Add specific keywords and titles as to what the pictures is all about
  • Wait for the review, new files gets verified pretty quick, so just hang in there.

There you go! Prett simple right? Now you can just go ahead and start earning money on Adobe Stock by selling your photos.

8. Snapped4U

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how to make money selling photos of yourself

Snapped4U Is an online market place designed mainly for those who photograph occasional events, for example, weddings, parties, birthdays, engagements and portrait shoots. Photographer’s can make their own gallery of images of certain events and share it to their potential buyers, setting the price by their own accord.

Many designers visit this site too Provided you write the correct keywords for your images, chances are you’ll be selling your photos in no time!

To make an account on Snapped4U you’re gonna have to pay a registry fee which is 10$ only. Come on! I know you can pay that much. seriously though, on the occasion you’re an event photographer do check this one out.

9. PhotoShelter

how to make money selling photos of yourself

Do you want your own website for showcasing your work? but seems like alot of work, so you make to the choice of not doing anything about it, Well Guess what? PhotoShelter gives you ability to customize/edit their own website.

meaning you won’t have to set-up anything, everything will come in handmade, but should you want to make changes, like customize, templates, or other features of the websites. You can do those as well, and it won’t even take a minute!

As for the selling of the photos, Photoshelter supports both digital media and prints, & it also makes the best portfolios for real, Photoshelter has printing lab for those who do not have of their own
so one less thing to worry about for you Photoshelter comes in 4 different plans which are Starter, Basic, Standard, Pro, I’d recommend for Starter pack, it’s free.

10. Alamy

how to make money selling photos of yourself

For all those asking how to make money selling photos of yourself uk, well this might be for you, Alamy is Private British Stock
Photography company with a global team of experts from around the globe.

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Alamy offers as much as 50% of each photo commission for every download which is a huge deal in itself, It also has the world’s most diverse collection of photos that comprise from every day images to specific tasks. anybody and everybody can join alamy as a contributer, & Alamy is free too for all those new comers, Alamy has a 30 day free trial period. so get started.

11. Instaprints

how to make money selling photos of yourself

Do you also upload your photos on Instagram and get excited for the hearts and comments? What if i told you could make money selling photos of your Instagram, How excited would you be now?

Instaprints is free website that takes Instagram photos to sell All you have to do is, link your Instagram account to Instaprints, once that’s done you can start selling your Instagram photos Which could be any type of photo. Instaprint also offers the photographer to choose their own price and the rest of it is handled by Instaprints, like findings customers to sell or the whole process of printings excetra.

12. TourPhotos

how to make money selling photos of yourself

You must have got it from just the name alone, TourPhotos is an online photography platform reserved mostly for those who travel a lot and clicks loads of photos. TourPhotos helps you manage and sell your photographs form your journeys, short trips, activities from different places, It also provides countless number of features that enables you to give your customers a professional experience.

Any traveler can upload their photos of their adventures from around the globe and make it available for the thousands of audience to buy.

How to make money online selling photos of yourself FAQs

q1. Can You Really Make Money Selling Stock Photos?

Yes! This Is Absolutely True, You Can Easily Make Money Selling Photos In Stock. However It Really Works Best In Your Favour When You Have Images In Stock.

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q2. What kind of photos can be sold?

Almost all kinds of photos can be sold provided they are of a high quality with right editing, you’ll be good to go.

q3. What Type Of Photos Sell The Best?

There’s No Limit As To What Type Of Photos Sells The Best! You Have Talent And Potential You Can Sell Almost Every Type Of Photo There Is! It’s More Of A Question Of Your Stubbornnes!

q4. is it legal to sell pictures of yourself?

Yes! It is completely legal to sell your pictures, since it’s your body, you have all the copyrights, although if you’re taking pictures of somebody else, then you’re gonna need their consent.

q5. What Is Photography Licence?

A Photography Licence Is A Sort Of Contract Where Photographer Gives Specific Rights To The Buyer For A Certain Amount Of Time & Also There Are Different Kinds Of Photography Licences That A Photographer Has.

q6. Who buys stock images

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Many agencies, art directors,web designers, marketing companies, digital artist, & much more, all sorts of folks buy stock images.

q7. How Can I Make Money Selling Photos Of Myself Or The Other’s?

It’s Easier, You Just Need To Find The Most Compatible Website Or App For Yourself To Start Earning By Selling Your Photos.

q8. How to take good picture’s of yourself to sell online

you’re gonna need these following things to take good pictures for yourself.

q9. where can i sell photos of myself?

There are many websites and apps where you can start earning by selling photos of yourself.

Important words on making money online selling photos of yourself
I believe by now, you must have understood that it is totally possible to make money online by selling photos of yourself Doesn’t matter whether you’re an begginer or a professional, every picture with high-quality and beauty can be sold.

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