9 Best apps to make money by sharing your internet data connection

There are tons of ways to make money online, wether it be through your pc, Mac, Android phone, iPhone, or anything really. However, did you know? you can also make money by sharing your internet data connection Or selling your bandwith. It’s super easy too. All you got to do, is install some application into your device, and start running them into background, and make passive income effortlessly.

make money by sharing your internet data connection

What are the requirements though? What are you gonna need to earn money just by sharing your internet? Easy. You just need these 3 things, which are:

  • internet connection, ( wifi – or mobile net).
  • legitimate applications, ( there are many fake ones).
  • Device to operate these applications, ( Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows).

Congratulations! Cause if you got all the necessary tools for this, you will be making some real hard cash , pretty soon.

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Carefulness is very much adviced for this, since there are multitudes of applications out in the market of vpn business, which are unreliable and fraud. Because of this, we have managed to gather a number of best applications & websites that allows their users to make money just by sharing their internet connection and sell their bandwidth.

Every application provided here, will be safe and secure to utilise, and will not use any of your private data in any case. Every single thing should be encrypted, so no- security risks are involved.

List of best apps that make money by sharing your internet data connection

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make money by sharing your internet data connection

One of the best apps available on playstore for making money, by sharing your internet connection. iproyal is fairly a new application, but it has really done well for itself over the last couple of months, for more than “100,000” downloads has been made till now, and many content creator claim it to be the best app for making money via sharing your internet connection.

It’s a piece of cake to use, as it comes with very simple interface. One look, and you’ll get the idea. You can use your wifi or Data plan to make money by sharing them.

iPROYAL deatails:

  • IPROYAL pays – 0.20USD per shared GB.
  • Just by signing up, you get $5 For free, and you can withdraw your money after $5.
  • Depending on your country, you might expect to earn $5 to $140 each month.
  • You can also make money by IPROYAL AFFILIATE PROGRAM, which is 10%.
  • By connecting IP addresses from multiple devices, you can earn up to three times as much.
  • Availability : IPROYAL is available for Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android users.
  • Payout options are: Paypal, BitCoin and a lot more based on your country.


make money by sharing your internet data connection

PEER2 Profit allows its users to sell their internet data. Nowadays it’s like everybody has some data to spare, for example Wifi data, that often comes with unlimited pack, or internet data, that comes with unlimited internet. Usually it all goes to waste, so why not make money by selling it.

Transfer all your unused data over PEER2 profit and get paid for each and every gigabyte. PEER2 Profit uses your connection, to provide assistance to companies & folks around the world for internet without restrictions.

In addition to that, they also guarantee for a total privacy of your personal data, reason being, their application, software’s, and site do not ask for any access of your confidentiality, and it remains secure.

PEER2 Profit features you should know:

  • Clean UI that is straightforward to use.
  • Monthly earnings might range anywhere from $6 to $100.
  • Per 1 GB Of transferred data, you can get anything between 0.20USD – 0.85USD. You can also earn more or less, based on your region.
  • Per 30 referrals, you can easily earn $100.
  • due to having alot of, payment options, Peer2 profit withdrawal thresholds, ranges from $2 – to $5.
  • Payment options: Bitcoin · Litecoin · Ethereum · Yoomoney · Bank Cards · Qiwi · Webmoney · Payeer.


OUR REFERRAL CODE: 164155649261d82a0ca14a3

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3. Honeygain

make money by sharing your internet data connection

One of the best & oldest websites, that enables you earn money just by sharing your internet bandwidth, with different organization’s around the world, to test their sites, compare their products, and help them unlock location – based limitations, & restrictions.

Honeygain ensures that your personal data is always secure, and that none of your personal information is ever compromised; it is always preserved. Honeygain’s best and most enticing feature is that it pays around the same amount to every user. In fact, you can make more if there is a high demand for traffic and VPN users in your region.

Honeygain feature you should be aware of:

  • Sign- up right now, and earn $5 immediately.
  • You can use your sold internet money, to directly pay for streaming platform subscriptions or buy your favourite thing online.
  • You can easily expect to earn $5 to $70 per month. Connect additional devices with unique IP addresses and generate more.
  • Honeygain further offers AFFILIATE; receive 10% for introducing relatives and friends.
  • Availability: Windows, Linux, MacOS, or Android device.
  • The minimum payment threshold for Honeygain is $20.
  • Honeygain payment methods are: paypal & bitcoin.

4. PacketStream

make money by sharing your internet data connection

Another money-paying website that allows its users to make money by sharing their bandwith. You can join PacketStream as a packeter, and begin selling your wifi data around the globe for the customers to purchase.

It is very secure site that works only because people are sharing their internet data, which goes then to the companies, organization’s, & individuals to utilise.

It essentially provides clients access to web content that would not otherwise be accessible, and when you share your connection, they receive it and pay for it, of which you receive a portion.

PacketStream Features you should know:

  • PacketStream pays 0.10USD per 1GB DATA SHARED.
  • Affiliate Program : 20% per affiliate.
  • Minimum Cash withdraw : $5.
  • Payment options : PayPyal.
  • Availablity : PacketStream is only available for Windows & Mac right now.

5. Income

make money by sharing your internet data connection

One of the most trusted websites and software, out in the market of data- sharing & earning scheme. More than 150 counties has been covered by income, known for its reputation to let people make good passive income, in a easy & secure way. All you got to do is, install Income into your computer and let it run in the background, it won’t consume your power, and definetly won’t let you feel like your data is being shared.

Income guarantees that every user will make between $5 and $60 every month, and based on the hundreds of user reviews, this appears to be true.

Income features you should be aware of :

  • Expect to earn anywhere between 0.20USD – 0.70USD per GB data shared, this amount can very well be varied depending upon your country.
  • After reaching a total of $20, you will be able to withdraw your money through PayPal.
  • Refer & earn 25% quickly.
  • Availability : Currently income is only available for Window users.

List of software & websites that make money by sharing your internet connection but in the form of crypto – currency

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These four websites are legit and enables you to make money by sharing- selling your internet connection and bandwidth, only in the form of their respective Crypto – Currency.

Anyways we sincerely hope this article was worth your while and gives you an insight on “9 Best apps to make money by Sharing – Selling your internet connection easy.” we have also attempted to answer some of the most frequently asked Questions to help answer any inquiry , still got some question, don’t hesitate to ask them away in comments section, we shall reply you as soon as possible.

make money by sharing your internet data connection 2022 FAQ’s

q1. Can I sell my internet data?

Yes. You can easily sell your internet data online and make money, go through the apps we have given above and find the one that suits you best.

q2. Can I sell my mobile data?

Yes. You can sell your mobile data, and earn money, upto $5 -$100 a month using the apps we have provided here.

q3. How can I turn my data into money?

You can turn your data into money simply by sharing it to the others, How? Read this post.

q4. How can I earn money by sharing mobile internet?

You can earn money by sharing your mobile data into the apps we have given above.

q5. can I make money by sharing internet?

Yes. You can make money by sharing internet, wether it be your wifi data or mobile internet. How? Read this post.

q6. How do you make money by Sharing bandwitdth?

You share your bandwitdh to the applications which after then is transferred to companies and organisations around the globe, companies pay for it, and you get a cut, and. That’s how you earn money by sharing your bandwidth. Easy.

q7. Can I resell my internet connection?

Yes, you absolutely can resell your internet connection, read this post if you want know how.

q8. how much can I earn by sharing my data connection?

It pretty much depends on your region, and the traffic demand of your area, if its high, you can expect to earn alot of money,
Numerically, $60, $80, 100$ , $150 a month.

However if its low, you can expect to earn anywhere between $5 – $20, 30$ a month.

q9. Earn money – sharing internet data on Windows?

Earn money sharing internet data on computer, use software like, Iproyal, PEER2 PROFIT.

q10. Earn money – sharing internet data on Android?

Earn money sharing your internet data on Android device using applications like, IPROYAL, HONEYGAIN, PEER2 PROFIT.

q11. How can I use my internet to make money?

You can use your internet to make money by sharing – selling your internet connection to others. How? Read this post.

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