How to get a Placeit Premium account for free? premium free

The Placeit platform works in conjunction with the design capabilities of the website and allows you to create amazing mockups and videos of your projects without ever having to use software or hire an expensive studio! This means you can get the perfect shot every time and keep your marketing costs down by doing everything in-house.

I guess it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Placeit has become one of the best mockup platforms in the world today, as it offers thousands of templates of all kinds that one can make use of in order to get their work done in the shortest amount of time possible. However, as it turns out, many budding digital artists do not have access to services such as the Placeit premium account. Well, guess what? We are exclusively here for you and will let you know “how to get Placeit Premium to account for free.” In today’s article, and trust us on this, you will not have to pay a single penny for a Placeit premium account.

What is

Placeit is a fantastic platform that helps marketers create professional-looking marketing materials without any design experience. Using the Placeit platform, marketers can also easily upload images and videos from their computer, Instagram account, or Youtube channel and turn them into Facebook covers, Twitter banners, and more. Marketers are able to choose from a large number of templates or customise them using their own images, text, and branding. What’s great about this service is that it’s so easy—you can even try it out for free!

Placeit has been in the online marketing business for a few years (since 2013) and has quickly become one of the go-to places to find mockups, videos, and other content that can help your marketing strategies shine online. What most people don’t know about Placeit is that it joined the Envato family in early 2018.

Envato is a company based in Melbourne, Australia, that provides services to digital content creators. Some of these services include graphic design, website configuration, and video creation. Their web portal offers website layouts, images, movies, music/sound fx’s, as well as pictures and 3D models. Envato has five different types of services for you to choose from, including Envato Market (which is their marketplace), Envato Studio (their suite of tools for people who create digital content), Envato Video (video production), Envato Elements (creative software), and finally the Placeit premium website. (digital mock-ups for content creators and freelancers)

What are the pros and cons of

Having a Placeit free account does not require any money; however, when considering or proceeding with the purchase of a premium subscription, it is critical to understand the pros and cons of purchasing a Placeit premium account, some of which we will discuss in this section. pros

  • Free: The Placeit platform is a free service (limited accesss) that enables you to easily create beautiful, realistic, and professional marketing images and videos of your products or services in real-world settings. You don’t need any special equipment or props; just a laptop or a smartphone with a camera and an internet connection will do.
  • Easy-to-use interface: One does not have to be a sophisticated photoshop wizard or have completed a vast range of advanced courses to operate Placeit’s interface. It’s extremely simple to use and offers real-good end products that are worth paying money for. 
  • Low-cost subscription plans: While Placeit does not offer free trials to the general public, it does offer a very low-cost subscription plan to all first-time users. For example, for the first month, you’d only have to pay $1.97. 
  • Placeit Mockup Generator: There are thousands of merchandise mockups available on Placeit. Merchandise mockups, for the uninformed, are premade item templates that can be used to overlay your own photographs and graphics.
  • Design Templates: Placeit’s website features a “Design Templates” feature comprising templates for T-shirt patterns, tags, brochures, business cards, and social media pictures, among others. One can use these design templates to make their own products that they can sell or just use for themselves.
  • Placeit Video Maker: Videos clips have a special role in the Placeit platform, as it offers a wide range of video themes that are all meant to appear authentic. This is a terrific opportunity for businesses to advertise their newest item, produce the next big viral craze, or simply share memorable moments with their audience, thereby increasing their engagement.
  • Print-on-Demand Products: Prin-on-Demand is a distinct category on Placeit, and it consists primarily of coffee flasks, cushions, smartphone covers, purses, and wall art, among other items. This category allows you to operate with a variety of formats and goods and ultimately develop your own POD product.
  • Commercial rights & unlimited downloads: With just about any Placeit subscription, it is allowed to download an endless amount of items on the marketplace. Subscribers also receive a corporate license, which allows them to use these materials for both personal and commercial purposes. You may even distribute it to your customers.
  • State of the art template collection: You’d be shocked to learn that the Placeit template library contains more than 20k mockups, 11k+ design themes, 4k+ icons, and more than 900 animation video layouts. These mockups can be used for a wide variety of projects, including Instagram posts, advertising banners, print-on-demand items, and more. cons

  • No free trial: Placeit offers a free account to all its users, but there is no free trial for the Placeit premium account, which is disappointing for many users.
  • Subscription-based plan: In order to get a Placeit premium plan, one needs to purchase it. Placeit is a subscription-based program that you have to pay for either on a monthly basis or yearly. (Don’t worry, we’ll explain “How to Get a Placeit Premium Account for Free” in this article.)

Placeit premium subscription plans? How much do I need to pay?

When it comes to Placeit premium account subscription plans, there is not much diversity to speak of; it is rather simple and easy to understand. Anyhow, we have divided these into separate plans here that you can see to know just how much one has to pay for them.

  • For $19.95 per month or $99.95 per year: the all-in-one Placeit membership plan grants access to all Placeit templates, such as photographs, animations, logos, and mockups. Moreover, there are no download limits on Placeit with this subscription plan as it offers an unlimited download policy. Ain’t that just marvelous?
  • Single Purchases: Under this Placeit single purchase scheme, you only pay for what you need. For instance, if you simply need a single design template or a single POD item, you can pay for only that item without purchasing a monthly subscription. Image mockups cost $7, video mockups cost $9, a single logo costs $39, a single video costs $9, and a single design template costs $2 on Placeit.

As we stated before, Placeit Premium does not have too many different subscription plans that it becomes difficult to opt for. Nevertheless, we wanted to shed some light on its subscription plans that are currently available. So, we can move on to the next part of our article, which is the most important one, which is “How to get the Placeit premium subscription plan for free.” Well, that’s too easy; let us see then.

How to get Placeit Premium for free?

This Will Be Our Primary Trick In This Article, Which Is Why We Designed It In Such A Way That It Can Be Used On Every Platform, Including Android, Windows PC, And Mac OS. One Of The Best Things About This Amazing Trick Is That You Can Use It For An Unlimited Amount Of Time, This Is A Cookies Trick That You Add Into Your Browser To Have Access To Placeit premium account for free. Making It Absolutely Easy For You to remove any watermarks on Placeit image or templates etc, There Is Nothing Tricky About It And It Runs Smoothly. Here’s Everything You Need To Do: 

cookies editor

  • Go To Chrome Web Store And Search For “Cookie Editor
  • Now Click On “Add To Chrome” After That, It Will Be Installed On Your Computer.
  • You Will See It On The Top Right Corner Of Your Desktop.
  • Then Go To The Placeit Official Website.
Cookies Editor Extension Icon

  • Once The Page Has Loaded Properly, Click On The Cookies Editor Extension Icon.

  • Now You Will See 4 Options [Add, Delete, Import, And Export]
  • Click On “Delete” Or Trash Bin You Will See On The Screen. This Will Clear All The Previous Cookies.
import 1

  • And Now Copy The Working Cookies We Have Given Below, Paste Them On The Page, And Click On “Import.”
  • Wait For 3 Seconds, And Then Refresh The Page. 

Hallelujah! You Got Placeit Premium Account For Free On Your PC Via The Working Cookies We Have Given Below.

How to get Placeit premium for free on Android device? 

Well, It Was Quite Easy To Get It Done On Windows, But What About Android Mobile? How Can We Access Or Bypass Placeit Premium For Free On An Android Device With The Cookie Method? Honestly, This Is Really As Easy As Doing It On The Computer, Only In This Case, You Are Going To Do It On An Android Device. One Necessary Thing Is That You Should Know How To Install Chrome Extensions On Your Android Device, If You Are Not Sure, You Can Read This Little Post Here:   How To Install Chrome Extensions On Android From Web Store  

  • Open Your Kiwi Browser, And Go To This Link: Kiwi Browser
  • Click On “Add It To Chrome”
  • Then Go To The Placeit Official Website. 
  • Click On The Option Menu Of Kiwi Browser (Three Dots) And Scroll Down Until You Find “Cookie Editor”
  • Now You Will See These Options [Add, Delete All, Import, And Export]
  • Click On “Delete” Or Trash Bin You Will See On The Screen.
  • Copy The Working Cookies We Have Given Below, And Paste Them On The Same Place.
  • Now Click On The “ Import Button ” And It Will Be Imported On Your Browser.
  • Wait For 3 Seconds And Then Refresh The Page.

Congratulations! Now You Can Directly Access Placeit Premium Account For Free On Your Android Device. Just By Using The Cookies We Supplied For Placeit Premium.

Important Info:
Do Not Ever Log Out After Adding Working Cookies To Your Device Or You Won’t Be Able To Use The Same Cookies Again. 

Daily Updated Cookies For Placeit Premium Account Free

This Is Our Section Of Cookies, Where We Upload Working Cookies On A Daily Basis, Which Then You Can Copy And Paste Into Your Browser To Access “Placeit Premium Account For Free” On Your PC Or Android Device. If You Find The Cookies Are Not Working At The Moment, It Must Be Because Somebody Has Logged Out Using Our Cookies, In That Case, Remember To Let Us Know Either In The Comment Section Or On Telegram Where We Keep Updating Cookies Daily.

We Hope You Were Able To Get Free Placeit Premium Account Without Paying Any Money, And If You Run Into Any Issues, Please Let Us Know In The Comments Section Or On Our Telegram Channel, Where We Are Constantly Attempting To Find New Methods To Get Free Access To Such Premium Accounts, Although With This Method, It Should Work.   


Placeit Premium offers several services that make it easy to get your creative project out there, from templates to entire full-fledged stock photos and illustrations, mock-ups, or even print-on-demand designs and video clips you can use in your projects, whether they be posts on social media or freelancing projects.

It’s no secret that many people do not have access to the Placeit Premium account, and as a result, they frequently fail to complete their projects. And honestly, there are so many subscriptions nowadays that it just makes it impossible to purchase one more, which is in this case the Placeit premium account. That is why today we have brought to you such easy methods that anybody can apply to get Placeit premium account for free. I hope it helps 🙂 

Frequently asked questions

q1. How do I get free Placeit logos?

Do you want to get Placeit Premium account logos for free? Read this article.

Q2. How do I download a free mockup from Placeit?

Do you want to download a Placeit Premium account mockup or mockups for free? Read this article.

q3. Placeit Premium account free

Do you wish to get a free Placeit Premium account? Well, that’s easy and can be done really quickly! Just read the article.

q4. Placeit without a watermark?

Do you want to get or download Placeit premium templates for free and without any watermarks on them? If it’s a “YES” then, do read this article and follow all the methods outlined here.

q5. How to download Placeit Video for free

Do you want to be able to download Placeit Premium account animation videos for free? Well, in this article, we have given many simple methods as to how to go about that. You just have to read and follow the post.

q6. Get the Free Placeit Cookies 2023

Do you want to get the Placeit premium account daily updated cookies? Follow this post. 

q7. Can I get Placeit for free?

Absolutely yes! Anybody can get Placeit for free without having to do anything hard or paying any money whatsoever. Just read this article and follow the step-by-step guide provided here.

q8. How do I remove the Placeit watermark for free?

Do you want to remove the Placeit watermarks for free? Read this article and follow the guide to remove the Placeit watermarks.

q9. Does Placeit have any trials?

Unfortunately, there is no free trial for the Placeit premium account. You must purchase a paid membership through their website.

q10. Can I sell Placeit designs?

Sure, you may sell Placeit-generated designs to customers for a price.

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