How to fix ios 16.3.1 battery drain issue on iPhone in 2023

The iPhone has recently launched its new beta programme update into the operating system, and all the iPhone as well as iPad users have been wondering, “Will updating to iOS 16.3.1 drain the battery? The truth is, iPhone users have faced this problem for a long time: the “iOS 16.3.1 battery drain issue on iPhone” and other iOS-supported devices.

In case you’ve been wondering about the same “ios 16.3.1 battery drain issue on iPhone”, you should read the article since we are understanding in this article whether the ios 16.3.1 update really drains the battery. Afterward,  we’ll see how to fix ios 16.3.1 battery drain issue on iPhone in 2023.

Does the iOS 16.3.1 update really drain the iPhone’s battery life?

To begin with, it is important to understand the typical process that causes the iPhone battery to drain faster. In most cases, after the battery has completed 500 charge cycles, it is natural for the battery to drain 20% faster. This is a common occurrence for most iPhones.

Regarding the iOS 16.3.1 update, it appears to be more of a beta version. The battery drain issue seems to be caused by certain iPhone applications that have not been optimised to work efficiently with the new update. This puts a strain on the processors, resulting in faster battery drain for some users who have updated to iOS 16.3.1. Rest assured, in the next section, we’ll show practical ways of fixing the iOS 16.3.1 battery drain issue on the iPhone in 2023.

How to fix ios 16.3.1 battery drain issue on iPhone in 2023

1. Restart your iOS iPhone,

The first step to take right after the iOS 16.3.1 update is to restart your iOS iPhone. That way, any glitches that happened and were frozen in your iPhone will be refreshed, preventing the device from overheating and therefore fixing the iOS 16.3.1 battery drain issue on your iPhone.

2. Identify & reinstall applications

 As we stated before, the iOS 16.3.1 update can cause some applications to malfunction, thereby successfully putting exertion on the processor and effectively causing the battery to drain faster on the iPhone, which can be fixed by simply going to “settings” > “battery”. 
Check out which apps have been consuming more battery than required, and then uninstall and reinstall those applications. That way, you can fix ios 16.3.1 battery drain issue on the iPhone.

3. Remove unnecessary widgets

Widgets are one of the most ignored and greatest iPhone features for a device to have, although they do come with some extra baggage of their own. For example, if you let many iPhone widgets stay on your screen, that can drain your battery faster since they are always working and functioning, which requires battery power. Disabling or removing the iOS iPhone widgets will stretch the battery life longer.

4. Disable auto-brightness

Auto Brightness is a feature found in most iOS iPhones that automatically adjusts the brightness of the display based on the surrounding lighting conditions. This can be an incredibly useful tool to help extend your iPhone’s battery life; however, it has also been noted that the features don’t work as well as we’d like, resulting in quicker battery consumption.

That’s why it is recommended to disable the auto brightness feature in order to fix ios 16.3.1 battery drain issue on iPhone. Here’s a brief guide to that:

  1. Go to “Settings” on your iOS iPhone.
  2. Click on “Display & brightness”.
  3. Turn off the “Auto-Brightness”. 

5. Enable low power mode

Lower Power Mode is a feature that helps conserve battery power by reducing power consumption and optimising the performance of your device. It works by disabling or turning off certain features in order to lower the amount of energy being used, resulting in improved battery life.

This mode can be particularly useful when you need to stretch out your device’s battery life, such as during travel or while on the go.
Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to enable lower power mode on iOS and iPhone in easy steps:

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Click on “Battery”.
  3. Select “Lower Power Mode”. 

6. Reduce iPhone motions for longer battery life

The term “motion mode is simply a term for a number of effects, these special display effects include: smooth transitions, icons moving, an illusion of depth on the home screen when you tilt or move the device, etc. These effects work by making your app icons appear as if they are floating above a static background image, giving your home screen an eye-catching 3D effect. 

As stunning as these motion effects are, it is normal for them to consume a lot of battery rather quickly. That’s why turning off the motion mode on the iPhone can fix ios 16.3.1 battery drain issue on iPhone. 

  1. Go to “Settings”, and then click on “Accessibility”.
  2. Select “Motion”.
  3. Turn on the “reduce motion” button.

7. Change the refresh rate

Refresh rate measures how often the image on your screen is updated per second, and plays a huge role in how smooth and responsive images appear. A faster refresh rate means less lag time between action on-screen and on-device, resulting in a much smoother experience for users.

Moreover, screens with higher refresh rates provide a faster image projection rate, resulting in sharper visuals that look far more realistic and immersive. Although the problem starts when the refresh rate is already set to 120 HZ, it consumes battery at a faster rate, especially in the newest iPhone versions, 14 Pro and 15 Pro Max. That’s why setting it to 90 HZ, which is still good, can help you fix ios 16.3.1 battery drain issue on the iPhone. Here’s your guide on how to change the refresh rate on the iPhone:

  1. Go to “Settings” and then “Accessibility”. 
  2. Click on the “Motion” button.
  3. Select “Limit the refresh rate”. 

8. Turn off background running

All of the applications on your iPhone update automatically when the internet is turned on on your smartphone, which may come off as a useful feature, but it also consumes battery at a rapid rate; moreover, the update happens automatically even when you don’t mean it; therefore, turning off the background refresh can help you extend your battery life. Here’s how to turn off the background running:

  1. Go to “Settings”. 
  2. Click on the “general” button.
  3. Select “Background App Refresh” and then turn it off.

9. Turn off the location 

Multiple applications keep track of your location, which causes them to drain your iPhone’s battery. This way, your iPhone’s battery will discharge more quickly. Here is a tutorial on how to turn off the location on the iPhone. 

  1. Go to “Settings”. 
  2. Select “Privacy & Security”. 
  3. Turn off the “location services”. 

10. Service your iPhone’s battery

It is crucial to try all the various methods we have listed in this post if your iPhone battery is still draining rapidly and nothing has worked for you so far. If the issue persists, we recommend taking your iPhone to an authorised service centre or an unofficial repair centre for examination. It is common for older iPhones to experience battery issues, which can lead to hardware problems. This is essentially the final option to consider if nothing else is effective.


The iPhone brings updates so that we can keep having the finest user experience possible on our screens; unfortunately, sometimes these installation updates can be responsible for some unintended consequences, such as the “iOS 16.3.1 battery drain issue on iPhone”. 
Therefore, in this article, we’ve compiled a list of methods that explain “How to fix ios 16.3.1 battery drain issue on iPhone”. Let us know which one worked for you in the comments box.

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