How to fix ChatGPT internal server error – 8 quick methods

Users are getting an “internal server error” whilst accessing the ChatGPT by OpenAi API platform. Keep reading in order to find out possible fixes for the “ChatGPT internal server error” issue.

The OpenAI byproduct ChatGPT was released on November 30, 2022. To the surprise of many developers, there were more than a million signups in a relatively short amount of time.

ChatGPT is a revolutionary chatbot technology that offers a unique, real human conversation experience. It is a powerful tool for businesses to provide customer service and improve customer engagement.

One can produce simple internet pages, articles, and resumes using the chatbot’s artificial intelligence, as well as engaging social media postings, etc. Basically, a lot of things (more on that later); unfortunately, it has come to our attention that a large number of users are experiencing difficulties accessing openAi’s ChatGPT and receiving “ChatGPT internal server error” errors. We are going to see 8 quick methods to fix “ChatGPT internal server error” and the reasoning behind why we get the error message from ChatGPT.

What is ChatGPT? Can we fix ChatGPT internal server error?

ChatGPT internal server error

OpenAI is an artificial intelligence research laboratory founded in 2015 with the mission of conducting research and development in the field of artificial general intelligence (AGI). It was started by Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, Reid Hoffman, Peter Thiel, and other tech business people, scientists, and philanthropists.

ChatGPT is one of the products by OpenAi, which is a new type of chatbot that promises to revolutionise the way we interact with technology. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to simulate human conversation in a conversational interface, making it possible for users to have an interactive conversation with a machine. By combining natural language processing, deep learning, and real-time dialogue, ChatGPT is capable of providing a natural, conversational experience that feels as close to a real conversation with another person as possible.

ChatGPT is capable of many feats; some of these include artificial intelligence article writing, human-to-machine conversation, information gathering, paraphrasing, AI generated jokes, etc.

As of right now, in January 2023, ChatGPT has become one of the most popular products of OpenAi, and it has officially launched a pilot subscription programme by the name of “ChatGPT Plus,” which is available for $20/month. Although ChatGPT Plus is only accessible by United States users, it can go live for additional countries in the upcoming months or possibly years as they expand their servers and other required hosting, including CPU strength.

Now let us examine what exactly is the “ChatGPT internal server error?” And why you are getting this unknown error. The reason why anybody accessing ChatGPT gets the error is diversified, meaning there can be a whole number of reasons why you are getting “ChatGPT internal server error” issue therefore the solutions are various too. Hence the 5 quick methods to fix the “ChatGPT internal server error.”

How to fix ChatGPT internal server error? Best methods

Here are 8 quick fixes for the ChatGPT internal server error problem that may be occurring on your smartphone device or computer pc.

  • ChatGPT Servers’ confirmation

    When you see “ChatGPT internal server error” in your device, whether it’s a computer or a smartphone, one of the first things you should do is check the ChatGPT servers’ uptime.

    Since the sign-ups add up to millions of users, many a times it is seen that the OpenAI servers often can’t maintain the uptime of openAi and therefore occasionally servers shuts down or fails to perform optimally. Fortunately, openAI has provided a dedicated webpage that one can see to check whether ChatGPT servers are online.

    On occasion, chatGPT servers are offline, which might be the reason why you are facing the “ChatGPT internal server error” issue. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything in that case and might have to wait for a while for the system to be up and running.
  • Restart the device

    Restarting or rebooting your device might sound too simple to notice, however, it is of the utmost importance that one regularly cleans and clears their device.

    Restarting the computer or smartphone device aids in the removal of random and superfluous data that can cause the device to slow down and prevents various software from running in the background. Having cached data can effectively result in a “ChatGPT internal server error” issue. We recommend trying and restarting the device at least once in order to check out whether that fixes the “ChatGPT internal server error” issue. Here’s how to restart the computer:

    1. Click on the windows keys
    2. Press the “Power button”. 

    3. Select the “Restart Button”.
  • Clear browser cookies and cache

    The “ChatGPT internal server error” might be brought on by your browser’s cookies and cache being clogged up over time.

    In order to clear the cookies and cache so that the ChatGPT internal server error can be resolved, here’s a short guide on how to clear the cookies of OpenAi on your browser.

    1. Select the lock icon > Cookies.
    2. Continue to press the “remove” button > done

  • Clear browser data

    It’s nothing new for various websites to act up when there’s a problem with corrupted browser data. Slow performance and page loads, random browser crashes, unwanted URL suggestions, and so on are all indicators of a corrupted browser’s performance. It is not improbable for OpenAi to act up and show a “ChatGPT internal server error” issue. We recommend going ahead and trying to clear out the Chrome browser’s data; here’s a simple step-by-step guide.

    1. Go to the “Settings” section of Chrome.
    2. Scroll down to “Privacy and Security.”
    3. Select “Clear Browser Data.”
    4. Click on “All Time.”
    5. Press “Clear data.”

  • Network speed & connection
    Always remember to check your internet speed and network connection smoothness.

    In order to check out Whether your internet connection is working, go to any internet checker such as, fast, Okhla, speedtest et cetera platform and make a simple speed-test. In case there’s some complication, it is possible that’s why you’re having the “ChatGPT internal server error” issue. To resolve the aforementioned issue, simply restart the “Wifi” or connect to a hotspot for a quick test.
  • Remove or disable Chrome extensions

    One of the best things about the Chrome browser is the fact we can download and install the browser’s useful extensions, such as to-do lists, LastPass, Ghostery, Evernote, Adguard, etc.

    Although it has been noted that many of these third-party Chrome extensions can cause various website malfunctions, such as OpenAi’s “ChatGPT internal server error,” we recommend either attempting to remove the Chrome extensions or disabling them. Here’s a short guide on “How to remove or disable Chrome extensions.”

    1. Open Chrome, click on three dots menu > Settings
    2. Click on “Extensions.”
    3. Now either click on “Remove” or turn off the button that would successfully disable the extension.

  • Network driver’s update

    If it’s not the chatGPT servers, browser’s data, network connection, or extensions, we recommend trying to update your network drivers. On many occasions, when the PC’s network drivers are either out of date or corrupted, it can effectively result in “ChatGPT internal server error” and a whole host of supplementary issues. Here’s a simple guide on “How to update the PC’s network drivers.”

    1. Click on the Windows key and the X key simultaneously.
    2. A drop-down menu will show up; click on “Device Manager.”
    3. Look for the “Network Adapters” and click on it.
    4. A list of network adapters submenus will come up; select them one by one and press the “right mouse button” > “Update driver” > “Search automatically for drivers.”
  • Contact OpenAi team

    This is the last method we are going to check out, and this can be considered a last resort. Because we can now conclude you have tried everything to fix the “ChatGPT internal server error” and it hasn’t been fixed yet, if there’s some particular issue regarding this error on your device, it is highly advised to contact the OpenAI support team.

    Here is a link to the OpenAI support team’s contact page that you can go to in order to bring their attention to your particular issue. It’s recommended to share a screenshot of the issue for better analysis, and hopefully they will reply to you soon.


ChatGPT has a variety of advantages, such as its ability to understand complex user questions, reduce customer service response time, and provide personalised experiences. Plus, those jokes are kind of cool to listen to once in a while.

However, because of ChatGPT’s growing popularity and increasing user demands from around the globe, it has become clear that it still lacks the server strength to manage hundreds of thousands of users simultaneously, hence the “ChatGPT internal server error” issue. Hopefully, with this list of methods, you will be able to fix the “ChatGPT internal server error” problem and make use of it.

Frequently asked questions

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q3. What causes the CHATGPT internal server error?
Many users often get confused and frustrated when confronted with the “CHATGPT internal server error” issue. They are not sure why they might be getting this ChatGPT error, and rightly so. Luckily, here we have gathered a number of reasons why you might be getting “CHATGPT internal server error” problems and what you can do to rectify them.

q4. How do I stop ChatGPT from a network errors?
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