How to fix 500 internal server error nginx – 6 best methods

Many users have come across an error while accessing a website or domain on their browser, which usually goes by the term “500 internal server error nginx”. In case you are thinking this has something to do with your own settings or internet connections, you may need to reconsider, as the error “500 internal server error nginx” usually occurs due to the server fallacy, or basically the specific website back-end.

That is definitely why fixing 500 internal server error nginx problem is not an easy task since you might not be the one causing the error. However,  in this article, we have collected a number of methods that are going to help you out in order to fix 500 internal server error nginx in easy steps.

What is NGINX? What causes the 500 internal server error nginx

Nginx is a domain server that can additionally function as a reverse proxy server, load balance server, mail proxy server, etc. The technology was developed by Igor Sysoev and made available to the general populace in 2004.

Nginx is a public and open web server distributed under the Simplified BSD license. Nginx is used by the majority of web servers, frequently as a load balancer. In 2011, a new firm by the same name that was paid was created to offer assistance and maintenance for firms looking to expand their services. The new firm was rolled out under the name “NGinx Plus” software platform. F5, Inc., purchased the business in 2019 for roughly $670 million.

Now let’s come to the question: what causes the “500 internal server error nginx”. Well, realistically, there is no single reason or causation as to what causes the 500 internal server error nginx on PC; henceforth, we are listing here a number of causes as to why this troubleshooting happens:

  1. Error 500 internal server NGINX develops when a script is flawed.
  2. Internet data being cached and cluttered
  3. 500 Internal Server Error NGINX can happen incase you’ve old browser
  4. Having a slow internet connection can easily result in a 500 internal server error nginx
  5. Having connected to a VPN can very much result in 500 Internal Server Error NGINX

These are just some of the reasons explaining what causes the 500 internal server error nginx on your PC or Mac, and fixing the problem can be done by following the various methods we have outlined in this article, as the error “500 internal server error nginx” is not a specific one and requires a couple of solutions to find out whether it gets fixed.

How to fix 500 internal server error nginx in 2023

Reload the WEB PAGE

One of the easiest and most needed methods for “500 internal server error nginx” is a simple CTRL + F5. By doing this, you will reload the specific web page, and in case the error was occurring because the server was out of balance, it is pretty likely reloading or refreshing might just as well fix “500 internal server error nginx”. 

Clear Cache & Cookies

Your browser’s cookies and cache might become clogged over time, resulting in the “500 internal server error nginx.” In order to clear the cookies and cache so that the “500 internal server error nginx” can be fixed, here’s a short guide on how to clear the cookies from your browser:

  1. Select the lock icon > Cookies.
  2. Continue to press the “remove” button > done 

Clear browser data

When there’s a problem with a browser’s data, it’s not unusual for websites to act up. Things like slow page loads, random browser crashes, unwanted URL suggestions, and so on are signs that your browser isn’t working right. It is not improbable for the browser to act up and show a “500 internal server error nginx” issue. We recommend going ahead and trying to clear out the Chrome browser’s data; here’s a simple step-by-step guide.

  1. Go to the “Settings” section of Chrome.
  2. Scroll down to “Privacy and Security.”
  3. Select “Clear Browser Data.”
  4. Click on “All Time.”
  5. Press “Clear data.”

Check the server logs 

Simply open the server logs in a notepad or some other text editor, check out all the request URLs, and respond code for them. If there’s any server log that has “500 internal server error nginx,” simply copy that URL request and paste it in a different browser. See if that fixed “500 internal server error nginx” problem.

Disable VPN’s

All kinds of VPNs are used to access geo-restricted websites, and sometimes specific websites are programmed to detect VPNs. In such cases, it’s expected to get an error of “500 internal server error nginx”. Fixing this fallacy is just as easy; simply disable the VPN and refresh the page.

Use another browser

Because of various terms & conditions a browser may have, it can very well hinder the full functionality of any particular website rather easily. And having a “500 internal server error nginx” is a common issue. Anyways, fixing this issue can be done by operating on a different browser; for example, if you are using Chrome and getting a “500 internal server error nginx” problem, download any new browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge, etc., and see if that fixes 500 internal server error nginx. 


Given the broad range of database servers, software products, and Internet Explorers, a 500 internal server error might manifest itself in a variety of ways, such as these: “500 Internal Server Error,” “HTTP 500,” “Internal Server Error,” “HTTP 500 – Internal Server Error”. and they all can mean the same error, and because of the nature of this error, fixing it in one go is not the easiest thing. Therefore, in this article, we have provided a number of methods that can be applied to fix 500 internal server error nginx, which is really troublesome since one doesn’t know what to do next, although we believe that by following the steps we outlined in this post, you should be able to fix your issue real quick. Do let us know how it went for you and what other possible solutions there are for “500 internal server error nginx”.

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