How to change discord’s GG sans font? Get the old Discord font

Being part of the streaming community or gaming community, having an account on Discord is a must for users who want to connect while streaming games and other services. Although quite recently, a whole number of users have complained about the new update of the fonts by Discord, which is called GG sans, and are looking to understand “how to change Discord’s GG sans font”. 

Since the newly updated Discord’s font gG sans, hasn’t been well received by a whole bunch of people, wanting to revert it back to the old fonts has now become almost a trend. People have even taken to Twitter to complain about how bad it looks and how reading its long-form sentences can be annoying.

Well, whatever might be the case, in this article we’ll see how to change Discord’s gG sans font and revert it back to the old one, which is Whitney, or even manually change Discord’s gG sans font and set it to a font of our own choice.

What is discord?

Discord is an instant messaging, voice, and video communication platform that has been gaining traction in recent years. It allows users to organise chat servers, makes audio and video calls, share multimedia content, and much more. It has become so popular due to its ease of use, customization options, and wide range of features that make it great for both casual gamers and professional organisations alike. Additionally, its free-to-use model encourages people to try it out without any financial commitment.

Discord was launched on May 13, 2015, and it has since amassed a total of 360 million users, with 150 million of them being active on a monthly basis. Discord is accessible on a variety of platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, iPadOS, Linux, and web browsers.

What is Discord’s GG sans font? Can we change Discord’s GG sans font?

GG Sans Font is a modern, sans-serif font family designed to be used in Discord. It comes with an array of different weights, styles, and sizes to suit any design project. The font has been extensively used on the popular gaming platform as it allows for a smooth user experience with its clean and legible character shapes.

Whitney, the previous Discord font, was adequate by many standards up until 2021, when Discord’s gG sans font took its place. Since then, the font has remained unchanged. The GG sans is actually a fan-made creation of Whitney, only a “better” version of the same, as claimed by the discord.

The gG sans name simply comes from the acronym “GOOD GAME”, and the discord domain name also corresponds to the gG sans font, which is discord.gG, so one more reason to adopt the name gG sans. Although, as it turned out, many users haven’t liked the new gG sans for one reason or another, perhaps they’re looking to change Discord’s gG sans font, which is completely possible if you follow the provided instructions.

How to change discord’s GG sans font? Best methods

Manually change the discord’s gG sans

On the occasion you’ve been attempting to change Discord’s gG sans font, we recommend following this manual method. Through this technique, you will be able to get Discord’s old font back or even select and put forth any font of your own choice. Sounds good? Let’s see how it’s done!

1 . Download any text editor, such as Notepad++. Use this link.

2 . Type Win+R and enter the provided instructions:


3 . Once the command is open, copy-paste these instructions in the settings data:


4 . Now, open the Discord app in Chrome and type in: CTRL+SHIFT+I. That should open your inspect menu.

5 . Click on the “STYLE” section and then search & find the “ROOT” section.

6 . Double-click on front-primary and front-display and select a different font than GG SANS.

For those of us who don’t access inspect settings and play with it often, we might find it a bit difficult to navigate through, but do not worry much; once you’ve attempted it, it’s rather easy, and you’ll be able to change Discord’s gG sans font and revert it back to the old one.

Apply third-party applications

Unfortunately, after the December 2022 update of the GG sans font on Discord, nobody can change it to the old font through Discord alone; they don’t offer any such feature yet. Therefore, we recommend using third-party apps. The pros of using such apps are that they are secure, as well as that they allow us to change whatever font we want on Discord.

For example, in this section, we’ll show you how to change Discord’s gG sans font to comic sans since quite a few people seem to love this particular font. Here’s a guide on how to change Discord’s gG sans font to Comic Sans or any other font of your choice:

  1. Here’s a link to the third-party app, BetterDiscord (safe & secure).
  2. Download & install it.
  3. Go to this link and download the Comic Sans script zip file.
  4. Launch the discord software and click on the themes menu in the settings.
  5. Simply drag and drop the comic sans zip file into the Discord theme folder.
  6. Now, open the BetterDiscord application and go to the settings. There should be a comic sans switch; hit it on, and the discord’s font gG sans, will be changed to comic sans.

How to change discord font of your choice

What we saw above was simply how to change Discord’s font to Comic Sans. Now we’ll see how to change Discord’s font to any font of our own choice. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. First, go through this Google catalogue of fonts and find which ones you like the most.
  2. Search out and download the desired fonts.
  3. Open the BetterDiscord application and go to the settings. Click on the “Custom CSS tab.”.
  4. Access the font files and drop them in the Discord theme folder.
  5. Save all the settings, and your Discord font will be changed.


Discord has quickly become one of the most popular communication tools for businesses and organisations in recent years due to its robust features and ease-of-use. Discord provides a wide range of benefits, including allowing users to create channels and groups, share data and images across multiple platforms, utilise voice chat and video calling, manage user roles with permissions, etc.

There are so many features to boast about, and you can’t change Discord’s font with the sole use of Discord. Unfortunately, this is a sad truth concerning Discord; therefore, the post here, which explains “How to change Discord’s gG sans font”. We hope and wish you’ve been able to change Discord’s gG sans font to any font of your own choice, like comic sans, for example. In case there’s some more assistance you require regarding Discord’s gG sans font, do leave a comment in the box below.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How do you get GG sans font in Discord?

Do you want to get GG sans font in Discord? Well, that can be arranged with the set of instructions we’ve provided in this article.

  1. Does Discord use Comic Sans?

As of right now, which is 2023, Discord doesn’t use comic sans as its official font, although if you want to change Discord’s gG sans to comic sans, here we’ve outlined a number of steps that can be taken in order to change Discord’s gG sans to comic sans.

  1. What was Discord’s old font?

The old Discord’s font was Whitney, and the newest Discord’s font is GG sans. On the occasion you don’t like GG sans and want to revert it back to Whitney or some other Discord font, then that’s what we’ve outlined in this post.

  1. How do I import fonts into Discord?

Do you want to import fonts into Discord but don’t know how? Well, don’t worry; here we have given step-by-step instructions on how to import fonts into Discord.

  1. How do I change my Discord font to GG sans?

Do you want to change your discord’s font, which is GG sans, to some other font, such as comic sans/any other? Learn how to do that in this article.

  1. How can I change my Discord font?

Do you want to change your Discord font and want to know how to go about that? Here, we have outlined all the necessary steps you’ll need to accomplish in this article.

  1. How do I get old Discord font?

Do you want the old Discord font? Don’t worry, you can get the old Discord font easily or any other that you want; read the post.

  1. How do I change Discord’s font back?

Do you want to change the Discord font back? Don’t worry, changing the Discord font back is not that hard and can be done if you follow the right instructions we’ve given here.

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