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How to Bypass Linkvertise Ad-Links – Linkvertise Bypass 2023

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Linkvertise is a service that enables content creators to monetize their work. It has quickly become a popular way for webmasters, bloggers, and influencers to earn money from their content. Although, unfortunately, those who want to download or access Linkvertise contents will have to go through the tiring process of Linkvertise ads. It’s a long and tedious task that nobody wants to do, and that’s exactly what we are going to fix today. Yeah, it’s the coolest method to bypass Linkvertise Ad-Links.

Linkvertise is a great website and a platform for shortening URLs in order to make money while also protecting any links from expiring because of their overexposure (it’s a thing). However, many people complain about how long it takes to complete the tasks given by Linkvertise and therefore look for various ways as to “How to Bypass Linkvertise Ad-Links.” Moreover, users want to be able to bypass Linkvertise Ad-Links on their Android devices, iOS iPhones, Macs, and PCs. So we had to find one such method that would work for all devices, which we did. In this article, we have given a number of methods that can be applied by your smartphone, PC, etc. to easily bypass the linkvertise ad-links status quo.

Furthermore, that’s not all by any means; we are also going to see “What exactly is Linkvertise?” And how do people make money off of linkvertise  etc.? Basically, including its features, benefits, and usage instructions So, if you’re interested in learning more about this platform, keep reading!

What is Linkvertise Ad-Links? Can we bypass Linkvertise Ad-Links

Linkvertise is a well-established online portal that allows users to compress URLs and earn money by posting them on a variety of platforms.

Marc Aurel Winter launched the URL compressor in Germany during 2017. Its headquarters are located in Hohenlocksted, Germany. Linkvertise’s primary purpose is to enable creators to easily shorten URLs and publish those online in order to get revenue.

Linkvertise has been in the commercial sector for more than 6 years now. Within such a brief duration, Linkvertise has emerged as one of the most well-known and profitable URL compressors trusted by all types of content creators worldwide.

Linkvertise is a straightforward solution that provides a wide range of features, including third-party integrations, that enable you to promote your urls on various social media networks. Linkvertise offers a department of customer care representatives accessible through phone, internet, and chat support to answer questions concerning its operations.

Anyone who wants to be able to join Linkvertise and start making money by sharing and downloading Links or access links of various kinds can join linkvertise by going to the platform and providing certain details such as your name, email ID, address, etc. Remember, one must be over eighteen in order to join Linkvertise and start making money.

As for the question asked for the zillionth time, the answer is a simple yes. There are several methods that anyone can use on their smartphone or computer to avoid the linkvertise ad-links.

What are the pros and cons of Linkvertise ad-links? 

Before we jump into “How to Bypass Linkvertise Ad-Links,” here we are going to check out some of the best pros and cons of Linkvertise.

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  1. Easy-to-use : Linkvertise features a straightforward user-based interface that anybody can access and use with ease.
  2. Live Support : Linkvertise has a team of devoted professionals who are always willing to respond to your inquiries. Linkvertise support is available via live chat, email, phone call, and other means.
  3. Best pay rates : Linkvertise has one of the highest rates of compensation for creators. Linkvertise asserts that one can earn as much as $50 for every 1000 clicks.
  4. Performance Report : You will receive a customised dashboard performance report that displays earnings, click trends, marketing campaign alternatives, and monetization data. Similar questions and responses.
  5. Referral Program : Linkvertise provides all of its users with a referral programme. Once you refer someone with your link, you will receive a commission of a certain percentage.
  6. Payments : Linkvertise offers a comprehensive array of payment options. Monthly money transfers can be made using Debit/MasterCard, wire transfer, PayPal, bank transfer, Payoneer, PaySafeCard, Amazon, and other methods.

What are the cons of linkvertise

  1. Once you have accumulated enough funds for a withdrawal, it is claimed that the accompanying transfer fees are rather higher.
  2. Depending on the country, sometimes it can take a while for support to respond.

How to Bypass Linkvertise Ad-Links

As we said in the beginning, bypassing linkvertise Ad-Links can be confusing and frustrating, especially if you have never done it before. However, in this section of the article, we are going to see a couple of bypassing websites that employ the script method to bypass any linkvertise ad-links. The best thing about this method is, you can bypass Linkvertise ad-links on Android device, iOS, Mac, Pc etc. Nifty? 

  1. The-Bypasser
    The Bypasser has some of the fastest solutions to bypass Linkvertise ad-links and every one of its subnetworks’ ads immediately and totally for free. To use the ad-link bypasser, simply launch your Chrome browser, copy & paste the URL you wish to bypass, then click the Skip ADLINK icon.
    Moreover, besides the primary program, it includes two alternative bypassers that can be used in case the primary code encounters problems. One must confirm that whatever Adblock settings are enabled should be disabled.
  2. Linkvertise Bypasser
    Linkvertise Bypasser is a website available around the globe for free. It has been developed by a GitHub creator who goes by the name of Nabil. It provides a straightforward solution for bypassing Linkvertise URLs in order to accommodate quick downloads and ad-free online streaming. The software’s lack of annoying advertisements and pop-up ads, which makes the procedure run more smoothly than similar solutions, is particularly appealing.
  3. Bypassvip is an alternative, handy Linkvertise bypassing website. Furthermore, the thing that makes it different than others is the fact that can also bypass various other link shorteners because its algorithm has been loaded with many scripts. can specifically bypass certain link-shortners that are otherwise complex to bypass, although it will require a subscription package. but don’t worry that is not in the case of linkvertise. It can bypass the linkvertise ad-links for free through the smartphone, or computer. 


Linkvertise is a great way to monetize your website or blog. It is a very easy-to-use platform that doesn’t require any technical know-how, and you can start making money quickly. You will be able to generate revenue from visitors who click on the link before reaching the desired destination.

Unfortunately, those of us who who are going to have to go through these linkvertise ad-links are often frustrated and confused as often the links turn out to be expired and obsolete. Luckily we have found an useful method that anybody can apply and bypass Linkvertise ad-links for free. On the occasion, there are more specific websites and link shortners that you want to bypass the ads for, do let us know.

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