How To Become a Software Engineer After Class 12th Complete Guidance

Do you want to become a software engineer after class 12th? I know how to make you start your journey. All you need is A mindset to be successful and a determination to aim for the stars. A software engineer is the one who codes for a living. It is not easy to become a computer programmer, but if you want to learn how, here’s what you need to know.

To Become A Software Engineer After Class 12th Choose Your Stream Wisely

How To Become a Software Engineer After Class 12th

Choosing the right stream is the most crucial decision you’ll make in your high school career. So make sure you select a stream you are interested in and will be motivated to study. If you choose a stream because it’s what people expect you to do, or because it’s more popular, or for some other reason, you won’t learn much from it and probably won’t enjoy yourself either.

But that doesn’t mean choosing the best stream isn’t tricky – everyone’s situation is different. The answer depends on your interests, which subjects you enjoy studying, and what kind of career you’d like to have later on. If this seems confusing (it can be), try asking your teachers and parents/guardians for guidance. You should also consider what kind of knowledge and skills will give you the most opportunities in life that can help with your future career choices.

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Do An Internship During College.

How To Become a Software Engineer After Class 12th

Do an internship. Doing training during your college years can be a great way to build up experience in programming. It helps you revive your resume, making it easier to find work as a programmer after graduating from college. Many professional companies hire interns. Some popular companies that hire interns include Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, and Google. To apply for internships, you will have to send in your resume along with your CV. After being accepted into an internship program, you will usually work at the company part-time while still attending class full-time at school during the semester in which you do the internship.

Take Online Classes and Certifications

  • Take Online Classes and Certifications

    Take online courses which are available on Udemy, Coursera, etc. There are many online certifications available on Coursera, edX, etc. These courses will help you to learn a lot about programming, and the best part is that it doesn’t cost much for most websites. For Udemy, a one-time payment is required, and for Coursera, there is a monthly subscription that costs nearly $50 per month.

  • Start with basics: HTML and CSS

    An excellent place to start learning web development is by learning basic HTML and CSS before moving to JavaScript or any other backend language like Python or C++.
    If you do internships, you will gain experience of actual projects. This will help you get a understanding of the actual job life.

Be Passionate About Coding

Having a passion for coding is essential to becoming a software engineer. If you have an interest in computers, programming, and the internet, then software engineering would most definitely be the right career choice for you.

Many people tend to dive into this field just because they think it is well paying, but if you’re not passionate about coding, this will negatively affect your learning and productivity. Software engineers need to be passionate about coding as it plays a massive role in choosing technology stacks, writing code, and maintaining large software applications. For example, if you like Android app development, then Java is a great platform to learn. It provides several benefits that other languages might not offer, such as better performance, lower memory usage, etc.

Interest in computers/programming is what drives young minds into becoming software engineers. School projects are a great place to start when it comes to learning programming or building application prototypes depending on which field of computer science interests you the most.

Learn Software Development Processes

How To Become a Software Engineer After Class 12th

The software development process can be defined as a set of activities that lead to the creation of software products. There are four types of software development processes: Waterfall, V-Shaped, Iterative and Agile.

Revise Basic Mathematics

Mathematics is the most crucial part of programming. Mathematics is just like the backbone of software engineering. So if you want to be a good programmer, you must have a good knowledge of mathematics. Just revise your basic mathematics, i.e., introductory algebra, trigonometry, geometry, calculus, and differential equations.

Join A Professional Organization For Software Engineers.

You can join a professional organization for software engineers. This is more than just a resume builder. Professional groups will be able to connect you with other people in the field who have been doing this job for years and may assist you with finding a job or even getting in contact with someone who knows someone at the company where you are applying! These organizations also offer various training courses and classes that can help round out your skillset.

You will have to prepare for several interviews and make sure you are good in your technical skills as well as communication skills.


q1. How long does it take to become a software engineer?

Between 4 months to 4 years. It depends on your educational background and the path you want to take.

q2. How to become a software engineer without a degree?

To get started, we recommend taking an online class. The next step is beefing up your resume and applying for internships. If your background isn’t in software engineering, this can be tricky, but it’s not impossible.

q3. What to study to become a software engineer?

You don’t have to be super-smart or know tons of programming languages to get started. If you’ve been looking for a new career and want to follow your passions, software engineering is the way to go. You can start by getting a Btech degree in CSE/IT stream.

q4. Is it hard to become a software engineer?

It’s not easy to start a career as a software engineer, but it is possible.

There are many paths you can take to become a software engineer, including college, coding boot camps, and self-study.

q5. What do you need to become a software engineer?

If you’re willing to learn and keep your mind open, a career in software engineering can be one of the best jobs in the world. One of the most important skills any software engineer needs is a passion for problem-solving. You need to love thinking about how to solve problems and come up with creative solutions. Software engineers are constantly challenged to solve new problems every day, and they get to see the results of their work every day, too, when people use their products or services.

q6. How long does it take to become a software engineer?

The short answer is: however long you need. But the longer answer is more involved and complicated.

Software engineering is a deep field, one that requires knowledge of many different languages, frameworks, and types of applications. Your experience as an engineer will vary based on what type of applications you’re working with, the language(s) you’re using, how complex your project is, how many people are on your team, and so on. There are people who spend decades in the field and still feel like they have a lot more to learn about it.

All that being said, though—yes, it does take a few years to really get your feet underneath you. Most engineers don’t feel like junior engineers until they’ve been working for two or three years (and some don’t feel like senior engineers until they’ve been working for ten). Once you understand the complexity of an engineering role, it makes sense why this would be the case.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to become an engineer quickly. It just means that if you want to do so, you need to be prepared to Put in the effort.

q7. What is a software engineer’s salary?

The average software engineer salary is four lacs per year. Senior software engineers make up to 20 lacs per year.

q8. What education is needed to become a software engineer?

Becoming a software engineer typically requires a bachelor’s degree in software engineering or in another area of computer science or information technology (IT). Some of the classes you’d take for a computer science degree include calculus, discrete math, linear algebra, physics, data structures, algorithms, operating systems, computer architecture, programming languages, compilers, databases, networks, software engineering, and artificial intelligence.

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