GoTranscript audio & MCQ’s test answers for 2024 (New quiz answers)

This is the GoTranscript audio & MCQ’s test answers for 2024 part 2, where we are Are Going To Learn About How We Can Pass The Test For GoTranscript, In Addition To All The GoTranscript Audio & MCQ’s Test Answers Of 2024, To Get You All Set-Up On GoTranscript.

For Those of Us Who Don’t Know What GoTranscript Is? Well, here’s your chance to find out What Is GoTranscript?  and what it’s used for.

What is GoTranscript?

GoTranscript Audio & MCQ's Test Answers

GoTranscript Is A Booming Web-Based Transcription And Translation Company. That Specilizes In Audio & Videos Translation- Transcription.

Basically You Will Get Money For Transcripting Via Typing, It Could Be Either Audio Or Video. This Is Easily One Of The Best Ways To Make Money Online, All You Got To Do, Is Write What You Hear From The ‘Audio’ Or ‘Video’ This Is Called Transcription, And Make Money Almost Upto $0.60 Per 1 Minute Of Transcription.

That’s $6 For The Transcription Of 10 Minute Audio Or Video. Anyways There Are Many Benefits Of Being A Transcripter, Like Work From Home – Work As Much As You Want Or As Less As You Want – Choose Your Own Projects – Get Paid Every Week Through PayPal.

Although, Please Keep This In Mind, That Transcripting Is Not A Very Easy Job, It May Sound Like, You Can Do It Without A Hitch.
But No, Unless You Have Been Over The Internet For A Fairly Long Time × Along With Some Decent Knowledge Of Grammar And Writing Skills, It Can Be In Fact Somewhat Tricky.

Hang On! Though, Once You Start Working And Try Your Best To Master It, We Are Pretty Sure You Will Be Making Money In No Time

Why do we fail on Gotranscript tests?

Well, almost every beginner who visits the GoTranscript website is unable to pass the exam since the questions are so difficult and time-consuming. And if you fail more than two times, the algorithm will consistently fail you even though you have provided the correct answers.

In The View Of That Fact, We Have Decided To Share All The New Answers Of 2024 Of GoTranscript – So That You Can Pass The Test & Start Your Journey.

GoTranscript MCQ’S & Quiz Test Answers 2024

Get The Go Transcript MCQ’s Test Answers 100% Correctly For Free, See The Right Answers For All Questions At GoTranscript.

Q1. What Do You Have To Do When A Person Agrees On Something By Saying, “Yep” Or “Ok”? Clean Verbatim

A) “Yep”, “Aha”, “Mm-Hmm” Must Be Written As “Yes”. “Ok” Must Be Written As “Okay”.
B) Spell It The Way It Sounds.

Q2. If I were a boy, I _ understand.

a) can
b) could
c) could have

Q3. I _______ a freelancer.

a) is
b) am
c) be
d) wore

Q4. What should you do with curse words?

a) Leave the curse words out.
b) Transcribe them word for word.

Q5. Vilnius ___________ has around 723,000 permanent inhabitants.

a) the capital of Lithuania
b) the capital of liethuania,
c), the capital of Lithuania,
d) the capital of Liethuania,

Q7. If a speaker had made a grammatical mistake, how would a worker have to transcribe it (For instance, “I has a puppy.”)?

a) I has [sic) a puppy.
b) Do not correct grammatical errors made by the speaker. “I has a puppy”
c) I have a puppy.

Q7. Full Verbatim does not include:

a) Speech Errors
b) Stutters
c) False Starts
d) Slang words
e) __
f) Filler words
g) Repetitions

Q8. In Clean Verbatim, the transcribed text does not include:

a) Repetitions
b) Filler words unless they add meaning
c) Stutters
d) Expressions (Oh my God, Oh dear, Oh my, Oh boy, Oh shoot, et cetera)

Q9. How should you address direct quotations?

a) He said ‘1 am from Pakistan.’
b) He said, “I am from Pakistan.”
c) He said I am from Pakistan.
d) He said [l am from Pakistan].

Q10. She said _________

a): “I am 27.”
b) “I am 27”
c) ,”I am 27.”
d) I am 27.

Q11. What should a correct sentence look like?

A) They Took Me To The Hospital 2 Weeks Ago– No, 4 Weeks Ago
B) They Took Me To The Hospital 2- 4 Weeks Ago
C) They Took Me To The Hospital 2 Weeks 4 Weeks Ago
D) They Took Me To The Hospital 24 Weeks Ago

Q12. If a speaker made a grammatical error in the sentence “I saw one children”, how would you transcribe it?

a) I saw one childrens [sic]
b) I saw one children.
c) I saw one children [sic]

Q13. ___good friends.

a) They are
b) Their
c) They’re

Q14. I____feel terrible.

a) very
b) really
c) absolutely

Q15. A transcriber should italicize:

a) TV and radio programs
b) Social media sites
c) The Bible
d) Parts of the sacred writings
e) Song titles
f) Foreign expressions

Q16. What is considered as a filler word in Full Verbatim?

a) Kind of
b) Um
c) Gotcha

Q17. What are the basic rules to apply while transcribing an audio file? Clean Verbatim

A) Punctuation Is Not A Part Of The Transcriber’s Work.
B) The Beginning Of A Sentence Should Always Be Capitalized.
C) Longer Speeches Should Be Separated Into Smaller Paragraphs. Paragraphs Shouldn’t Be Longer Than 500 Symbols.

Q18. If you do not transcribe audio according to GoTranscript’s guidelines, what will happen?

a) You might get a low rating.
b) You might be removed from the team.

Q19. What is transcription?

A) Transcription Is Listening To And Summarizing A Recording.
B) Transcription Is The Process Of Converting Speech In An Audio Or Video File Into Written.
Transcription Is Converting A Speech From One Language To Another.

Q20. I ______ a good student.

a) been
b) were
c) is
d) am
e) wore

Q21.Which tags should be bolded?

a) Speaker labels.
b) Does not matter. You can bold anything you wish.
c) Nothing at all.
d) It depends on the context.
e) Everything with the timecodes: [00:00:15] [unintelligible 01:01:27 inaudible 00:03:13]; [pause 00:02:07].

Q22. If there is an ‘et cetera’ in the audio, what should you do?

a) Transcribe ‘et cetera’ as a part of the audio.
b) Leave ‘et cetera’ out.
c) Transcribe it as etc.

Q23. I have _________ and __________ .

a) one US dollar, ten British pounds.
b) $1,£10
c) 1 US dollar, ten British pounds.
d) one US dollar, 10 British pounds.

Q24. What is the correct answer to “2+5*4-8÷⅘ =?”

a) 12
b) 4,4(4)
c) 0
d) 17,5
e) 75

Q25. Which sentence is correctly capitalized and punctuated?

a) I like to use facebook It is my favorite way of keeping in touch with the relatives.
b) I like to use facebook it is my favorite way of keeping in touch with the relatives.
c) I like to use Facebook it is my favorite way of keeping in touch with the relatives.
d) I like to use Facebook. It is my favorite way of keeping in touch with the relatives.

Q26. Files are transcribed in:

a) American English unless a client states otherwise.
b) Australian English
c) British English
d) Canadian English

Q27. What is the proper format of a speaker label (Speaker)?

a) Speaker:
b) Speaker-
c) Speaker
d) Speaker
e) It depends on the verbatim type of file.
F) Speaker

Q28. Which is the correct format according to GT guidelines?

a) She came to me and said, I am from Mozambique. M-O-Z-A-M-B-l-Q-U-E.
b) She came to me and said, “l am from Mozambique. M>0>Z>A>M>B>l>Q>U>E.
c) She came to me and said, “1 am from Mozambique. M-O-Z-A-M-B-l-Q-U-E”
She came to me and said, “1 am from Mozambique. M_O_Z_A_MB_I_Q_UE.

Q29. I met in Lithuania.

a) Jane
b) jane

Q30. Which sentence/sentences is/are correctly capitalized and punctuated?

a) jack tried a new diet, but still gained weight.
b) Jack tried a new diet, but he still gained weight.
jack tried a new diet, but he still gained weight.
D) Jack tried a new diet but still gained weight.

NOW You Too Can Simply Take The Exam & Pass, Well Atleast The First Part Of The GoTranscript Quiz Test, Do Not Worry Though, Because We Have Even Brought Here For You The Audio Test Answer’s As Well, You Don’t Need To Do, Anything Really, Just Copy Paste It.

Speaker 1:

This audio is used for the audio test for transcribers who want to work at GoTranscript.

Speaker 2:

What are the best things about working in Introde? Well, let me think a minute. Well, let me answer your question with another question. Why do you care? I mean, you, you know that ultimately, the reason anyone works anywhere is for money. Let’s face it, if everyone had enough food, a clean, safe place to live at a cool car that ran 100% on solar power, nobody would have to work.

Then your question, it’d be legit because I could honestly tell you why I, as a certified layabout chose of my own free will to work here. I know that’s not the kind of answer you’re looking for. Is it? Okay, let me try again. The best thing about working at in Introde. Well, there was a code I learned in my early days there, which was, I take care of your freedom, you take care of your responsibility. This is so true.

Another code I learned early on was don’t hit send on an email without triple-checking to make sure it’s not going out to everyone in the company. And not just Michael Samir and Milton in the next cubicle. You definitely don’t want to go into Lumberg or to Bob’s. Neither of those codes has changed one whit since that first job way back in 99.

Things are definitely better here at Introde than they were in Intech. Here you’re autonomous to do anything you want 9 times out of 10 as long as you do it responsibly and keep your stock price hovering around 1500 bucks a share. Remember that your customers and stakeholders are kings, queens and true decision makers. But your dreams are always your own. Even if your hypnotist keels over during a session.

The point I would like to highlight is that in this zigzag career path I followed from Initech to Introde, with a stopover in Hollinger’s, gave me a 360 horizon, which helped me to develop into a better person as well. It helped me to enhance and develop my skills. That’s the subversive beauty of Introde, which no other company offers. Or at least that’s what Nina and HR told me when they interviewed me. Frankly, I can’t help but wonder what would happen if something happened here while everybody was home sleeping?

The Sleep of the just. Milton waters keep saying that he wants to burn down the building. And yesterday, I saw him heading to the basement with a big box of matches. It might be my fault because I told him to turn down the radio, even though he insisted he was allowed to listen at a reasonable volume between 9 and 10 am. Hopefully, he just had a bad case of Mondays.

Speaker 1:

This audio is used for the audio test for transcribers who want to work at GoTranscript.

Congratulations! You Got It At Last, The Answer To GoTranscript Audio Test’s For 2024. Right Now In 2024, This Audio Is Being Utilised For Examining Transcripter’s Skills.

How to pass Gotranscript audio tests in 2024?

Since this is a new thread for Gotranscript, we’ve decided to give a few simple steps and tricks that anyone can use to pass any Gotranscript audio tests in 2024; just make sure to follow all of the instructions properly.

  • Save the audio from Gotranscript to your computer.
  • Create an OTTER account for yourself.
  • After creating an otter account, import the Gotranscript audio you downloaded.
  • Your Gotranscript audio will now be transcribed 90% accurately for no cost.
  • The remaining 10% is just some minor adjustments that you’ll need to make; here’s what you’ll need to do:

a) If you notice something you don’t understand, look it up on the internet and correct it.

b) If any numbers are being used in the transcription audio tests, open the Gotranscript Guidelines to see how they should be written and correct them.

c) Once you’ve completed all of these procedures, use Grammarly to check for reaming mistakes (which, believe me, there will be).

d) Correct any errors that you detect on Grammarly, but be careful not to correct something that the speaker has said that is incorrect but the speaker has said it nonetheless (Per the Gotranscript guideliness, we cannot correct the grammar of a speaker, if they have spoken it wrong)

  • Once you’ve completed all of these steps, trust your instincts and submit it for review.
  • If you pass, you have done everything properly in order; if you fail, there must have been some errors; don’t worry, try again; trial and error is the key, remember that.

( If you don’t have grammarly premium, use this trick to get grammarly premium for free)

Please Bear In Mind, That Sometimes Gotranscript Algorithm Keeps Failing You For Failing More Than 3 Times

We Would Advice To Use A Different Email Account, Or Try After A Couple Of Minutes After Failing. Anyways We Sincerely Hope This Article Was Worthwhile And Gives You An Insight On “GoTranscript Audio & MCQ’s Test Answers For 2024.” We Have Also Attempted To Answer Some Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions To Help Solve Any Queries, Still Got Some Question, Don’t Hesitate To Ask Them Away In Comments Section, We Shall Reply You As Soon As Possible.

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