Google snake mod menu – GitHub mod (unlock the Google Snake Mods)

The Snake game was created in the 1970s, and it’s still played by millions of people today. The basic game involves a player controlling a snake and making it grow larger with each piece of food it eats until the snake becomes so long that it can no longer fit on the screen, resulting in the death of the snake. The same idea has been used by Google to make their own interesting version of Google Snake (mod menu).

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The most fascinating thing about the Google Snake game is that it has so many unique features that aren’t available anywhere else, like different animals, fruits, colors, etc. Furthermore, there is still so much room to change things up a notch. For example, completely separate background color, snake colour, two snake heads (for real), dark mode, unlimited wall space, no loss, and thousands of things more. Doesn’t that sound deliciously awe-inspiring? We can unlock all the Google Snake features by applying the Google Snake mode menu!

Sadly, not a whole lot of folks know “How to access the Google Snake mod menu” in order to unlock all the Google Snake features on desktop. But hey, don’t you worry; we have got you covered in this post, because we are going to discover “Google Snake Mode Menu by GitHub” and understand how to install Google Snake Menu Mods since there is not just one Google Snake Mod but a number of them, each with their own unique set of features.

What is the Google Snake mod menu?

Google snake mod menu

If you remember playing the snake game on your old cell phone, you are likely familiar with the concept of this classic game as well as many modern variations that are available online and in app stores. The idea behind Snake was to make your way through a maze, collecting points and avoiding your tail until you completed the level. The first time you played, it was an addicting experience because of how difficult it was to keep from hitting yourself. Now, online versions of the snake game are available, complete with graphics and sound effects to enhance the experience even more.

Google Snake is perhaps one of the most popular versions of the traditional snake game that is currently trendy, although there are certain limitations to Google Snake, which led to the development of the Google Snake mod menu.

When we say Google Snake mod menu, we mean an extra bucket of features that Google Snake has but is only available to those who know how to unblock all those Google Snake hidden settings.

Once we unblock all the secret settings of Google Snake, we will have access to the Google Snake Mod Menu, which is a sort of menu list that allows one to play the Google Snake game in a radically unique way. It’s super-awesome and addicting at the same time.

How to get the Google Snake Mod Menu through the GitHub method?

Without a question, Google’s snake game is exquisite and highly addicting. The only problem is that it is often too simple and “traditional,” which makes it appear rather monotonous, yet adding the Google Snake Mod Menu would allow it to maintain its appeal for seasons.

  • Go to this GitHub link and download the “MoreMenu.html” file.
  • Now, in the tab option, write or copy-paste this: Chrome://bookmarks
  • On the right upper side of your screen, there will be a 3 dots sign (⋮), click on it.
  • A new drop-down menu will be shown. Select “Import bookmarks”.
  • Find the “MoreMenu.html” file and click on it.
  • The Google Snake mod has been installed now. Go to the Google search engine and search for the “Google snake”.
  • Click on the + sign and open a new tab, where there will be a “More stuff menu” installed in the form of bookmarks. Click on it.
  • Open the first tab again (where you have searched for the Google Snake), click on the play button, and then on the “Settings” button.
  • If the modifications have been successful, there will be more settings showing (mod menu). If it’s not, it will look like the same old Google snake. (Remember, in that case, follow the 7th and 8th again).

There you are! This is how one can mod the Google Snake game. If you are just reading it and not following it along, it might seem much more complex than it really is. Frankly, we encourage you to really go ahead and try attempting it first, after which, we are sure you will be surprised just how easy it is.

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best Google Snake mods and how to unblock them

There are various types of mods for Google Snake that are far more entertaining than the original version. Some methods are exclusive to particular mods, although the vast majority are same and adhere to the same instructions and adjustments. We hope this clarifies some of your concerns.

Google Snake Animated Color: Google snake mod menu

A game’s potential to modify the colour is unquestionably a wonderful feature. This is made possible by the “Google Snake Animated Color feature”, which gives you the option to alter the backdrop and the Google Snake colours. For a change, there is an array of colours one can choose from and play with a unique snake.

Do you know how to obtain the animated colours for Google Snake? Click on this link and then stick to the directions on the other page. It’s pretty awesome.

Twin Mod: Google snake mod menu

The Twin mod is most interesting because until now we have only been playing with one snake, whereas in this mod, as the name so accurately explains, it allows the snake to grow two heads! Therefore, the twin mod

the twin mode is a complete double-edged sword. For example, having two heads assists in eating fruits rather quickly, although when the twin heads crash into each other, you lose just as quickly.

Does the twin mod sound interesting? Well, it can easily be played too. Go to the Google search engine and search for “Google snake twin mod”. Open the first GitHub link and follow the provided instructions.

Dark Mod: Google snake mod menu

Do you use dark elements on your computer, smartphone, and search engine? So it only makes sense to enable you to play your preferred game in a dark mode. since everything seems cooler and is far more fascinating when it is in dark mode.

Do you know how to get the dark mod on Google Snake? Well, it’s fairly easy. Click on this link and follow all the instructions supplied on this other page and have fun playing Google Snake in dark mode.

Cheese Mod: Google snake mod menu

Use the “Cheese Mod” to give the Google Snake game some extra pizzazz. There is a bunch of surprising content in this mod. Consider a snake, which is selectively functional in specific locations. Once you add this Google Snake Mod to the gameplay, the enjoyment is doubled.

The procedure is the same for both the Dark Mod and the Cheese Mod. Simply go to the GitHub and search for the cheese mod (new links are added frequently). Apply the given instructions and have a blast with cheez mod.

Google Snake Any Board Size: Google snake mod menu

As the name of this mod suggests, Google Snake any board size. This particular Google Snake mod allows one to either change the width or height of the walls to one’s choice.

The advantage being, one will be able to play the game for longer periods of time and not lose so easily. A solid cheatcode indeed.

Liked google snake any board size? You can get it too. Go to this link and follow all the given steps to learn “How to unblock the Google Snake any board size”.

Snake Wall Endgame Sooner: Google snake mod menu

“Snake Wall Endgame Sooner” is another mod that is a good pick. Don’t you think it is rather fair when there are no wall limits? You will be able to play Google Snake games for long periods of time without losing, unless you touch your tail.

Does “snake wall endgame sooner” sound good? One can easily modify the Google Snake Game to snake wall endgame sooner in easy steps! Just open Google and copy-paste “snake. wall_every_apple”. After that, click on the first GitHub link and follow all the instructions.

These are some of the best Google Snake mods that one can play and unlock by following the same trick or a different one as per their instructions. However, do not think this list includes all the Google Snake mods because this is nowhere close to that. For example, there is the Blender Mod, Infinity Borderless Mod, Portal Mod, Classic Mod, etc.

It’s nothing short of surprising just how many modifications we can accomplish on the Google Snake. Remember, go to the Google search engine, type out the mod you want to install, and open the first GitHub link. Follow all the instructions there and you will have it.


Google Snake may be one of the most basic games on the internet, but it can still be lots of fun to play—especially if you have the Google Snake mod menu! This step-by-step guide will teach you “How to get the Google Snake Mod Menu” in an easy way.

One of the worst things about the Google Snake is that its limitations are so much, one can’t even hope to last longer, let alone win the game! This is where the cheatcode slash “Google Snake mod menu” comes in. Having these Google Snake mods lets you have access to an array of options that are super useful. For example — imagine playing the Google Snake for hours on end; endless walls, two heads, unique colours and backgrounds, etc. All of this and far more is readily possible once you have access to the Google Snake mod menu, which we have attempted to explain in this guide. Have fun slithering away!

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How do I get a mod menu for Google Snake?

Do you want to get a “Mod menu for the Google Snake?” Well, it is rather feasible and requires a certain number of steps, which we have supplied in this article to follow.

Q2. How do I install Google Snake mods?

Do you perhaps not know “how to install the Google Snake mods? Well, installing the Google Snake mods can be accomplished via a series of steps. Read the article to learn the steps.

Q3. What are the best Google Snake mods?

There are several Google Snake mods that are the best. For example — there is the Twin Mod, Cheese Mod, any board size mod, animated colours mod, and a whole plethora of other Google Snake Mods that are just the best. To know more about them, read the article.

Q4. How do I use Google Snake secret mode?

Want to learn “How to use the Google Snake Secret Mod?” Read the post.

Q5. google snake menu mod download

First of all, one should know about the only legit place where one can download the Google Snake Menu Mod, which is GitHub. Next, you are going to need a working Java script that the GitHub users develop and we download in order to access the Google Snake mod menu. Remember, if the downloaded file is not working, that would mean Google has patched the Google Snake menu mod. Try downloading and trying out different Google Snake menu mod files.

Q6. google snake menu mod bookmark

In order to hack the Google Snake game, we need the GitHub file, which then needs to be bookmarked in our browser. This way, it becomes possible to play the Google Snake game with menu mods. To know more, read the article.

Q7. google snake menu mod unblocked

Unblocking the Google Snake menu mod can be a tough challenge for anyone who has never done it before. Fortunately, in this article we have provided an easily digestible how-to guide that can allow you to unlock the Google Snake Menu Mod. For more information, read the article.

Q8. Is it safe to use the Google Snake Game Mod menu from Github?

Well, it is as safe as it can be. So far, we have not received any complaints or negative reviews that might lean to the side of GitHub files not being safe. Furthermore, we can use extra tools to check the files downloaded from the github. So, is it safe to use the Google Snake game mod menu from GitHub? Absolutely yes.

Q9. What is the best Google Snake mod?

First of all, we need to acknowledge that there are multiple Google Snake mods available out there. And deciding which is the best would be unfair to others. In all honesty, it entirely depends on various people what they like and what they don’t. So you do you.

Q10. How to find the Google Snake Mods Extension?

There are no extensions for the Google Snake mods. In fact, there are javascript files for the Google Snake mods. We can download those files from the github and start following the important steps in order to gain access to the Google Snake mods.

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