Spot The Differences – Christmas Santa


This is a game from the rank of the hidden games. It is an interesting puzzle game with 12 levels in it. Start from the first level and try to find five differences between two seemingly the same pictures. Do that for a given time. After each passed level the game will become harder to play. The differences between images will increase. So at the next level, you need to find six differences, and when you came to the last level you need to find ten differences. But the time for playing will be almost the same as the first level. But it will be interesting to play. The game has great images with Christmas elements and of course with different Santa Claus in them. When you see that the image has some different click on it to get point. If you click on the place where are no differences, the game will subtract from the time 5 seconds.


Tap on the game screen to play this game


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