Rave Weapon


You are at the party, but only zombies come here! Fight hordes of enemies and hold out as long as possible. Buy new weapons and show who is in charge here. The game is waiting for you: -dance electronic music; -beautiful graphics; - spacious maps; - lots of fun. Instructions The goal of the game is simple - to keep the level as long as possible. A variety of weapons and cartridges will help you with this, which can be bought for pts (points). Cartridges (magazines) are needed only for machine guns and guns, for a pistol cartridges are endless. The more expensive the weapon, the cooler it is. You can choose the weapon you bought and it will become the second weapon during the fight.


Control W, A, S, D - movement. R - Reload Left Mouse Button - Shooting Mouse Wheel - switch between weapons. Have a nice game!


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