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Fix the Instagram messages blacked out issue – 7 best ways

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Recently, some users have reported encountering an odd issue while using the social media platform Instagram, which is that Instagram messages blacked out issues that have been showing up in Netizens DMs on Instagram.

You being here simply means that Instagram’s blacked out messages have been troubling you as well. In this article, we’ll go through what could be causing this problem and how to fix the Instagram messages blacked out issues on iOS, iPhone, and Android devices.

What causes the Instagram blacked out messages issue? Can we fix Instagram blackout texts?

Fix Black screen iNstagram

There are many reasons why you might be facing “instagram blacked out messages “error on your device, one of the most common factor leading to this issue has always been credited to the new updates and the aftereffects on various iOS iPhones or Android devices.

For example, in late 2022, there was an update by Instagram, after which the reports of Instagram’s blacked out messages saw a surge of users complaining and rating down Instagram in their respective stores. This is not to be confused as a fact since There could be a number of reasons why your Instagram texts are being blacked out, Some of these factors include full storage, app cache, internet connection, and system glitch, application upgrade, etc. Needless to say, all of these factors contribute to the fact that Instagram is blacked out messages, and therefore require unique solutions.

As for the question of whether we can fix the Instagram blacked out messages, The answer is simple: Yes, and the Instagram blacked out message issue can be fixed if followed the outlined steps in order.

Turn on the dark mode

As much irony as there might be, turning on the dark mode on your iOS iPhone & Android device will fix the Instagram messages blacked out issue. Here,  we are going to show you how to turn on the dark mode on your iOS iPhone as well as on your Android smartphone.

iOS iPhone

  • Open the iPhone settings
  • Choose “Display & Brightness.”
  • Now simply click on “Dark” instead of “Light.”. 

Android device

  • Open the Android settings
  • Choose “Display & Brightness.”
  • Turn on the “Dark” mode button.

Once you have turned on the dark mode on your device, simply open the Instagram application and check to see whether the Instagram blackout messages issue has been fixed.

Reboot the device 

Sometimes the issues with Instagram can be just a simple, temporary glitch or some other incompatibility that can result in “instagram messages blacked out”. One of the quickest and easiest methods to fix this is by simply restarting your device and then again opening the Instagram application.

Instagram Data clear

Even though Instagram doesn’t permanently store a lot of data (unless you save a lot of reels and photos), it is still a good idea to clean things up every once in a while because that can be the reason why Instagram messages are blacked out. Here’s how to clean the Instagram data:

  • Go to your mobile settings.
  • Scroll down and look for the “Apps” section and click on that.
  • Click on “Instagram.”
  • Click on “Storage & Cache” and select “Clear Storage” or “Clear Data.”.

Clearing the data on Instagram is pretty much the same for all Android smartphones & iOS iPhones, with some variations. The question is whether clearing Instagram’s data resolves the blacked out Instagram messages issue.

Update the device system

Having an out-of-date device operating system may lead to the “Instagram blacked out messages” issue; in this case, one needs to check and see whether their device is up-to-date or not in terms of system updates. An Android device or an iOS iPhone has different ways of verifying whether the system they are operating on is the most recent version. The same is true for computer users and MAC users. In order to know how to check for the system update, a simple Google search should suffice.

Update the Instagram application  

If you already have the latest operating system installed on your device, whatever it may be, you might want to look into the Instagram app update. Usually the applications are already instructed to be updated automatically, but there is a good chance the Instagram application you have installed on your device is not the most recent version of the application; therefore, if you see “Instagram blacked out messages,” we recommend going ahead and updating Instagram.

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Uninstall & reinstall the Instagram app 

Do you have an updated system and an updated Instagram application on your device? If these two conditions are met and nevertheless you are facing the “Instagram blacked out messages” problem in your Android or iOS device, we recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the Instagram application on your device. This way, any corrupted file associated with Instagram will automatically be cleansed.

Sign out and sign in again  

In case your Instagram account has been logged in on many devices, or in the rare case it has been hacked by somebody, it can most certainly be the reason why your having “Instagram messages blacked out”. In order to fix this issue and kick out the other people, simply sign out of your Instagram account and sign in again. Maybe even consider changing the password. 


In recent weeks, it has come to light that a significant issue is impacting Instagram users, in which messages sent by other users are appearing “blacked out”. This means that instead of seeing the text or photo message, affected accounts will only see an empty black box where their messages should be displayed. Netizens are calling it the “instagram messages blacked out issue.” It can be difficult for those impacted by this mysterious blackout problem to navigate because there appears to be no definitive solution except for trial-and-error attempts from both individual and technical ends alike.

This article aims to bring attention to this issue facing many Instagram users so they understand what might have caused it and how they can proceed with resolving it.

Frequently asked questions

q. Instagram DMs not working today
Is your Instagram Dms not working and showing a black screen or something? Here, we have shared the best methods to fix the Instagram messages blacked out problem.

q. Why are my Instagram DMs not working?
Are you confused with your Instagram DMs not working as usual? Don’t worry, it’s a common issue and can be fixed by following a number of steps that we have provided in this article.

q. Instagram blacked out messages issue on iPhone?
Are you having trouble with your Instagram and getting blacked out messages from Instagram? Fret not; this can be solved simply by following a number of techniques that we have outlined in this article.

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