Download Shutterstock images for free without watermark 2022

Shutterstock is one of the most well-known stock image, audio, and video material suppliers. Several content creators use it as a resource for even more stock content. All available material on Shutterstock is for sale. The website let’s you to search, screenshot, and even download images and video clips, but they will all have a watermark. As a result, we’ve decided to share with you today the fantastic methods and strategies that you can use to get “shutterstock images for free without watermark,” and this trick will work on any system, whether it’s an Android phone, an iPhone, or a personal computer.

Nevertheless, before we get started, let’s go over the basics of “what Shutterstock is” and what it offers, and then let’s look at how to get free Shutterstock photos.

What is Shutterstock – Shutterstock pros and cons

Shutterstock is one of the best online platforms for viewing, using, and downloading high-quality licenced pictures, vectors, illustrations, videos, and music, etc which it offers to marketing firms and media outlets all over the world.

Shutterstock has a vibrant community of over 1 million contributors many of whom are constantly adding and uploading hundreds and thousands of artistic assets each week, and there are currently over 332 million images, 52 million editorial images, and 20 million video stock clips accessible for you to spruce up any and all of your content.

Download Shutterstock images for free

What if I told you that You can also make money simply by sharing your photos on Shutterstock, and you don’t even need a high-resolution camera or a professional camera to do so; in fact, you can do it with your Android handset, assuming you want to know how. here’s a link to a short post;

Shutterstock pros;

  • Shutterstock has a collection of over 332 million images and 20 million videos to choose from.
  • You can classify images by type (picture, illustration, vector) (horizontal, vertical), colour, category (ex: abstract, business, food), number of people, and sexuality of people in the photos to discover the ideal image for your advertisement.
  • Shutterstock’s global market receives over 55,000 new images every day, guaranteeing crispness and a consistent flow of new data.
  • Freelancers can join Shutterstock and sell their own photos.
  • Create an account to gain access to “free Image of the Week.”
  • You can purchase Shutterstock monthly and yearly plans, as well as buy in for teams, to keep your subscription costs down.
  • Shutterstock has a Price Protection element that keeps your images at the same price rate for 15 months. You will continue to pay the same amount as when you first subscribed, even if the price of the content increases.
  • It provides you with royalty-free stock photos, videos, and other media for your creative projects.

Shutterstock cons;

  • The only disadvantage of shutterstock is its pricing; you must purchase images from shutterstock with a licence to use them.
  • The monthly plan is a little pricey.

Now that we know what shutterstock is and what it has to offer, we can move on to the meat of the article, which is “How to download Shutterstock images for free without watermark,” because when most of us try to download shutterstock images, they always show up with the good old watermark, which no one likes, though you should be aware that there is always the chance of an image creator discovering it and deciding to sue you, which seldom happens, but it is your discretion and you should be adequately informed.

How to download shutterstock images for free without watermark – Best shutterstock image downloader

There are many tools online or downloader’s applying which you can download any Shutterstock images for free that you can include in your projects, youtube videos, blog post, and much more, but most of these often turn of to be paid, and that is just confusing, since if you really wanted to buy from start, you could have already done it in the first place on shutterstock, seeing this, we have attempted to put together a list of best sites to download shutterstock pictures aka list of best Shutterstock image downloaders.

Download shutterstock images for free using getpaidstock with no watermark

  • First, go to Shutterstock and search for the image you want to have downloaded for free and without a watermark.
  • Once you’ve found your image, click on it and copy the URL for that specific page.
  • Go to this site:
  • A “search box” will appear.
  • Paste the URL into the “search box” and select “search photo” from the drop-down menu.
  • A new option, “Download generated photo,” will appear; select it.
  • A new page will appear; wait 10 seconds before clicking the “open link” button.
  • You will be redirected to a new page, where you should click on “Download this image.”

Done! You have now successfully downloaded shutterstock image for free with shutterstock image downloader, If this sounds like a lengthy procedure, be assured that it is not; downloading any photo from shutterstock takes no more than 2 minutes.

Now, because this site’s server occasionally goes down due to a high volume of downloads, I’m going to tell you about another website, an android app that lets you download shutterstock images for free. You’ll be glad to know that this application gives away millions of stock images for free, as well as vectors, illustrations, stock videos and music, sound effects, and more from stock sites, and it’s available for all major operating systems, including Iphone, Android, and pc.

It allows you to download stock photographs in Super HD quality, such as 2K, 4K, and more, along with commercial licence, and it’s all free and legal, so let’s have a look at “How to download shutterstock images for free on android mobile and iphone using shutterstock downloader app.”

Follow the below instructions carefully.

Pixabay Shutterstock image downloader for Android

Pixabay Shutterstock image downloader for iphone

Pixabay Shutterstock image downloader For Desktop

  • Visit the Pixabay website or download the app.
  • Look for any type of stock image you want to use.
  • Now, click on the image you want to download without the watermark.
  • Select “Download For Free” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the quality of the image you want to download, whether it’s in HD or SD.
  • Next, click “Download” and answer the captcha that appears.
  • VOILA! Your shutterstock image will be downloaded in high definition.

When downloading from Pixabay, you don’t have to worry about getting a copyright claim or anything; everything is completely free to use, even for commercial purposes. Pixabay has thousands of Shutterstock photos that you can download for free in HD resolution.

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Here is the list of some more alternative websites to download Shutterstock images for free 2022

1. Stocksnap

Stocksnap is a free website where you can download photographs without a watermark. The Creative Commons CC0 licence applies to all pictures on StockSnap. Which allows you to take any photo on the site and copy, change, or distribute it without requesting permission.

2. Unsplash

It includes the best photographs from the virtual world, as well as a CCO licence, allowing you to pick the image you want and download it for free without a watermark.

3. Pexels

Pexel is yet another Shutterstock alternative website. You can save unlimited images without a watermark for free. This site also has a Creative Commons CC0 licence, meaning you can use it for private or business purposes. Simply select the image and save it for free.

Final verdict

There are there are many other best sites where you can go to download shutterstock images for free, some of which we have provided in this post; these sites legitimately make it possible for you to download Shutterstock images for free, and you only require your iPhone•Android•desktop to do so. You can also download shutterstock videos clip and sounds effects using pixabay, which is completely free and available, with millions of stock images, vector, illustration, and sound effects.

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How to download Shutterstock images for free 2022 Faqs

Q1. How do I get Shutterstock images for free?

You can get Shutterstock images for free using the trick we have provided in this post.

q2. How can I get 10 free stock images from Shutterstock?

To get 10 free stock images from shutterstock, you have to follow these instructions;

  • Open shutterstock site and make a account for yourself
  • Scroll down until you find “Free stock image of the week”
  • Click on it, there will be 10 free stock images that you can now download for free.

q3. Shutterstock downloader high quality?

You can use pixabay to download high-quality images from shutterstock.

q4. How to download Shutterstock images in HD quality for free 2022?

You can download Shutterstock images In HD quality for free 2022 reading this post.

q5. Shutterstock images watermark removal link?

Here you will find the Shutterstock images watermark removal link.

q7. How to download Shutterstock images for free?

You can read this post to understand “How to download Shutterstock images for free”

q5. Can we download shutterstock images for free without watermark?

Yes, we can download Shutterstock images for free without watermark, by reading this article and following the correct instructions to download Shutterstock images for free without watermark.

q6. How to download shutterstock images on android device, and iphone?

You can follow the trick provided in this post to understand “How to download Shutterstock images on android device, and iphone.

q8. Alternative websites to download shutterstock images for free 2022

Here is the list for alternatives websites for downloading shutterstock images for free 2022

  • Stocksnap
  • Pexel
  • Pixabay
  • Unsplash

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