Can I Use Shopify to Sell Services?

Yes, you can! In this article, we’ll show you how! Whether you are building an online presence for your services or planning on starting an online business, Shopify is definitely it for you.

Itallows you to reach out to a large number of target customers in order to gain higher sales and revenue, in turn, helping you realize your full business potential.

A bit About Shopify

In case you don’t know, Shopify is an e-commerce solution for businesses. To use Shopify, you don’t need to be a website designer; Shopify itself will do the job for you. There are integrated features and add-ons available on the website that you can apply to build your online presence. 

Just worry about what services or products you are willing to offer and leave the rest up to Shopify. Many leading businesses and brands use Shopify to meet their e-commerce needs. You don’t need to install any website servers since Shopify is a cloud-based service. Shopify gets automatically updated as new features are introduced; hence, you can enjoy it with ease.

There is a Catch, though…

Before we move on, we must clarify that using Shopify and running your online business requires you to always stay online. So that any time you have an issue with your online service, receive a complaint from customers, or need to make changes to your services, etc., you are able to take action immediately.

Being online all the time requires a stable and dependable internet connection. A viable option you have in this regard is Comcast internet. It is reliable and widely available in the US. Comcast also has 24 hours’ customer service. Hence, it will be available to resolve any internet issues you are having quickly so you can get back to managing your Shopify.

What Services/Products Can Be Sold on Shopify?

Moving on, following are some of the examples of what services you can sell on Shopify;

Pet Services.

Shopify offers excellent themes and attractive designs to attract customers to your page. If you specialize in providing pet services, i.e. selling pet foods and accessories, providing grooming, etc, there is a Shopify theme for you to try for this service! Besides, you can go for pet sitting as well.


The COVID pandemic showed that consultations usually don’t have to be face- to-face. They can be provided online too. If you are a healthcare professional, counselor, trainer, consulting lawyer, etc., you can use Shopify to advertise online as well as in-person consultation services. Once customers are convinced about buying your service, they can book appointments with you on Shopify as well using live chats and other online communication.

Being a Handyman (or Woman, if you want).

want). Among all the freelance services being sold on Shopify, some of them can be based on construction or home services. If you have the tools and expertise to fix broken things around the home, paint houses, design new carpentry objects, etc. you can use Shopify to offer such services too.

Rental Services.

Maybe someone needs a dress for a party, but they don’t have a budget to pay for a new one. They would instead be looking into options for renting a dress. If you have plenty of these dresses, you can offer that option to them through Shopify.

Renting such services can be applied to many things such as cars, rooms, office space, kitchen utensils, etc. You would be saving their lives by providing handy services like these since not everyone has unlimited resources.

Bakery or Fast-food service.

Do you love cooking and want to utilize your cooking skills? You can even use Shopify for that. In this fast-paced world, people prefer having their food prepared for them, instead of having to cook it themselves. Your food-providing services on Shopify might just save them time. People are also looking to adopt healthier lifestyles. Got any tips on what food to try? You can prepare it for them and advertise it on Shopify with appropriate themes.


As you can already see from the aforementioned examples, there are many things that can be made possible with Shopify when it comes to providing your services. It is an ideal platform for you to sell your products or services. And you don’t even have to have years of experience to test your talents and do the things you love to do. Use Shopify to make that happen; it just might be a great e-commerce choice for running your services.

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