Business benefits of Migrating from G-suite to Office 365

For startups and small SMBs, the basic version of G Suite (also known as Workspace) is an attractive solution for business applications, primarily due to its free price. However, it doesn’t take long for your organization to grow beyond the capabilities of G Suite’s free version. There are also often technical problems and disasters that trigger change.

Most organizations we come across will consider moving to Microsoft products as they grow, so we’ll outline why users Migrate G suite to Office 365 and why you should consider it sooner or later.

How office 365 Functionalities take over G-suite:

Microsoft Office 365 is preferred by many as the best tool for business. Since most people are used to it, it reduces the time and effort required to train employees and is very cost-effective.

G Suite is primarily based on Office 365, but many users will find it basic and featureless. Being a primarily web-based product is also an obstacle. Sending files to external contacts can cause compatibility issues. And even just editing a document can be a complicated process that needs to be uploaded to Google Drive first.

Also, Office 365 is generally a good choice for managing accounts and email in a central tenant, but many startups don’t set up G Suite that way. This can lead to awkward situations later. We hear from employees who have access to all sensitive files (HR, payroll, etc.). We hear that employees can leave the company and still have access to all company email if their account is linked to their email. We even hear stories of employees keeping the rest of the company out of their files, if not on good terms.



Both platforms offer digital collaboration solutions, but Microsoft is better. Teams are years ahead of Hangouts in terms of features (and call quality in our experience). SharePoint has become a much more advanced solution than Google Drive when it comes to filing sharing, collaboration, and controlling access to files. Also, Microsoft offers its own Azure Virtual Desktop which enhances the desktop functionality on the cloud from anywhere.

Desktop familiarity

If most of your employees use desktop computers, Office 365 puts G Suite to shame. The included desktop app is really helpful. But Office 365 is on the go and you can sign in from virtually any device, so your files are everywhere.


Every business needs a scalable platform. As the company grows, the platform should grow with them and meet their needs. Microsoft 365 offers enterprise-level solutions and beyond. And all new solutions (whether SharePoint, Azure, or Dynamics 365) will fit seamlessly into your existing Microsoft 365 setup without creating redundancy.


Office 365 has some more features than G Suite, which is why you should start your users off with Web Apps and Microsoft Teams. If you’re undecided and want to make a more informed decision on whether Microsoft or G-Suite is the best option for your business, trawling through reviews and comparing features won’t help. Talk to a hosting and migration company like Apps4Rent about switching cloud solutions.

These providers are also experts in providing Azure Backup Service and can also help you avoid the headaches of different migration services. Not only will you save time and money, but it’ll be done with a level of professionalism that is unmatched.

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