BitLife: How to Complete the Gilmore Girls Challenge

A new task has been released that requires you to complete the Gilmore Girls Challenge, which is somewhat difficult for those who are inexperienced or haven’t played the game in a long time. If you are interested in completing the Gilmore Girls challenge and want to understand how it is executed, get ready with your hands on the game since in this article we have given a simple step-by-step that will explain “How to Complete the Gilmore Girls Challenge.”
With its unique storyline, an array of different mini-games, and endless possibilities, it is easy to see why Bitlife is so popular. In this blog post, we will discuss what “BitLife” is and why completing the Gilmore Girls Challenge without a handbook is difficult.

What is BitLife? How can we complete the Gilmore Girls challenge?


Bitlife is an engaging, life simulation game available on both iOS and Android devices. Created by Candywriter LLC, the game allows players to control every aspect of their virtual avatar’s life, from birth to death. From your character’s physical attributes to their job and relationships, Bitlife puts you in control of the choices that make up their life.

The game starts at the moment of your character’s birth. From there, you are presented with a variety of different life choices to make, from what country you want to live in to whether or not you want to pursue a career or go to college. Each decision will affect how the rest of your life unfolds. As you progress through each year, you will face new challenges and opportunities that will shape your character’s life.

Throughout the game, players will be able to interact with other characters and form relationships. You can choose to date, get married, and even have children. Each interaction has its own consequences, allowing players to explore the consequences of their actions and build a unique life story.

BitLife is an incredible mobile game that crams a complete existence onto the display. The architecture of the game is extremely well-designed and addictive. A further fantastic aspect is that the combinations are virtually limitless, and all one needs to do is decide how they’d like their persona to survive from birth to death.

At any point in the game, you can also access detailed stats and view a timeline of major events in your character’s life. This allows players to track their progress and see how their choices have shaped their lives.

One of the features that makes BitLife even more amazing and worthwhile is that it constantly introduces new challenges for all of its millions of users worldwide, and keep in mind that all BitLife challenges are double and accomplishable. That is, even the Gilmore Girls challenge can be completed and won if the proper steps are taken.

BitLife: How to Complete the Gilmore Girls Challenge

Once you know what to do, the Gilmore Girls Challenge in BitLife is among the simplest to complete. There are five principal objectives in the challenge that you must complete. Some of these, though, can be confusing to execute. Here, we will provide you with two versions of the same step-by-step guide; the first will be the short version, and the second will be the long version, so that even the trickier parts can be easily digested. Let’s see then.

What is the Gilmore Girls challenge of BitLife?

The Gilmore Girls Challenge is a challenge created by the video game BitLife. To complete this challenge, follow the steps below:

  • Being female and born in Connecticut
  • Participate in all activities with your mother
  • Learn journalism
  • Cheat on an ex-partner
  • Get pregnant by an ex partner.

Participate in all activities with your mother

There are nine things that you can take up with your mum in total. Nevertheless, you must mature until the subsequent nine options become accessible in the relationship menu; remember to fulfil these nine tasks.

  1. Conversion: At the age of three, have conversations with your mother, and it is okay if you end up arguing.
  2. Quality time: At the age of three, one of the finest methods to earn points is to spend time with your mother.
  3. Much-needed money: At the age of six, you will be required to ask your mother for money, although you should remember to compliment her first. And once you’ve unlocked the “Give Money” feature, use the borrowed money to buy her a gift and return the borrowed money.
  4. Praise: This step requires praising and complimenting your mother, but keep in mind that she may not always respond positively.
  5. Gift: Start doing freelance gigs at age 13 and use the money to buy your mom a present. 
  6. Insults: Insults can make you lose some relationship points, which is redeemable by performing various other activities. 
  7. Movie theatre: Make use of this feature as soon as you unlock it.
  8. Return money: At the age of 13, you must return the money you requested, and if you perform “freelance gigs,” you must also give her a portion of your earnings.
  9. Doctor: Remember to get your mother to the doctor’s once you are aware of her sickness.

Learn journalism 

Learning journalism is the third step in completing the Gilmore Girls challenge. However, in order to enter “Journalism,” a character must have more than 90% smarts. Here are some incredible tricks. 

  1. One of the best ways to increase the smarts is to read a book every year.
  2. Join all the reading clubs, such as the yearbook club, math club, etc., as your extracurricular activities when you are in high school or middle school.
  3. Every year of school life, it is recommended to keep clicking on “Study Harder,” as that will increase your smarts exponentially.
  4. Apply for a university scholarship and keep looking for courses in “JOURNALISM” if it doesn’t appear, check next year, and enrol if it becomes available.

Cheat on an ex partener and get pregnant

These are the last two steps that need to be done in order to complete the bitlife Gilmore Girls challenge. We have combined these two steps since they are quite in synch with each other; here’s what you need to do.

  1. Make friends with somebody who’s a straight male.
  2. Propose to them to be your “Boyfriend”.
  3. Break up.
  4. Now remember to complement them each year to raise the relationship bar.
  5. Start dating somebody else.
  6. have intercourse with your ex partner
  7. Keep repeating the (6) step each year until the character gets pregnant.

We gave you a short version and a longer version of it; doing these steps precisely and accurately will enable you to complete the Gilmore Girls challenge.


Bitlife is a fun and engaging game that will keep you hooked for hours! This text-based life simulator allows you to create your own virtual character and take control of their life as you make decisions and watch the results unfold. With a unique and interesting gameplay mechanic, Bitlife offers a unique experience that you won’t want to put down.

Each weekend begins with the exciting BitLife Challenge, which is a tonne of fun for long-time bitlife users. Nonetheless, certain challenges demand the construction of an entirely new life so that those challenges can be completed.

That is why, in this article, we have provided you with a simple step-by-step guide to complete the Gilmore Girls challenge on Bitlife. If you want us to break down even more bitlife challenges, do let us know in the comments we are looking forward to that. Happy gaming. 

Frequently asked questions about the Gilmore Girls Challenge

q1. How to Complete the Gilmore Girls Challenge?
Do you want to be able to complete the Gilmore Girls Challenge? Read this article and follow all the given steps. 

q2. What is the suggested age limit to play BitLife?
BitLife is suggested for players over the age of 16, because it incorporates sexual content, narcotics, and bloodshed. Nevertheless, there are also no visible presentations of such material, therefore, it is pretty safe.

q3. Is BitLife free?
Yes, BitLife is completely free. You are not needed to purchase a paid membership to play; however, for a one-time cost, one can become a “Bitizen,” commonly known as a “bitlife citizen.”

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