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The 8 best pay per download websites 2023 (PPD) That You Need To Know

best pay per download websites

There are many ways to earn money online such as being a blogger, YouTuber, social media influencer, or by being somebody who makes original material or even somebody who copy-pastes the same thing. Only the difference is that the latter one earns money

WHy? Well because they obviously don’t know about PPD or else they will be making money while sleeping. Yes! You heard that right! PPD sites are online/offline way to earn money and make passive income without having to do anything literally.

best pay per download websites

Although you have to be careful, simply because there are infinite numbers of sites which are fake & fraud. Because of which, We have put together a number of Best PPD sites for Android, Apple, any person using Internet on their desktop. In addition to that, We’ll also get some basics down about pay per download sites.


best pay per download websites

Pay per download, meaning get some amount of money at every download that is made, Upload any files that you want on these sites like, app, documents, cheat codes, software or any digital data, and when some person goes and downloads that particular file You as an owner get some quick money.

For example, You upload a file into some PPD site, Then you make some videos on YouTube about x thing Then you go ahead and paste the download link under the description,

Now anybody can download it from there, They get their product and you get the money that you rightfully deserve. It’s a win-win for everybody involved.

And the qualifications for all of this is “NONE” You just need some basic Internet skills, like how you can get an average amount of traffic’s to your blog, YouTube, or any platform your on. easy as that.

What are the types of best pay per download websites

Well, Long story short there are 2 types of PPD sites, as it follows



  • 1. SURVEY PPD: 

As the name suggests. anybody viewing these site links has to go through a little survey to get to the download link while these types of sites pay really high, most of the times folks find this tedious and boring, so they quit in the mid of it, we don’t want that, do we?

Pro-tip, Only use these sites when whatever your content is actually very exclusive.


These are the sites which do not use any surveys, rather they are very easy and simple to use and download

However they do not pay very high, though in case you have a mass following, it’d be pretty easy to make quite some bucks from here.

Pro tip, Almost always it is preferable to use Without survey PPD’s over survey PPD’s because the bounce rate is massively low on Without Survey PPD’s.

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8 best pay per download sites


best pay per download websites

Usercloud is easily one of the best PPD sites available across the globe It is in fully compliance with US/EU Data protection laws and offers its registered users unlimited storage upload as much as you would like there’s no limit, moreover it provides you with full access to its data and the overall workings that goes in it.

UserCloud Features

  • Unlimited Storage, upload as much as you want, no limit.
  • Unlimited download speed, whenever any visitors goes through your link, an have a amazing download experience.
  • Files never get deleted, it happens with many PPD sites, they sometimes for no visible reason, delete the uploaded files well not with Usercloud.
  • Usercloud pays 5$, per 1000 downloads, Earnings can be varied depending upon your country.
  • Minimum payout is 5$, Meaning just after 5 dollar you are eligible to withdraw your money.

2. Indishare. org WITHOUT SURVEY SITE

best pay per download websites

For those of us, looking for a PPD site that lets us upload, MOVIES, VIDEOS,MP3 SONGS, INTERVIEWS, TV SHOW, IMAGES and such digital medias, Well, Indishare is definitely for you, it allows us to upload any kind of digital medias with high download speed, your customers won’t be disappointed that much is certain.

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UserCloud Features

  • Unlimited storage, Unlimited upload.
  • High speed download for everyone.
  • Minimum Payout is 10$, after earning 10 dollars, you can withdraw your money.
  • Indishare can get you upto 6$, per 1000 downloads, This income can vary depending upon your country.
  • Payment Methods:- Paypal, Payza, Bank transfer

3. Up-4ever. org WITHOUT SURVEY SITE

best pay per download websites

Up-4ever is yet again another popular site considered one of the best to upload your files and share them with anyone and earn money, It has a simple & easy interface, quite user-friendly, furthermore it also allows you to get 100% of the downloads.

What are the features of Up-4ever?

  • Withdraw: probably one of the only PPD sites that offers you withdraw option at 1$.
  • Membership: It comes with several paid programs, however you can register with free membership version.
  • Storage: In free version, you can uploads as much as 70 GB, once you start making money, buy the paid membership for unlimited storage.
  • Pricing: You can take advantage of the revenues, as it provides 7$ per 1000 downloads, the prices may differ according to your country.
  • Payment Methods: Paypal, Skrill, Payza, Cryptocurrency Wallet, wire transfer, Vodafone cash etc.


4. DailyUploads SURVEY SITE

best pay per download websites

Unlike these others sites, we’ve told you about. Daily upload is survey par per download site, Which basically means Whenever somebody goes there to download from your link, they’ll have to go through a short survey, which could be some sort of task, like watching a short video of 30 seconds, or downloading something, Daily Uploads also pays the highest.

Daily uploads features

  • Fast and free file hosting.
  • Unlimited Storage, unlimited file size.
  • No deletion, No files will be deleted without your approval.
  • Per 1000 downloads, you can expect somewhere between 6-16$. amount may vary country-wise.
  • Withdraw: You can check out your money at 16$.
  • Payment options: Paypal, Webmoney, skrill.

5. Dollars upload SURVEY SITE

best pay per download websites

Dollars upload is another survey type of network, it is easy to access, moreover this pay per download network ensures that we get the lion’s share of the money by implementing numbers of complex algorithms in place. Not only does it gives you money for every download that is made, rather even if they Make it to your content, You make money.

Dollars upload features

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  • Offer wall: You can choose what kind of survey, you want your visiter to have.
  • Crypto Locker: On the Chance, You have some file which is paid, You can use cryptolocker which will then lock your contents & will only open after the user has paid via crypto currency.
  • Multiple ways of monetizing content such as offer walls, file lockers, link lockers, mobile app walls, and pay per download products.
  • Minimum payout is 50$.
  • Payout Methods: Paypal, Cryptocurrency, Payoneer, Bitcoin.

6. AdscendMedia SURVEY SITE

best pay per download websites

AdscendMedia is CPA SURVEY SITE (COST PER ACTION) as in you can affiliate there, However not in the typical sense of the word affiliate, nobody needs to buy your products they just need to see it, or go through a survey, like watching a video, filling a form, or other stuff and earn money. It is a great website to upload your files with high-paying offers.

AdscendMedia features

  • Offerwall: offerwall is an AdscendMedia tool that helps uploaders to show relevant adds to the viewer in order to make the most of money.
  • Lock contents Until the user’s complete the given task, they cannot gain access to uploaded content.
  • Their total payout till now is 55 million$ and they are known to be timely paying
  • Referral program: 3% which is actually alot if you utilise it.
  • Minimum payout is 50$
  • Paypal, Wire Transfer, Check, ACH


best pay per download websites

Up-Load. io is of the simplest PPD sites available on the internet, there’s nothing too techy about it, anybody wanting to just easily upload their documents,Pdf APK, or Softwares, on up-load can do it & start earning money on this pay per download website.

what are the features of up-load?

  • New publishers get 50GB of free storage and can begin uploading any sort of files.
  • Unlimited download speed, Unlimited upload speed, any user coming through your link will have an amazing downloading experience.
  • You can expect 2$ to 7$ for sure, this amount may very well be increased or decreased respective of the country.
  • Referral program: anybody using your link registers on this site, you get 15%of the commission.
  • Minimum payout is 3$.

Payment methods are

Paypal,Payeer, Webmoney and Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoincash. Also Payoneer.


best pay per download websites

FileUpload is a free hosting service that allows publishers to upload whatever content they have through pay per download scheme. it is easy to use Plus its reward program system is generous too. it counts downloads from all the countries with highest rates.

What are the features of FileUpload

  • You can expect 2-7$ per 1000 downloads. which will vary depending upon the user’s region.
  • Referral program: You will get 20% of commission, for every user who registers through you link.
  • Sell Your files: You can also sell your content via setting, that way anybody coming to your link will have to pay for the mentioned content.
  • Downloading and Watching Quality is maximum.
  • It’s minimum payout is only 1$.
  • Payment methods are: PayPal, Bitcoin, WesternUnion, MoneyExpress, et cetra.

Best par per download websites explained

best pay per download websites

These were some of the best highest paying PPD (pay per download) websites of 2023. All of these sites are tested out by our team and has come out with great results and they are all authentic. Some of these sites also have PPD Android apps that you should not be using, because they do not work.

One of the most important things, that you need to understand at this moment is, It is very much possible to make money via these PPD sites and in order to do that, 2 things are a must,

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1) Traffic
2) Content.

You got 2 of them, and you’ll be making money on a daily basis, there are already tons of people generating money through these amazing sites. Be sure to choose what type of site would be best for your blog, whether it’d be SURVEY SITES or WITHOUT SURVEY SITES.

Pay per download FAQs

q1. what is pay per download in simple terms

In simple terms, pay per download are sites where you can upload your content and via ads generate money.

q2. How can i make money by uploading videos?

You can make money by uploading videos on PPD sites. they are free and easy to access.

q3. What is best PPD site for india?

The best PPD site for india would be USERCLOUD, it generates high revenue for any country.

q4. How to make money with pay per download?

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Find a PPD website, that is best according to your needs, upload your content there and start earning.

q5. How PPD sites work

PPD sites work on several algorithms that allows publisher to make some amount of money for every download, hence PPD SITES NAME.

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