9 Best Medical Dictionary Apps For Android & iOS 2023

We live in a modern age where we can access everything with a single tap or touch of a key. And, as science progresses, we become more reliant on it. Medical students, clinicians, and sometimes even sick people must be up to date on the newest terminology in terms of illnesses, therapy, conditions, etcetra. In a nutshell, any new wording that has to do with medicine. One of the best ways to do this is just to go ahead and download the best medical dictionary applications for medical learners. You won’t have to lug around big dictionaries or large volumes. You’ll have all the information you need on your smartphone.

All of these free medical dictionary apps for Android and IOS iPhones enable you to look up the definitions of medical phrases instantly. These apps are also more handy than actual medical dictionaries, which are large and bulky. Rather than doing heav-lifting, you can just directly learn everything by opening these medical dictionary apps on your Android or iOS smartphones.

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List of Best Medical Dictionary Apps For Android & iOS IPHONE 2023

We’ve included the best 10 leading medical dictionary apps for Android and iOS throughout this post. These apps were picked based on their number of downloads, reviews, user comments, and a few other things. We really hope that one of the dictionaries listed below will provide you with the dictionary you want.

1. Medical Dictionary 

Young medical professionals, nurses, and pretty much everyone else can view descriptions and information on diseases and their treatments thanks to this Android app. The majority of this medical data is accessible offline. The entire content within is written in a specialised medical language that will aid in your understanding of the phrases. The dictionary now contains over 400,000 medical terminology that can be spoken or written about.

Medical dictionary list of features:

  • Most of the frequently used medical terminology, illnesses, procedures, and symptoms are covered in this glossary.
  • Both spoken and written searches function flawlessly.
  • More then 400000+ words are added.
  • A handy pocket dictionary is for all types of people.

Download medical dictionary app for android mobile

2. Oxford Medical dictionary application 

The finest medical dictionary that has dominated the market is now available in electronic form for your Android mobile. This thesaurus was created by a group of experts with quite some medical experience. There are almost 12,000 terminology dictionary entries, all of which are quite succinct. This has been updated several times and is beneficial for both scholars and practitioners; as a fact, it already has risen to a very high ranking for an Android medical dictionary app.

The Oxford Medical Dictionary app has a number of functions:

  • Over 12,000 brief and clear entries, covering every facet of medical science, can be found in this best-selling and market-leading dictionary.
  • Search autocomplete provides suggestions as you enter to help you rapidly find words.
  • Keyword lookup allows you to search within compound words and phrases
  • Voice search when you don’t know how an entry is spelled

Download oxford medical dictionary app for android mobile

3. Complete Medicine Dictionary – Offline Free


The Complete Medicine Dictionary tool has the option to search offline, making it quicker for academics, professionals, and individuals to remain updated on medical data. You may also browse the material you’re searching for in dark mode, adjust the text size, browse history, and enunciate medical terms all within the application. One can also exchange the app’s content with others.

The Complete Medicine Dictionary has a number of features.

  • Offline pharmacy dictionary features a tab for history. The list of words you have looked up and searched for is available there.
  • Better Pronunciation with Text to speech
  • Works without an internet connection when offline.
  • Bookmark any words for future reference

Download Complete Medicine Dictionary app for Android

4. Stedman’s Medical Dictionary

More than a 50 thousands people around the world have downloaded it. This is an essential free health care dictionary app for everyone involved in the healthcare industry. One can discover brief explanations and terminologies to further their understanding of various diseases, their symptoms, therapies, and medications. The Stedman’s Medical Dictionary app provides correct audio inunciation for over 100,000 medical jargon, including prescription names and medical procedures. You can get 10% of the information for free if you download the app.

Some Aspects of Stedman’s Medical Dictionary

  • Over 100,000 entries in Stedman’s Medical Dictionary have audio pronunciations.
  • You can quickly and easily locate phrases thanks to robust navigation and search features.
  • Quick access to thousands of medical terms, drug names, eponyms, procedures and protocols.
  • You can get 10% of the information for free if you download the app for the first time.

Download Stedman’s Medical Dictionary app for Android and iPhone

5. Dorland’s Medical Dictionary

This software has over 40,000 explanations of terminology from several fields of medicine, including biology, anatomy, medical interventions, diseases, therapies, and far more. It’s among the most complicated medical dictionaries available. It also includes over 300 pictures, sound search inputs, and articulation advice for student nurses.

Its user design is simple to navigate and permits both healthcare and other types of professionals to get the terminology they require. The program’s information is derived from the renowned Dorland’s Explained Medical Dictionary.

Dorland’s Medical Dictionary programme has certain unique features.

  • 40,000 entries and definitions from all areas of medicine
  • Search autocomplete helps find words quickly by displaying predictions as you type
  • Keyword lookup allows you to search within compound words and phrases
  • Use the fuzzy words function to determine the most likely correct keyword if you are unsure of your spelling.

Download Dorland’s Medical Dictionary app for Android and iOS iPhone

6. Medical Terminology Dictionary

Well over 40,000 publications are included in this programme. Users can utilize their gadget to view it offline. It includes English sentences, terminologies, and medical ideas, as well as exposure to complicated medical jargon.

Healthcare professionals, resident doctors, nurses, clinical researchers, and anybody else who wish to study complex terminology use this free medical dictionary programme. Additionally, this website offers free medical book downloads and access to hundreds of medical terms. This dictionary includes a wide variety of medical words and symbols and has a sizable library that you can browse offline.

Medical Terminology Dictionary has several remarkable features.

  • learn vocabulary and the definition with word search;
  • find medical terms. learn words and further your education with your pocket thesaurus;
  • Very efficient, fast and good performance; 
  • The application is designed to use as little memory as feasible.

Download Medical Terminology Dictionary app for android device 

7. Diseases Dictionary Medical

Just with a single app, one can now study dozens of medical disorders, their indicators, remedies, definitions, and other specifics. This is the Medical Dictionary of diseases. Anyone can access this software on their Android device whenever and wherever they desire, even if they don’t have access to the web.

This framework is based on a well-known manual on healthcare issues and expert medical advice from around the world. In summary, you can rely on this programme to learn more about drugs.

The Diseases Dictionary Medical application has a number of functions.

  • Completely Offline & FREE medical dictionary app containing medical disorders & diseases with detailed definitions, symptoms, causes and treatment information. 
  • Detailed description of all major medical conditions and diseases.
  • Information concerning how to treat illnesses for all symptoms and medical disorders, as well as details on medications, prescription interactions, and side effects.
  • Works Offline without internet

Download Diseases Dictionary Medical app for android mobile 

8. Medical Dictionary in English

It’s a medical vocabulary and explanation app that is also multilingual in English и Spanish. Its authors were handpicked with attention to supporting experts and operational workers in the industry that demand reliable and precise explanations and analyses.

This clinical terminology software can assist you in learning medical terms from around the world. It will deliver all the scientific data in fields such as physiology, biochemistry, and chemicals to the consumer. The programme offers a speech feature that permits the consumer to hear how each definition is actually pronounced.Medical

Dictionary in English software has a variety of qualities.

  • Fuzzy Search: Detects misspelled words simultaneously in English and Spanish, offering suggestions as close as possible.
  • More than 334,000 entries, 475,000 translations, 248,000 synonyms and 21,000 antonyms.
  • Using Dropbox, sync all of your favourite content across all of your devices.
  • “Shake” function allows you to get random words.

Download Medical Dictionary in English software for IOS IPHONE

9. WikiMed – Offline Medical Wikipedia

You’ve probably heard of Wikipedia, the world’s biggest information portal. Apparently, Wikipedia’s inventor has developed a wonderful variant of Wikipedia specifically for medical trainees. For your Android device, called “WikiMed,” it is amongst the best medical dictionaries.

This is an offline program, so you may access it whenever and wherever you choose. Simply type the word of the subject or phrase you wish to study more about into the search box and it will appear in a matter of seconds. 

WikiMed – Offline Medical Wikipedia has several nice features.

  • With 75,000+ medical articles, WikiMed is the largest and most comprehensive collection.
  • Thousands of illnesses explained with their meaning and term
  • WikiMed is an offline app that is going to require at least 1 GB of free storage on your device4.  WikiMed is the largest and most comprehensive collection of health-related articles available in English.

Download WikiMed – Offline Medical Wikipedia application for android mobile 

Last words 

Readers can study the most up-to-date diagnostic instruments, novel therapeutics, and current pharmacological therapies for various illnesses, medical terminologies, and knowledge of the most recent breakthroughs in medicine by utilizing the best medical dictionary apps for medical students. We hope you are able to choose the best medical dictionary app for your device, whether it’s an Android mobile or an iPhone. 

Join our Telegram channel to be the first to know when we post a new article and bookmark our page for more information on such fantastic applications. Some of the most frequently asked questions about medical dictionary apps are listed here.

Best Free Medical free dictionary apps for android & IOS IPhone 2023 FAQs

q1. Best offline medical dictionary app for Android

Here we have shared the best offline medical dictionary apps for Android. Choose what you like.

q2. Medical Dictionary app download

Sure you can download any medical dictionary app, though not all of them could best half of what had expected, that is why we have shared here the best medical dictionary apps which you can download.

q3. Download medical dictionary apps for free

Want to “Download the medical dictionary apps for free?” You can see the list we have provided here and get the best medical dictionary app of your choice.

q4. Medical dictionary apps

Get best Medical dictionary apps for your Android mobile and IOS iPhone for free. Read this post entirely and choose for yourself.

q5. Medical Dictionary free download PDF

Here we have shared the best medical dictionary apps that you can use to export medical terminologies in PDF format. 

q6. Best medical dictionary app for MBBS students

What is the best medical dictionary app for students in 2023? Well, here we have shared a lot of apps that are applicable for both doctors and nurses, so if you are a MBBS, you can download any of the medical dictionary apps we have provided below.

q7. Best medical Dictionary app iOS

What is the best medical dictionary app for the IOS iPhone? Well, in this post we have outlined a couple of the best medical dictionary apps for the IOS iPhone. Choose whichever one you like.

q8. Best medical dictionary app for nursing students

Want to know “What’s the best medical dictionary app for nursing students?” You will be glad to know that we have listed in this post the best medical dictionary apps for nursing students and other types of healthcare trainees.

q9. Best medical terminology app

What’s the best medical terminology app for Android and iPhone? Want to know? To find out the answer to the best terminology app for all kinds of devices, read this post.

q10. Best Medical Dictionary 2023.

In this article, we have shared the best medical dictionary apps for 2023 for different devices.

q11. Which is the best medical dictionary?

There are hundreds of medical dictionary apps on the playstore and apple store, but only some of them are worth downloading. like the Oxford medical dictionary app or WikiMed app.

q12. Is there a medical dictionary app?

Actually, there is just not one, but rather there are loads of medical dictionary apps available for Android and iOS iPhones. You have to look for the best one. Fortunately, we have provided a list of the best medical dictionary apps. For more info, read this post.

q13. What is the most reliable medical dictionary?

Want to know “What is the most reliable medical dictionary?” that is always up-to-date in terms of terminology? Well, lucky for you, here in this article we have given you the list of the most reliable medical dictionary apps that you can use.

q14. Which dictionary app is best for Android?

Want to know “Which dictionary app is best for Android? Well, here in this post we have shared some of the best medical dictionary apps that are usable for doctors, nurses, students, etcetra. Choose your own.

q15. What’s the best free dictionary app?

Want to know “What’s the best free dictionary app?” For android and ISO IPhone? You will be happy to know that we have provided the best free medical dictionary apps.

q16. Is Oxford Medical Dictionary free?

Yes, oxford medical dictionary is free, but there are also paid features.

q17. What medical dictionaries do you know?

Well, this is more of a personal question, so to speak. To be honest, the one that I have been using is the Oxford free medical dictionary. It updates constantly and is most reliable for me.

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