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Best Hosting For WordPress Convesio | complete guide

Best Hosting For WordPress Convesio Complete Guide1

WordPress is one of the most popular open source content management systems available today. With millions of sites currently running on WordPress, it’s easy to see why this CMS software has become so popular among both experienced and amateur website owners alike. Despite being so versatile, however, there are still some basic technical issues that you may run into with your WordPress site, including how to choose the best hosting for WordPress Convesio that will serve your needs best without breaking the bank in the process. Follow along as we cover everything you need to know about choosing the right host based on your unique needs and budget.

If you want to select a host that provides dependable service and outstanding customer assistance, you’re in luck because there are several WordPress hosting services. However, not all providers supply everything that is important to bloggers. Some specialise on specialised aspects, such as performance, security, or 24-hour assistance. But who provides everything? 

This is where Convesio comes in. Here is our comprehensive guide explaining what makes it one of the finest hosts available and how it compares to other providers in several important areas. Let’s get started! How to Select the Best Hosting Company: When selecting a WordPress hosting company, there are several factors to consider. You must consider your budget, requirements, personal preferences, and technical skills. 

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whats is wordpress brief introduction

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It has many features, but it’s best known for its excellent blogging platform. WordPress sites are easy to build and can be managed with just a few clicks of your mouse. Users choose from over 100 different beautiful themes to get their site off to a great start. Best of all, installing WordPress is easy! In fact, you don’t even need to know how to code—all you need is access to a web server and about five minutes.

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Best Hosting For WordPress Convesio

In simple terms, Managed WordPress hosting is simply having a web host (the one who owns and operates a server that you’re going to use for your website) take care of every single task that needs to be done in order for your website to load quickly and smoothly. This includes all kinds of necessary technical things such as monitoring performance, keeping an eye on security issues, backing up data every day, etc. Most importantly, managed WordPress hosting also includes setting up automatic updates for your plugins and themes, which will make sure that you don’t have to do it manually yourself. The good news is that most reputable hosts offer at least some form of managed WordPress hosting nowadays

What is Convesio WordPress Hosting (pros & cons)

Tom Fanelli, who has worked with over 500 companies for over 20 years, established Convesio in 2018. He claims it the best WordPress hosting. They focused on a custom-built website that excluded cPanel and other cutting-edge server administration and configuration tools.

Convesio’s cutting-edge technology also ensures that your website is hosted quickly, securely, and expandable. Convesio makes it easy to set up a WordPress site with load balancers, a database cluster, and a redundant file system in a matter of minutes.

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Convesio is a hosting solution that delivers dynamic hosting based on your needs. It will analyse your traffic and use and make additional allowances at a cost to ensure that your website runs smoothly. They also employ a technology to distribute the website across several servers to better balance traffic and ensure you don’t have downtime, as well as provide you more control over your website.

Best Hosting For WordPress Convesio

Convesio offers a container-based approach to isolate your website from other websites on the server, similar to a VPS, protecting you from bad neighbours. Unlike a VPS, however, Convesio can rapidly spin up additional containers (each holding a complete, up-to-date version of your website) to load balance traffic. 

Convesio may create containers on numerous servers, distributing the load and removing the single point of failure. Each site is configured with the quickest WordPress configuration available, in addition to having rock-solid uptime. Your site has high availability, performance, and redundancy thanks to PHP 7, a custom cache layer, and a distributed file system (just like this explanation). It’s not necessary to use any plug-ins.

Convesio offers a genuinely multinational team of WordPress application professionals devoted to offering outstanding customer care. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to each hosting firm. Let’s have a look at the benefits and drawbacks of using this managed WordPress hosting service.


  • incredible Speed
  • Easy WordPress website setup
  • no technological knowledge required
  • One-month free trial
  • 100% uptime
  • Up and down scaling is done automatically.
  • Docker Cloud integration
  • Excellent 24/7 customer support.
  • free domain registration
  • free domain registration
  • Database Cluster
  • Application Monitoring:
  • Free Migration
  • Automatic Backups
  • Security
  • Moneyback Guarantee


  • no email service
  • only hosts WordPress applications
  • a bit expensive

Convesio use Docker technology

The most typical reason of website failure is server failure, which can happen if all of your clients’ websites are located on the same server. You’ll get hundreds of calls from angry consumers expecting a rapid resolution—and you could even lose them!

Convesio is the only WordPress hosting company that solves this problem by using Docker containers or Docker platforms. Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services host Convesio’s containers. The Docker platform can be used in a variety of ways.

Docker is a technology that allows you to execute software programmes in containers that operate on the same operating system as the host but have their own disc space (i.e., virtual machine). Container services employ software virtualization to correctly setup everything. In a matter of seconds, you can have an up-to-date website. You’ll never have to worry about a single machine failing since containers are generated across numerous servers.
It’s fantastic since it simplifies traffic balancing and removes the possibility of a website going down. It’s more versatile than a VPS (Virtual Private Server) with pre-set quantities for each site. You may host as many websites as you like on the same virtual hosting service.

Each WordPress website on Convesio includes at least 9 containers that can be dynamically scaled up or down in response to traffic levels to improve the guest experience. To fulfil your needs, these containers offer speedy scalability and straightforward administration options.

  • 3 Containers for Load Balancing
  • 5 Containers for Percona
  • Databases (Percona Database Containers)
  • 3 File Replication Nodes
  • 1+ PHP Runtime Containers for WordPress

What Makes Convesio Stand Out From Other WordPress Hosting Providers

Convesio is a very unusual offering in the WordPress hosting community, with a unique collection of features oriented mostly toward customers wishing to start a business online. It is not for those who blog as a hobby. As a result, it is more pricey than its competitors.

However, the premium cost includes 24×7 customer assistance and incredibly effective security mechanisms that continually scan for and protect against malware and other digital threats that might affect your business.It also offers a lightning-fast loading speed and industry-leading uptime to ensure that your website is not disrupted by unexpected traffic fluctuations.

Convesio’s Benefits as the Best WordPress Hosting for Enterprise and Midsized Businesses

  • Convesio Offers Staging Environments
    • This Allows You To Test Your Code Before Releasing It To The Public. This Ensures That No Mistakes Happen While Delivering New Functionality To Live.
  • Convesio’s Auto Scaling function is simple to use.
    • It Allows You To Use More Server Power When Your Website Has A Traffic Spike, And Then Use Less Server Power When The Traffic Drops. They Charge You Depending On The New Servers’ Hourly Use, And That’s All. This Helps Keep Your Site Up And Running In The Event Of A Spam Bot Assault Or Heavy Traffic Spikes.
  • Convesio Also Helps You To Cache Your Website Quickly.
    • You May Get Exceptionally Fast Caching For Your WordPress Website Without Using Any Plugins, Which Saves You A Lot Of Time And Effort.

How does Convesio handle backups?

One of the most important aspects of your security is backing up your business website. Backups are critical for protecting precious data and keeping core business operating smoothly. Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly complex, posing possible harm to the integrity of your online business. As a result, having a solid and well-planned backup strategy is no longer a choice, but rather a need in which every serious business owner should invest.

WordPress, like any other online technology, is vulnerable to cyber assaults. In addition to having a fool-proof WordPress security system in place, you should also have a WordPress backup plan in place to better prepare yourself for unanticipated situations. let’s take a look at how Convesio provides our customers with Multie-Tier backups.

Multi-tier Backup

The majority of web hosting companies only provide single-tier backups, which keep your WordPress site’s backup in the same location as your live site. Because your site and backup are both in the same environment, this might result in a slight cost savings and speedier recovery. A single-tier technique has the disadvantage of creating a single point of failure, and if that system is attacked, the backup is likely to be affected as well.

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Best Hosting For WordPress Convesio

The Multi-tier method, on either hand, saves your site’s backup to a different machine or server. This might be Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, or Google Cloud Storage, among other cloud object storage services. As a result, infrastructure is designed to ensure that your data is secure and accessible at all times. Because it is not in the same environment as your website, your backup is much safer this way.

How Convesio Manages Backups

Convesio managed WordPress hosting is designed to provide scalability to organisations who want to expand but don’t want to sacrifice performance or convenience. Convesio’s one-of-a-kind solution is powered by container-based technology, which efficiently and complexly addresses problems such as site backups. A multi-tier backup solution is supported by all Convesio plans.

These backups are performed on a regular basis to ensure that your data is secure and that it can be restored to the most recent version if necessary. Customers of Convesio can also use their backups to establish staging sites.

Similarly, all Convesio services include the option to take off-site backups for a low fee of $10 per 10GB. Off-site backups are kept in a secure off-site location. It’s a terrific feature that companies utilise in addition to their regular automated backups to retain a backup of their website files and database somewhere safe.

What Types of People Can Benefit from Convesio Web Hosting?

Convesio web hosting is perfect for those seeking for a way to host their high-traffic websites. Convesio is largely focused and intended for enterprise needs, yet you can use it even if you simply have one WordPress website.

Convesio provides everything you need to scale your business, including self-healing, integrated fast caching, auto-scaling, automated daily backups, and the ability to identify specific IP address specifics.

You won’t have to continually calling customer care to complain about your website being down for hours or to request a storage or bandwidth limit increase if you use Convesio as your web hosting provider.

Reasons Why You Should Use Convesio

Users have lauded Convesio’s performance, and many industry professionals see it as the best-managed WordPress hosting. They compare several plans and features in various price ranges to pick the ideal plan for their need. The 30-day free trial has piqued people’s interest in launching a business as a novice.

Convesio’s professional crew is noted for quickly solving problems and responding to customer concerns. People are migrating away from other hosting providers to this platform due to its high speed, stability, and scalability.

Convesio WordPress Hosting FAQ’s

q1. Where are Convesio’s servers located locationally?

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Centers of Convesio are currently located in North America, Europe, and Australia.

q2. Is it possible to run a website in many containers at the same time?

Yes, a single or several PHP Runtime containers can be used to run a website. A preset number of PHP Workers and virtual CPUs are assigned to each container. If your site demands a lot of processing power and receives a lot of traffic, you should start by running it in many containers.

q3. Does Convesio work with cPanel?

Convesio is unique from other web hosting businesses in that it does not use control panels.

q4. Is Convesio really the best WordPress hosting provider?

Convesio has cutting-edge functionality that you won’t find in even the most popular hosting providers, allowing it to serve as the core of your company.

It’s a well-known hosting company that offers a quick, dependable, and secure service. Furthermore, their low-cost plans, which start at $50 per month, are a wonderful way for rookies and beginners to progress. Containers and virtualization technology have further lowered the likelihood of your website going down due to hardware issues.

As a consequence, you can trust this managed WordPress hosting company above its competitors, who may not give the same level of downtime or data loss protection!

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